Saturday, August 16, 2008

Who will replace Tony Stewart in the #20 in 2009 and should it be Joey Logano?

That seems to be an interesting question with no real answer except for the 18 year old NASCAR Nationwide Series winner and 2007 NASCAR Busch East Series champion Joey “sliced bread” Logano, however while I think that Joey Logano is going to be a winner in NASCAR, I also think that bring up Logano to the Cup Series in 2009 to replace Stewart in the #20 is not the best move for him.

Logano would be better off staying in the Nationwide Series full-time for one or two more seasons to gain some more experience. He’s only 18 and so far in the Nationwide Series, he has 9 starts (following Michigan) with one victory at Kentucky on Father’s Day weekend. (Photo Credit: Padraic Major for NASCAR via NASCAR PR)

With that said, Gibbs racing would be better off running him part-time in 2009 alongside a veteran driver (like for example: Mark Martin and Aric Almirola did in the #8 DEI Chevy this season) while running full-time in the Nationwide Series, that way, he would not only gain a lot of experience from a veteran driver and on several racetracks, but have the owners points for 2010, of course that would mean that Gibbs Racing would have to find another driver for the #20 Toyota for one or two years.

As for Richmond, I have not heard an official announcement yet for Gibbs racing, however I have read in rumors that Logano might be making his first Cup Series start at Richmond, which is 4-5 races from now, I will be interested in seeing not only if Logano makes the race, but how he does and keep in mind that Logano has to qualify in NASCARs eyes to run the Cup Series, which he shouldn't have any real trouble there. Comments.

- Racedriven