Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards and NASCAR make headlines at Kansas Speedway.

Heading into Kansas Speedway, the track had already made noise by announcing that they are going to ask for a second cup date after they just got approved for a hotel and casino, would they get it?

Looking at the race itself, a race that was once a boring thing to watch, not any more, in NASCAR, it is said that with all new tracks or new surfaces, it will get better with age, Richmond did, Bristol shore did and guess what, Kansas did as well, interesting third chase race, it was better than Texas earlier this year, however that’s not saying much, but amazingly enough, there was two, three-groves including running up to wall to work with which does make the race better for passing, passing the key to good race at any racetrack, if drivers can’t pass a car, you have a parade, or Formula 1 for the most part.

However nothing would have prepared me for the final 5 laps of this one, a race that shaped up to have a classic duel between Carl Edwards and the leader Jimmie Johnson, I watched this one with a lot of interest, as the laps kept clicking down, you could tell Carl was closing fast, however he needed another couple of laps to make that clear, or did he…

What a move by Carl Edwards on the final lap, going into turn 3, if anyone was thinking that these drivers where holding back, that proves they weren’t, I could hear my father routing on Johnson in this one, and then Edwards just through his car into the corner, like in a racing game, but he just couldn’t hold it and straight up into the wall, I heard Edwards after the race saying that he was trying a move that was in a video game, he knew it would hit the wall, but just not that hard and lost so much speed, what a move, I will not forget that one, Johnson sees him and misses him, goes low and my father is saying go Jimmie go, come Johnson you got him, Edwards even after that move still had momentum that might have won the race, but good job by Jimmie Johnson, what a close victory and his crew chief was shocked too.

I have to hand it to Carl though, what move, he wanted that victory period, but he didn’t want to take out Johnson to get it, Carl should have nothing to feel bad, that move is what racing is all about, going for the victory plain and simple, that’s what it is all about, worth every bit and you knew neither one is holding back, you can’t to win a championship now a days.

Something of interest, AJ Allmendinger, a good driver, groomed by Red Bull racing was told last week that his services will no longer will be needed next season, interesting to note just what he said after the Kansas race, finishing 9th, don’t run your mouth. It’s not good move for Red Bull to groom a driver that is the best driver in your stable, yes better than Brian Vickers, that’s not saying much neither, however AJ Allmendinger would have been better to keep and sure enough, yeaterday, it was announced that AJ Allmendinger is out effective immediately, replaced by Mike Skinner at Talladega and Charlotte, followed by Scott Speed at the remaining races on the schedule straight into Homestead.

Good move, bad move? It’s a bad move for Red Bull, but it is what it is, is Scott Speed ready for cup, who knows.

So will Kansas Speedway get their second date? I really have no problem with it, however where is the date going to come from, first there is no more open weekends, second they really can’t take it from SMI tracks, so that leaves just leaves ISC tracks, one track comes to mind, California Speedway (or Auto Club Speedway of California), that is the only track I can think of, we need two road courses, so Watkins Glen is out and no way to taking a date from Martinsville, so that seems to be the only logical choose. I will say that NASCAR will award them a second date.

One word that every NASCAR fan will now think of, Talladega, next week, need I say more?

(Photo Credit: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images via NASCAR PR)

- Racedriven