Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Which was the most entertaining race to watch…Monaco Grand Prix, Indy 500 or The Coca-Cola 600?

What a sight for racing fans to watch this past weekend and whether you are a Formula 1 fan, an open wheel fan, a NASCAR fan or a like me a huge Motorsports fan that mainly enjoys watching NASCAR whether it’s on television or at the racetrack in the grandstands or on pit road, this weekend was for you, a triple header day that had fans logging the entire day in front of the TV set. So would my predictions came true, well we start he at 8am on the East Coast (at least my DVR started at this time, I for one didn’t as I had been sick due to bad food since last Thursday night).

In Formula 1, the Monaco Grand Prix is the superbowl, just like the Daytona 500 is in NASCAR, I don’t know what it is, but even for a person who has since walked from Formula 1, it still draws me in and for this year’s Monaco GP, despite the lack of passing for the lead with only 3 lead changes, this was a good one. Normally F1 races are mostly parades with little passing throughout the field, however when you throw in a wet racetrack at the drop of the green flag and drying throughout the race, no traction control (that’s the way it should be), you have a completely different race.

Drivers are now the ones in control, they have to handle their formula cars just right within less than an inch of the wall around each and every turn or there done and most of them did just that. Fans saw even the most experienced drivers loss control at least once during the race and whether it was Lewis Hamilton tagging the wall early on, Felipe Massa who lead in the wet early on loss it going into a runoff which gave up the lead, Alonso trying to make a pass Nick Heidfeld and in the process making a stupid move in turn 6 colliding with the BMW, to Kimi Raikkonen losing the rear end of his Ferrari braking hard into a tight turn 10 and unfortunately taking out Adrian Sutil in the process, the race would come down to a little pit of pit strategy, hard driving laps on dry tires and a little luck as Lewis Hamilton (who was my dark horse) would win his first Monaco Grand Prix.

Now we move to one of the greatest spectaculars in Motorsports, the Indianapolis 500 where during the telecast, the ABC crew said the buzz is back at Indy, do you agree? I would say Yes and No, why, this race still needs a better schedule and qualifying format leading up to the Indy 500 and it wouldn’t hurt to see the Indy 500 start an hour earlier neither, other than that, while this one was a good one, it wasn’t better than last years. They really couldn’t get going, so many rookie mistakes and not many lead changes to bout. I was surprised to see caution after caution, I ended up getting up at noon time and watching the Monaco Grand Prix that I had on DVR with the picture and a picture on with the Indy 500 in the small screen until just less than 100 laps to go and even then no one could do too much with the leader as the man who was fastest all month long, the polesitter Scott Dixon won the 92nd running of the Indy 500. Robin Miller said the right man won, I congratulate him, he did a good job and was the fastest and hats off to Vitor Meira who finished second, good run, personally I picked Helio Castroneves (finished 4th) to win with Tony Kanaan (out in a crash) as the dark horse. I would rate this year’s Indy 500 at a 6.

Believe it or not, to some, Dixon winning the Indy 500 wasn’t the biggest story, it was Danica Patrick who got taken out by the rookie Ryan Briscoe with around 31 laps to go on pit road. Briscoe, you were at fault from what I saw and that’s it, just say that. After the wreck, Danica nearly made it to Briscoe’s pit to tell him just what she thought, but was stopped two pits away. She had every right to be mad period, next…

Oh man, if you thought that the Monaco GP or the Indy 500 was most entertaining race to watch, not so fast as the drama of NASCAR’s longest night would get under way with the Coca-Cola 600 and just like so many races this season, it was all about survival, going 600 miles and even with this stronger COT car, some just couldn’t do it.

First it was Kurt Busch leading, blow tire, then Dale Earnhardt Jr. leading, another blown right front tire, this would be the theme all night long, what a race. The Brian Vickers crash looked more like an axle or something rather than a simple blown left front tire. The first 500 miles is just a warm up to the final 100 miles and as Larry Mac said “Your on borrowed time” and he was right, so many went down. After 550 miles, it would all come down to fuel mileage, DW said it the best “It isn’t over till it’s over” and he right as one by one drivers would have to pit for fuel and in the closing laps, one by one would take the lead, and you hear it, this round would hand Tony Stewart the lead, two to go, down the back straightaway, problems for Stewart as he has a blown right front tire and that would hand the lead to last weekend’s winner Kasey Kahne as he would do the double winning both the All-star race and the Coke 600 (Photo Credit: John Harrelson/Getty Images for NASCAR). Great victory, like I said from the beginning, survival was the key and the drama of the final miles makes the Coca-Cola 600 the most entertaining race to watch on last Sunday.

Personally I picked Dale Earnhardt Jr. to win, he finished 5th, did anyone not see that coming from me, your new hear right…look at Kasey Kahne (last week’s winner), look at Matt Kenseth, Mark Martin and Jeff Burton, those three know how to win in long races, they save their equipment. Comments.

- Racedriven