Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who will win Big Brother 10 - Dan or Memphis?

First, I’ve got to say right off the bat, this has been a good season of Big Brother so far, including an interested cast, there really wasn’t that stand out person this time, each person brought something different to the house… of course, I will have more in my final thoughts on Big Brother 10 following Tuesday’s live finale.

Anyway, so here we are, the final two of Big Brother 10, Dan vs. Memphis, the renegade alliance has won out over the other 11 houseguests including the last two evicted houseguests of Keesha and Jerry.

Let’s first go back to this past Tuesday night at the live eviction and Memphis’s decision of who to evict after Dan threw the final power of veto, letting Memphis win, the way I see, there are two ways to look at this, first, evicting Keesha is a good strategy move, because even though Jerry is good in some competitions, Keesha is a much stronger player, she would have given a huge fight for the final HOH, however in doing so, you broke your promise to someone who has been there though most of the game, saved your but from eviction, but instead, you pissed off a jury member, a jury member that might be able to sway other votes.

Now on the flip side, in keeping Keesha, you would have kept your promise to her, which is huge in the game, however in being a stronger player, she might have won the HOH and could have taken Dan instead. In the same right, if the plan backfired and taking Keesha might have been a good idea, April, Ollie and Michelle dislike her enough where they would most likely not give the money to her.

Keeping Keesha would have the better choose in my option, however something to note, I think Dan would have done the same thing in evicting Keesha, but I would have hoped that he would have the guts to tell her. So in the end, I felt bad for Keesha, she deserved more from Memphis then what she got and that will cost him in the end, but will cost Memphis $450,000? Second place gets $50,000.

As for the final HOH comp, what a plan, a plan that could have backfired in so many ways, but in the end, was anyone surprised that Dan choose Memphis over Jerry, I mean come on, choosing Jerry to take to the finals, I believe it would have been a vote of 4-3, so this should be interesting.

In listening to Jerry, he thinks he’s the swing vote, oh brother and the bad thing is, he most likely is. As for April, Ollie and Michelle, those three will be interesting, including when the jury takes to the Dan and Memphis, that will be entering to watch, but I would have loved to have been there in the jury house when Jerry walk in the door and those three realizes that they had to choose either Dan or Memphis to give the money to, oh, what a sight and what a choose.

My Take on who is going to win Big Brother 10 – Dan or Memphis? Tough one, the jury might as well dislike the both of them. In my opinion so far, votes for Dan would be Keesh and Renny. Right now I’m even leaning towards Libra in this group too, however need to her speck first and maybe the swing vote of Michelle since Dan took her on to a private beach.

Votes for Memphis is a little bit harder, I’m really not sure where April, Ollie and Jerry fit in, Jerry could go either way, let’s be honest, so could April, Ollie and Michelle.

Personally, my vote is for Dan to win Big Brother 10, why?, Dan played a better game than Memphis, he got in to the game, planned out every move, piece by piece, wait, Dan won three HOH’s, a couple of POV’s when it counted, laid low and shut his mouth which in my opinion is huge in the BB house when it counted, made good moves including backdooring Michelle which ironically Michelle thought that that was the big strategy move of the game and making a hardcore deal with Ollie worked for the most part. The deal was too good to be true, Dan was HOH, but Ollie had most of the power and wouldn’t get this hands dirty and if you want more, took Michelle on his reward to a private beach for the day, of course looking for his vote, but never the less, he thought of her.

Memphis made a bad move in evicting Keesha, didn’t win any HOH’s and won a couple of thrown POV’s, said, he would never see these people again except for Keesha, however in all fairness, he made a alliance that got him to the end. Who played the game better and who will each jury member vote for?

Dan wins Big Brother 10 by a vote of 7-0, you next summer for Big Brother 11.

- Racedriven