Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big Brother 10: My Take on the first 38 days - "Game On" as Jesse and Libra get evicted.

Whoever said that Big Brother is just a game forgot to tell some of these houseguests including Jerry that…wow and yet keep in mind as you watch the latest episodes of Big Brother 10 that in week one, Jerry broke his alliance/promise with Brian while he was head of household, that got Brian evicted.

With that said, since the week one flip (that I can understand, but Jerry should know that he broke his promise) and Renny getting a gift of staying in the game, the Big Brother has gotten a little quit and uneventful, of course with some little exceptions (fights if you will), from Jesse winning HOH in week two which got Steven evicted over Dan, however during week three with Keesha as the HOH, Jesse was put up on the block as a filler if you will against Angie and while Angie got evicted, I felt that that was wrong, I hate seeing these pones or fillers on the block that think that their so safe that they draw so much attention to themselves, I mean on one hand, you had Jesse running to Keesha saying take me off, take me off the block, I’m losing weight, however at the same thing, he walked around like he owned the place saying good bye Libra.

However week four finally saw a turn in the house, which on the feed and on the CBS three weekly shows was exciting to watch, the last minute deals coming together and at the same time, America voted to give Dan a chance to become America’s Player and he accepted, which I will get to in a minute.

The interesting part here was seeing Keesha, Libra, Renny, and America (Dan) want to vote out Jesse, while the HOH and her alliance thought Memphis was going home, only to see a shocking vote of 4-3 to evict Jesse – Good bye Jesse and he isn’t a jury member, plus seeing April finally see that she’s not all that.

The introduction of America’s Player was under different circumstances then back in Big Brother 8 with Eric, this time, the houseguest would have to choice if they would play (due America’s biding) for the week for $20,000 which included getting a houseguest nominated, hug a HG for 10 seconds and cast America’s vote, ironically, it was all Jesse.

When America’s Player was first played back in Big Brother 8 with Eric, I hated it because, first it gave Eric no real power to play his game, second, it gave Dick life in the house which he also won BB8 and three, Eric got no chance at victory, only some money. It really didn’t work, however for BB10, I liked it and at the same time, didn’t, why? While giving America a vote and at the same time, giving a houseguest the chance at $20k, the down side was this season of was to be back to basics, 13 houseguests, evict one a week until you have a winner (general idea), this isn’t back to basics, but at least it flipped the game around.

Last week (week five) was simply described as “Game On” as Michelle would become HOH and target the four houseguests that voted out her friend Jesse and that exploted with fight after fight, Jerry wanted Dan out after he broke his promise and voted out Jesse, by the way Jerry, my you have a short memory (not a joke against his age), you broke your promise to Brian, which then you put him on the block, which got him evicted, so…

Anyway, Michelle, I wasn’t surprised to see Dan or Renny not be nominated for eviction, instead Michelle nominated Keesha who gathered the votes along with Libra. Finally, Libra would be nominated, but would she get evicted?

While the fighting in the house is always intense and yet is a part of the show (13 houseguests locked in a house with lots of cameras, little food or something to do and playing for 500k, you are bound to have fights) this time with Jerry and Michelle, it went over the top and both are in a lot of trouble, first Jerry vs. Dan and his religion (Jerry went too far with Dan’s relingion) and second, Michelle vs. Libra and her going on the Big Brother and leaving her kids??? This isn’t the first mother that played Big Brother before and it will not be the last, Libra shouldn’t have been gone after for this, but she did lye several times during the game. Of course in the end, Libra was finally evicted.

So what’s next with Renny as HOH and who will see nominate? April and Michelle would be my first choices, along with Jerry. Oh, America’s Choose: “Which food item would you like to give the houseguests for the week? Giant Lollipops, Coconuts or Bologna…that keep that in mind. Comments.

- Racedriven