Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carroll Shelby’s first racecar and three Boyd Coddington rides among the vehicles at Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas.

It’s been months since I have watched a car auction on television and that would have been back in mid-January watching the Barrett-Jackson from Scottsdale. In watching that auction, I had always wondered why Barrett-Jackson would host there most promising auction in Scottsdale, when Las Vegas is only a little over 200 miles away and you can have most of it in doors in a casino.

With that said, my answer somewhat was answered this past weekend with the famous Barrett-Jackson car auction in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, what an interesting combination. I really didn’t know exactly what to expect for rides nor hammer prices.

There were five cars going across the auction block on Saturday night that really got my attention, first up was the 2006 Ford Mustang Custom “FunkMasterFlex”, it was being auctioned off by Ford with the check being written to charity. I’ve always had a place in my heart for Ford Mustangs, it’s a car that gets my attention just about every time I see one from a 1965 Ford Mustang that would caught my eye even a block away, a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback GT that appeared in the movie Bullett, what a great movie and that car chase, Bullett going after a black 1969 Dodge Charger, away to a 2008 Ford Mustang right off the showroom floor, especially in a black Roush edition (must be black, it’s the only way to go) or even better a Shelby GT500 KR, nice car…fast.

The Mustang going across the auction block hammered for $300,000, nice touch was little girl on stage.

However the next three vehicle were build by the late, great hotrod builder Boyd Coddington, I remember the day earlier this February when I was surfing and in the breaking news column read Boyd Coddington dies at age 63, I was completely shocked, two of my favorite cars he built was a 1936 Delahaye Street Rod named “Whatthehaye” that sold at Barrett-Jackson years ago as well as a 1957 Chevy 2 door hardtop named “Chezoom” that sold too at Barrett-Jackson for a tick over $300,000, so when these next three cars came across the block, I was very interested in seeing just what the Las Vegas crowd would pay for one these Boyd Coddington creations.

First up was a black 1932 Highboy Roadster that sold for $120,000, second car was a 1957 Pink Cadillac Series 62 Custom, I remember all three was his American Hotrod television show, this pink caddy was not what I expected, however it was for Reese’s to promote a new candy bar that Elvis liked, the hammer price…$105,000.

Finally the third hotrod if you will, a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Custom, I remember the grill along was not your normal 57 chevy grill, just a little bit different that made the car standout, the car itself was built for O’Reilly Autoparts, the red was just right, however the however price was only $127,000, Boyd Coddington thought outside the box, building some nice hotrods including what I mentioned above and a nice guy, wish I could have meet him.

But you know, one name in racing and performance comes to mind next, Carroll Shelby, what a treat, his first racecar, a 1949 MG TC Roadster Racecar that he won in, that was the first car like it I had seen and what a sight, dark green of all colors, cool look, it’s always cool to see what racers drove years ago and this one was one for the ages, it hammered down for $285,000, now keep in mind, not too many people at the Barrett-Jackson are going to buy this car, the Cobra is something you can drive on the street, you can’t with this, but what a sight.

I wonder if Barrett-Jackson would ever consider moving the Scottsdale auction to Las Vegas? Might just be a good fit…

- Racedriven