Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Survival was the key to victory for Ron Hornaday Jr. and Greg Biffle at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

When you look at both races at New Hampshire, I can’t believe that I didn’t go on Saturday, as a race fan, you hate to miss a race at home track and New Hampshire is my home track, but no money equals no go and that hurts, however what a Truck Series race on Saturday and the same can said for the first chase race on Sunday, yes even on television via ESPN on ABC.

I believe that while survival describes the Cup Series race on Sunday, it doesn’t describe Saturday’s Truck race, that one was a slugger, from the battle for the lead between Ron Hornaday Jr. and Johnny Benson, to what I describe as terrible driving of David Starr, he was all over the place and he ended up wrecking three trucks including #30-Todd Bodine, #9-David Reutimann and the #81-Donny Lia and he did it in the same place, turn 1-2, at least it was good to see Ron Hornaday Jr. beat the tough week he had and come out and win the race.

However when it comes to this truck series race, even though the checkered flag has flown, the race isn’t over, it wasn’t over when a huge fight broke out on pitroad between David Starr’s team, the #30 and the #9 all got into it, it wasn’t over when NASCAR dropped the so-called hammer on the three teams and it still isn’t over despite what NASCAR thinks, there is still more. David Starr wrecked three trucks, took no responsibility and should have been penalized more than just $10,000 fine and probation until Dec. 31st, well at least it’s a start when comes to the suspended crew chief and crew members. (Read More on the penalties...)

Two Questions:
1. Should NASCAR merge the Truck Series and the Nationwide Series using the current car and using the rules from the Truck Series?

2. Why is David Starr still racing the Truck Series?

If that wasn’t enough, we still had a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race to run, the first chase race. If you are a Big Brother reality show fan, you know the old saying “expect the unexpected”, well that same saying should hold true in NASCAR as well, wow, just like having the final race to the chase race at Richmond is always exciting, having the first chase race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this time around is just as exciting, from the wild weather to the side-by-side racing through the corners and down the straightaways, the racing at NHMS added excitement and a huge shackup in the point standings.

Surprise and survival was the key to not only winning the race, but just getting a top 10, top 15 finish and some had it and other didn’t. Surprisingly enough, Kyle Busch had troubles, no shock there, when I was up there in June, he struggled too, what a sight to see, sorry Kyle, at least I am honest. However it was good seeing Dale Earnhardt Jr. racing for the lead, leading laps, but one thing that sent me off was the one set of tires, I am truly stunned that a set of tires can send a car off that loose, that bad, that sucked and I was thrilled that Eury Jr. didn’t make any changes, I don’t think he made a change after that pit stop and wow, the car is back to life.

But at the end of the race, the same drivers, the teams were up front, namely Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards, however wait, wait a minute, did John Roberts finally pick a winner in the fantasy pick on NASCAR Raceday…Greg Biffle, where did he come from, I have to admit I didn’t give him credit, Biffle was the surprise on Sunday, great job Greg, I was wrong, now let’s see how he does in the rest of the chase. Now it’s off to Dover, can’t wait.

NASCAR driver Greg Biffle spins out on the front straight after winning the Sylvania 300 auto race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, N.H., Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008. (AP Photo/Sandy Macys)

- Racedriven