Thursday, August 30, 2007

Could this really come true: Joe Gibbs Racing to Toyota?

So let me get this straight, after months and I mean months of speculations (rumors), that all of a sudden there is so-called breaking news on NASCAR Now (that was featured for the last day or so on the internet) on the Joe Gibbs Racing – Toyota joining forces saga. So this is how it’s to happen, after a Tuesday night meeting with GM, the next morning (Wednesday morning) at Gibbs Racing, JGR will be making it official, Gibbs leaving GM to go to Toyota, oh brother… first it’s not breaking news…

This would be an interesting twist in the General Motors saga, one of GM’s top teams including a two-time championship driver leaving a winning combination and stable that includes Hendrick, RCR and DEI to go to Toyota, really now, I know that this would be huge, but I really find this hard to believe even in a world of money and manufacturer support, I guess it could happen, but why?

Why would Joe Gibbs Racing, who has one of the hottest driver lineups in the Nextel Cup Series with Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin really want to change from what is a huge winning formula where they are not only winning races, but championship to the big unknown, I don’t get it? Seriously, JGR is in championship formula, they have two championships along with Tony Stewart and this year so far they are on there way to a possible third championship with Tony Stewart, face it, Stewart is Jeff Gordon’s biggest competition in what has been a run away championship fight.

Let’s say that this was to happen and that’s a big if, what would they really have to gain, they would most likely become the top team of Toyota, right now that’s not saying much as of now (looking at there record), Toyota is still so new and called very quiet in Cup racing, could they really win races, let along championships? It would be interesting just to watch next season if this comes true and on the other hand, it leads most people including me to ask, what isn’t JGR getting from GM in terms of support?

What is interesting to me isn’t Joe Gibbs Racing moving to Toyota, so much as it’s Tony Stewart racing a Toyota considering that Stewart has a personal contract with Chevrolet including his teams are backed by them. Is Chevrolet ready to loose Tony Stewart.

This final part below is not a rumor nor is it meant to be, but rather something that would be interesting to see happen: Just a thought about this or let’s say really far off predictions, Joe Gibbs Racing will join forces with Toyota to become there top dog, but consider Tony Stewart may not… could me be the fourth driver for RCR? Remember all of the other Chevrolet teams are four car teams except RCR, which is looking for a fourth.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Finally Top Gear is on in the United States!

It's about time, for the last couple of years now I have now been wanted to watch the UK show Top Gear, (I'm also waiting on 5th Gear too, but I don't think so...) its different from what we have here in the States and I've always wanted to know what the difference is in prices and quality of cars including what cars are available in the UK vs. here in the United States...

The You Tube video above is Top Gear's own Jeremy Clarkson reviewing one the most popular cars over here, the Corvette Z06, the Corevtte to me is a great car, for it's looks, design and that amazing 7.0 Liter V-8 engine and what a best bang for the buck over here you will every find. So I was surprised when I watched this episode two weeks ago (on BBC America - Monday Nights) and I was surprised with the review - disappointed, I think its a great car for $72,500 fully loaded Z06. Personally I want a nice 2007 Corvette convertible for about $55k.

I noticed the Ron Fellows Z06 limited edition for sale too, not a bad looking car and Fellows ran it this past weekend at Mosport, interesting seeing three corevettes on track, two yellow and this white one, good race, I just wish the Corvette's had competition in there class.

Enjoy the clip and leave your response below (keep it clean)... oh yeah, does anyone know more You Tube Videos on Top Gear? See Yeah!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

While the racing on the track is one for the record books, can one say the same for ESPN’s NASCAR coverage?

From Indianapolis with the Brickyard 400 to last Tuesday’s foggy Michigan race, the action on the track has heated up more than ever including seeing Tony Stewart win at the Brickyard and backing it up two weeks later at the Glen to Kurt Busch having the dominate car at Pocono and than again backing it up two days ago at Michigan, the racing on the track in the Nextel Cup Series has gotten more competitive each and every week, but there is one thing that all four of these races have in common, they were all televised under the new television package with ESPN and ABC NASCAR coverage, so the question remains, as the action on track is one for the record books, can one say the same for the there television coverage and the answer is a little bit more difficult than just a straight yes or no vote.

I have to say, I enjoyed the FOX coverage earlier this season and I was thrilled with TNT’s Wide Open coverage at The Pepsi 400 under the lights at Daytona, but ESPN/ABC’s coverage on the other hand to me lacks a little bit, there really to much going on and qualifying..., you can’t even see the cars, all of the extra goodies are interesting, but not needed to enjoy the race. I have heard some describe the coverage as over board with way to many extras and I fully agree. I understand the air flow going over the car, but fans really don’t need to see it so many times during a race and the huge billboard over the grandstands thing during the Pocono race was just too much, the truth is, NASCAR fans just want good coverage with the fewest commericals, just tell us what’s going on without the extra stuff. At times I would say, mute the sound of the telecast and turn on the radio to MRN’s coverage, now that’s coverage done right.

It’s really not my style to comment and not give a possible solution to it, so I bring you back to the Pepsi 400 at Daytona with the only time fans saw something new in coverage, TNT’s Wide Open coverage, basically while the commercials at the bottom pop ups were a little much, there was one thing I enjoyed fully, the widescreen view, what? The widescreen view, at the bottom of the screen they had the running order, lap counter, a sponsor or two and the name of the station (TNT logo) and above, was the race itself that with nothing overlapping it, that’s the key nothing overlapping the picture, that’s what I want period, is that so a hard.

The qualifying coverage goes even more over the top, with all of the stuff on screen, where is the car on the track?

Bottom Line, I like the new stuff, but its just not needed, so save your money on these extras, remove a couple of commercials and graphics, relax your announcers in the booth, have one show car for explaining problems, adjust your screen with nothing overlapping the race itself, have your pit reporters and let’s go racing plain and simple and that goes double for your qualifying coverage, please.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

From this Dale Jr. fan: He should go with #81 for 2008 and beyond.

I have been a huge Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan since sometime back around 1997-1998 and this year, he has had major announcements including him leaving DEI and then announcing him joining Hendrick Motorsports, in term taking over the #5 ride.

Since then, rumors have been running wild all over the internet, garage areas and beyond on just what his car is going to look like including what is sponsor is going to be to will he get the #8 from DEI. Now lets be honest for a minute, as much as I would like to see Dale Jr. in the #8 under the Hendrick Motorsports banner, I believe that since he is leaving DEI and Budweiser at the end of 2007, Dale Jr. really needs a fresh new start, the color red in the paint scheme should be there so the red shirts will show through in the grandstands, but I really believe that since Dale Jr. has driven the #81 back in 2005 in the Busch Series and since the #81 is available throught NASCAR, he should grab that instead and make that number his own.

Not just that, basically, Dale Jr. should go to NASCAR, lease the number #81 in the Sprint Cup Series and the Busch Series through JR Motorsports and bring it with him to Hendrick and it would be his own number, plus if he leaves Hendrick at anytime, the number would come with him, the #81 would be Dale Jr.s through the remainder of his racing career in NASCAR and continue on in JR Motorsports if he owns a Cup Team. In the long run, that would be a lot better and no need to ask permission from DEI or anything and no need for Dale Jr. fans there stuff after next year.

As far as sponsors go, Hendrick Motorsports has lots of contracts already in place including PepsiCo (Pepsi, Mountain Dew and etc.), Kellogg’s, National Guard and beyond would be a great fit for him.

Recently WindTunnel on SPEED had lots of Fan submissions on just what Dale Jr’s 2008 car will look like and what a bunch of color submissions, I picked two of them with Mountain Dew on them, but the number should be #81, not #5 or #8 period.

Designed By: BMann 1699

Designed By: Greg Rogers
Pictures from: WindTunnel

One last thing, for Hendrick Motorsports, Since Dale Jr. might be using either the #81 or the #8, I believe Casey Mears should use the #5, it has a huge winning history and it would be perfect for him and get ride of the #25, that number just has so much of the worse history period. Hendrick might even consider putting Kellogg on Mears’s car too, he fits the brand. Well, good luck and I know that I suggesting the #81 will upset some Dale Jr. fans, but sometimes you have to change for the better and a new number, sponsor and owner might just be the ticket to victory.

Yes I now that drivers can't owner/lease numbers, its a figure of speech.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How many times have we seen the pawn go home in Big Brother history?

Think about that question for a moment and I mean really think about it, right now in the Big Brother or should I say last Monday evening, the LNC, which are currently in control with Jessica being the Head of Household have in my opinion made a huge error in judgement to say the least, in case some don’t know what I am talking about, let me reward.

On Saturday, the nominations were held where Jessica and the LNC made the decision to put up Dick and Daniele on the block, no brainer and with that Jessica said that this is just back towards them because they tried to get Eric out, what I really like here is that she didn’t backdoor one of them, but she gave them both a chance to fight for the POV and Dick won it.

Now fast forward to earlier tonight sort of speck in terms of the show airing, Dick using the Pov to save Daniele, leaving himself on the block, here’s the error, Dustin asked Jessica to put him up as a pawn, to in there eye’s get Dick out… What a stupid move, Eric should have caught this one too, Eric’s vote is casted by America, he has no say in who he evicts and Dustin was voted on by America for Eric to get nominated, see the problem and besides that, its just stupid, Dustin vs. Dick on the block.

Here’s how I see the voting:
Votes to evict Dustin:
- Jen, Zach (both really unknown to me, but this is how they have voted in the past…) and of course Daniele.

Votes to evict Dick
- Jameka and Amber, plus the wild card goes to Eric because of America.
With all that said, my predictions are simple and I hope they don’t come true, Dustin will be evicted after Eric (America) casts his vote to evict Dustin.

Bottom Line on Thursday Night’s live eviction, I want to see Dick evicted, interesting guy, but I have strongly had enough, the show just isn’t fun to watch anymore with him going off on everyone including bringing up families and religion period. However, it will most likely be Dustin evicted unless either America votes to evict Dick (like I did) or either Jen or Zach wakeups and evict him, but they might need him to get to the end, so who knows. See Yeah!

One day later...
This is just food for thought, I am currently watching the Sho After Dark feed (8/16/07 east coast) and I have noticed a couple of things including the fact that Eric is acting very cool, nothing is bothering him. After seeing this, I have come to these conclusions, Eric knows exactly who America has voted to evict and its most likely Dustin just by the way he is talking to Daniele and now he is thinking that Daniele and Dick will still be in the house and with that, he is trying to come up with a plan to get himself (Eric) with Jessica to the final four along with Daniele and someone with her or I am just thinking what if's...

With all that said, even if Dick stays, I don't see him staying very long, he's just two big of a target, this game either way, whoever goes home tomorrow, that's really going to change the game again, but if Dustin stays, where does Eric and Jessica fit in and the same goes if Dick stays?

Could tomorrow's (Thursday) eviction be nothing, but no eviction and a new Head of Household ending with a double eviction for the week? I don't see that happening, but expect the unexpected... I still believe after watching the feed and reading internet talk, Dustin is going to the jury house, however I still want Dick out... Interesting food for thought.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What was that? The Montreal Busch Series race was a nightmare.

(Photo Credit: AP Photo/Tom Boland,CP)

Before I get into some thoughts on this past weekends first Busch series race at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, let me first state something, I am not a fan of Robby Gordon at all and I can’t stand him at all, plus he let’s his short temper and hitting people out of the way get the best of him and that’s it.

With that said, I will try and come up with reasonal points about just what should have happened compared to what did happen and as a huge fan of NASCAR, I am disappointed in this Montreal race and there is a lot of blame and wrong calls to go around. If you fast forward to the last four laps of this race since the first 70 laps was just a lot of give and take. With 4 laps to go, Ambrose was leading coming to green and going through turns 1 and down through turn 2 and then Robby Gordon hit Ambrose in the right corner backend just as they went out of frame to come up to make the past on Ambrose, Ambrose then either didn’t see the caution or he decided to make a move of his own and hit Gordon spinning him out and by this time the field was under yellow because of what happen in turn 2 with a huge pileup, going down into turn 2, Scott Pruett squeezed Harvick out and when he came back up, he hit Pruett spinning him out as a result causing the pileup. Lots of cars spun, it became a total nightmare.

First I believe Robby Gordon once he spun should have been put back in second spot after he should have blended in behind or in front the #77 and than ask NASCAR to put him back in second with promission to rejoin second spot , but all bets were off when Gordon raced up under caution breaking the first rule and than hitting Ambrose twice. As a result he should have gone back to 12th spot and had to race back up. Gordon could have won this race, but screwed himself. NASCAR made a error in letting Gordon stay in second and we all know what Gordon was going to do next, spinning Ambrose and going on to his self-thing victory that was not. For Ambrose, I don’t know about that spin out of Gordon, he might have been wrong too. But with Ambrose, when he got spun out, NASCAR costed him his first victory hands-down. From there Harvick took advantage of all these problems and won the first Montreal race. Congrats to Kevin Harvick for his victory in Canada, he was in the right place at the right time.

Now as a result NASCAR has laid into Robby Gordon, first Sunday morning suspending him from that days Pocono 500 race, perfect call, Harvick did something like that years ago in a truck race at Martinsville and the next day he was suspended from that Cup race, right call, no doubt. Even more… Tuesday afternoon, NASCAR handed down the second set of penalties with fining him $35,000, placed on probation till years end and a warning that reads (From article: “The fine and probation also carried the stipulation that if, during the remaining NASCAR events in 2007, there is another action by Gordon that is deemed by NASCAR officials as detrimental to stock-car racing or to NASCAR, or is disruptive to the orderly conduct of an event, he will be suspended indefinitely from NASCAR.” (Read More…)

All in all, NASCAR made errors in Montreal with the lengths of caution periods, not red flagging and putting Gordon back before final restart and not throwing the caution after he spun Ambrose and put Ambrose up. Gordon made the error of racing up under caution, spinning out Ambrose and not doing what NASCAR told him to do. Ambrose shouldn’t have spun Gordon, but I don’t know the events of what he know.

Bottom Line, there were a lot of errors everywhere in Montreal, the stands were packed, but the race was not a success, see yeah next year and I hope everyone learned something. BTW: I totally agree with NASCARs penalties on Robby Gordon.

Is Formula 1 in trouble in the eyes of its US and Canadian fans?

So that’s the burning question at least in North America with its fans and the answer is yes at least in my eyes, why? That’s simple, after the 2008 Provisional Formula 1 schedule was released a couple of weeks ago, it officially showed that Formula 1 will not be coming back to the United States at Indianapolis nor anywhere else for the USGP and if that’s not enough, combine that with Bernie’s comment including
“It is not vital to Formula 1 to be in the United States,” Ecclestone told Britain’s Daily Express newspaper. “There are bigger markets for us to be in other parts of the world. We could be in India soon instead of the United States. We don’t have a lot of sponsors from the U.S., no American teams and only one driver,” he added. (From Racer Staff on
while during this past Junes running of the United States Grand Prix and to top that all off, it looks like the World Championship might not be even making a stop anywhere in Canada neither that being at Montreal.

With all of that said, Formula 1 is now starting to become more of a realty show than a top racing series with the worlds best drivers considering with the exception of a couple weeks ago’s Grand Prix of Europe at the Nurgburgring (and that was do to the rain and the late race battle between Alonso and Mazza which after a little wheel banging, Alonso cruised off to victory... that's pictured above, Credit of photo:…), this Formula 1 season has been not much to speck up unless you talk about some Gate story with of illegal documents or something, either way its just a nightmare.

So at least for this Formula 1 fan, I have come to the conclusion that if Formula 1 is not going to support neither the United States or at least Canada and clean up its act/racing, than its really not worth my time including getting up at 7:30am on a Sunday morning to watch a race. I am really beginning to wonder if Formula 1 in its current state is going to be around in the next 5 to 10 years, I would be surprised to see that. With that, something huge needs to change, the Formula cars are not even made for racing, they are made for straight line speed and nothing to do with side-by-side racing, oh yeah and seeing a driver lead a race, any race wire to wire without lead changes not including during pit stops is very boring to watch and considering that has happened several times in Formula 1 (this season) and also considering I was even bored watching the Monaco race earlier this year and I love that race, then what’s the point.

Bottom Line, good bye Formula 1, you don’t want to support the United States and or at least Canada, than I don’t want to support your series.

Oh yeah on a side note, congrats to Moto GP for signing another round in the United States, this time at Indianapolis, at least they see that the United States is an important market. I am really beginning to believe a saying that I read on one person’s blog, “Formula 1 is a parade and NASCAR is race”, good luck Formula 1, seek help with your racing… See Yeah!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Is America’s Player Eric in trouble or has the houseguests finally woken up?

Before I get to the happenings in the house since Nick was evicted on last Thursday Night, I am really pissed off with some people outside of the Big Brother house, have we gotten to the point that someone who is some obsessed with this game would go through the lengths to hire a pilot to fly a plane with a banner over the Big Brother House in hopes of changing the results of a realty show, why? I can understand the we love Nick part, but damn, naming Amber and Eric as liars, this would be classified as a get a life thing or get help, it’s a game, its realty show, give me a break… what a people thinking.

(Credit: Big Brother USA)

Now with that said, It’s week 5 in the Big Brother house and by now, big brother fans know that after Thursday night’s HoH competition, Daniele is the new Head of Household, after Daniele made a deal with Kail not to evict her this week. However during the HoH competition, another stupid banner saying “We love Nick, Amber and Eric are liars and the LNC is a Nerd Herd” and everybody saw it including Daniele and according to her a light went on.

From what I could gather from the feed in the last couple of night’s on Sho and last night’s nominations, Kail and Jen are on the block for the third week in a row, which that’s got to be a BB record, but yet again neither of them are the targets as after Daniele and Dick figured out that America’s Player Eric voted to evict Kail the past two weeks and not Nick, they have created a really stupid plan to target Eric for evict and to get this Dick is saying to most of the houseguests that Eric was once a part of Kail’s original Alliance called the Mrs. Robinson alliance and he doesn’t have anything to back it up with. Now we all know that he wasn’t, but once again Dick will say anything to get everyone to vote his way, Dick has even gone so far as to call out Eric on a couple times including during a meeting in the backyard when Eric was doing America’s dirty work to get Jen nominated.

As a result of all this, Daniele and her partner Dick have made a huge stupid move in the game and after Jen won the power of veto and took herself off the block, Eric is now on the block next to Kail for eviction. Now the house has also gotten wind of this plan and at least on the surface and they have decided to safe Eric in turn voting to evict Kail all the while Daniele is left thinking she has the votes to evict Eric, but she doesn’t.

I do wonder who is playing who in this game, are the majority of the houseguests planning on evicting Kail or is this the end for America’s Player Eric in the house?

So let me set the stage for everyone including me, its really simple, Eric and Kail are on the block, the majority of the houseguests are now angry at Dick and Daniele after there plan to evict Eric, now if Kail is evicted this Thursday night by the majority of the house, life as we know it in the Big Brother house will be changed as Dick and Daniele has all but signed there own evictions and it will be great to see them go home. All I can say is, expect the unexpected, anything can and will happen, it only takes 4 votes to evict someone this week… Dick, Zach and Jen to vote to evict Eric and Dustin, Amber, Jessica and Jameka to vote to evict Kail. Kail needs to be evicted this week and Dick and Daniele must be evicted soon too.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Big Brother 8: My Take on the first 34 days.

What can you say about this season of Big Brother so far, BB has yet again come up with such an unusual set of houseguests to compete for the $500,000 prize even after taxes that money

Big Brother has always had a couple of twists and this season is no different with six houseguests knowing each other and America’s Player. So far from what I have seen is a once formed alliance in the first day between Kail, Mike, Zach and Nick called the Mrs. Robinson alliance now gone, that was fast, Nick basically told any girl in the house that would listen and Daniele to just save himself. I have to say that the only big this Kail did wrong by forming this alliance was she went in with three guys that just couldn't live up to there end. Now both Mike and Nick has been evicted, Kail is on the block regularly now and Zach is hated by most.

One big thing has been a couple of planes flying banners trying to tell houseguests something, who knows who sent them, two in two days.

In terms of standouts, Dick or Evil Dick, is head of the house in terms of leader, he must be evicted soon. Dick loves to call everyone out in front of everyone and enjoys playing for the cameras and flipping off the cameras. Dustin is a player now after he won HoH this past week and despite Dustin’s power trip this week (nothing compared to Dicks on going power-trips), he’s a cool guy and is somewhat honest. Daniele could be player once Nick leaves and she goes pat Dick, Jen wins when she needs to and secretly Eric.

Floaters or in background are: Amber, who appears to be currently in with Dustin and Jameka, among others LNC, Jameka has started to step up in terms of being a target after he took Jen off the block a couple days ago, Standouts in other ways, Zach, he changed and is getting on everyone’s nerves and there';s Kail, who is holding on by a thread in most cases, most of the house has been targeting her for weeks and is currently a pone for who ever is HoH that week. I believe that she still has some game left including if nothing else working in the kitchen... didn't someone in past seasons do the very same and she won the game... Jun in season 4...

Finally I come to these two who I am big fans of and hope one of them wins, first being Jessica, I have to say I have fallen for Jessica, she is so nice, beautiful and very smart, she’s playing this game fully, don’t under estimate her, she knows exactly what she is doing every moment.

Second would be America’s Player, Eric, very entertaining to watch in this house, but sadly I believe that the way CBS has set this up with him including America votes for him and that’s who Eric evicts is going to be his downfall. The hole thing of what tasks he does including who he evicts should be optional and this week so far he is lucky. Hopefully he at least completes five tasks and gets $10,000 cash... Right now, America continues to be obsessed with voting out Kail and he almost got caught voting for Kail and I would say the same this week, if the houseguests caught on, he's gone.

Finally, after four evictions including Carol, Joe, Mike and Nick, this has not a bad season at all and I enjoy watching it. You might ask, how do I watch it, while I don’t subscribe to the online live feed, I do watch Big Brother After dark on Show Too, watch the three CBS shows and visit a couple of sites including Big Brother and, both sites are cool.

Well, that’s it here, oh wait, I know who's the new HoH thanks to Sho Too feed (one note... hearing a deal could have been made with the enemy to win HoH, will that person keep his/her word...) and could we see Jen and Kail up on the block one more time... let's see if Eric's prediction comes true with getting one of them out this week and its week five with Kail's five week plan.

Other than that, who knows who’s going to win this season… And just remember, this is a game, these houseguests are characters, who knows what the houseguests are like in real life. Good luck Houseguests. See Yeah!