Thursday, August 28, 2008

Final five is revealed as Michelle and Ollie are evicted in Big Brother 10 double eviction night, "Game On, no one’s safe in this game."

Following the eviction of April at the hands of Renny as HOH two weeks ago, I was wondering just what Ollie’s state in the game would be this past week and boy, even though he was lost without April, he came out playing to win as not only the Big Brother fans, but the remaining houseguests it saw a different Ollie, he made his statement, however, when it comes to Dan, my reaction was “what a week, what a statement, I don’t know if I have seen a player like Dan in Big Brother history before.”

Dan as HOH went from him playing as a weak competitor to playing to win Big Brother and I don’t know if this strategy is going to win him the money, but he surely is entertaining to watch, at one point in this season, I referred to Dan as he was like Eric from BB8, now I am not so sure.

A week in the Big Brother house is always an experience, and you know, finally that Big Brother After Dark feed at midnight paid off for me as I got to watch last Thursday night’s HOH competition play out live, amazing that Dan and Ollie stayed up for around 3 ½ hours on those fins swinging around and being thrown into a padded wall, but the deal that Dan made was really too good to be true and Ollie took it.

The deal was – Ollie and I guess Michelle was safe, Dan would nominate his choose being Jerry and nominate Ollie’s choose being Memphis (I am amazed Memphis is still in the house, but he allied himself very well for now), then if someone won the POV, Ollie would choose the replacement nomination which would have been Keesha and it would has been Jerry vs. either Memphis or Keesha…who’s HOH again, that deal is too good to be true.

Was anyone shocked to see that that deal didn’t play out according to plan? Not here…nope, not even close, I know Dan would nominate Jerry and Memphis and that was a strength, however after Memphis won the POV, the second part of that would come into play and I think Dan knew it, so Ollie thought that Dan would nominate his other alliance member Keesha, no way and Ollie, you thought that…

So that leads us past the POV meeting with Dan’s Replacement Roulette??? Wow, what a thought and of course it would be Michelle going up on the block next to Jerry and Ollie & Michelle are surprised? Where have they been, but never the less, Jerry and Michelle on the block for eviction…

What a night for a double eviction live in the Big Brother and surprise, surprise, Michelle is evicted, before I get to big Brother fast forward, Michelle, you are in an alliance with Ollie (at least the way I see it) and not in an alliance with Dan/Keesha/Renny and (I guess) Memphis, so you would be the logical choose to go up as a replacement nominate, so you played POV thinking you were safe??? No one in the BB is safe period, you play to win, speckles and I will leave it there on that one.

As for the second eviction, that was interesting the way it one went down, however Keesha as HOH setup Jerry and Ollie on the block in a stupid HOH competition, HOH headlines, oh brother… and now we see the real Dan come out as he is now playing to win in this game as Dan wins POV and that’s it, Ollie is evicted by a vote of 3-0 and Ollie bolts out the door.

If the last week was this interesting, I wonder what the remaining week will be like, who will be the HOH? Who will be nominated? Who will get the POV? And who will be evicted? Ok and just for the record, the final five is Dan/Keesha/Renny/Memphis/Jerry, wow that went by just as fast as earlier tonight's double eviction, what’s next?

- Racedriven