Monday, October 30, 2006

It was Montoya in Memphis and the man they call SMOKE Tony Stewart in Atlanta that shined this past weekend

Here we are again as another racing weekend comes to an end and what as interesting racing weekend at that, I don't know who made the schedule for this past weekend, but they really need to look at it again in the future. The schedule had the Busch Series race on at the same time as the IROC series followed by the Truck Series at Atlanta. Then Sunday's race started at 3pm, I hate late starts to racing including on a Sunday that we had to turn our clocks back an hour on and that goes for any race weekend, at least Atlanta has lightning, but other tracks don't.

But lets look at the good side of this weekend, first things first, Saturday under the sun in both Memphis and Atlanta had its moments...

The focus on Saturday, at least in my eyes, was on Juan Montoya making his Busch Series debut at the 1 mile Memphis Speedway and also in Atlanta, at the always spot on IROC Series race of who would be the 2006 IROC champion.

With all of the media and fan attention in Memphis on Montoya, Montoya first outen was basically the same as his ARCA debut, they both had there moments, in Memphis, with starting and running in the bottom half of the top 10, Montoya stayed out of trouble until he made an on track error, at least in his eyes when he spin mid-way thur the race, but just like at his ARCA debut in Talladega, he recovered and climbed back up into the lead group to finish in the 11th position. For Montoya, it was announced yesterday that the next race is going to be next week in Texas for the 300 miler. It has also been talked about and in one case reported that Montoya may run the remaining Busch Series races this season and that NASCAR has approved him to run in the Nextel Cup Series finale at Homestead in a couple of weeks if both Montoya and Ganassi wanted to. Like I said, no confirmed reports, but would hate to think of Montoya having to make his Nextel Cup debut on the 2.5 miler Superspeedway in Daytona next febuary.

One does have to wonder if with all of the attention from both Media and Fans that Montoya got in his Busch Series debut, what will the open wheel/IRL champion Sam Hornish Jr. receive when he makes his Busch series debut at Phoenix in two weeks. Hornish will drive the #39 for Penske Racing, the same car that both Ryan Newman and Kurt Busch have driven in select races all year long.

As for Atlanta, the racing in all three series were spot on with great racing all around, but this weekend would belong to the man they call SMOKE, Tony Stewart...for Saturday's IROC race, it was Martin Truex Jr. once again making a late race pass to win the IROC race and SMOKE would come up capturing the 2006 IROC Championship. But the weekend was not over for SMOKE as the next evening would prove that SMOKE will be a contender in the 2007 Chase, Tony Stewart delivered an impressive performance all race long battling for the top stop with Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and a couple of other chase contenders and after a late race caution, which was one of many, SMOKE grabed the lead from Dale Jr. and never looked back as he capped off an impressive win in the Bass Pro Shop 500 with his trademark climbing the fence to the starters stand.

(Photo Credit: Joe Sebo / The Associated Press /

Did anyone see that trophy for the Nextel Cup winner, its huge, a big bear...the big question after the race and even during the race was in the announcers booth, who ever wins the race, how is the winner going to get it home.

What about the Chase for the Nextel Cup, the picture of who is in and who is out is a little clearer within the top 5, maybe the top 6 still in the hunt.

Points Standings wise, Matt kenseth comes out of Atlanta with the leader, Jimmie Johnson 2nd -26 back, Denny Hamlin grabs 3rd -65 back, Dale Jr. closes to 4th tied with Jeff Burton -84 points back and Kevin Harvick in 6th -121 points back. Rightnow its just the top 6, 7 thur 10 is more than a race out. Three races to go, next week at Texas, then off to Phoenix and finally
the finale showdown under the Florida sun at Homestead with that varable banking coming into play.

Before I leave the 500 in Atlanta, there was a big story that cae out during the race on two of many of the cautions that was thrown for debre on track, one in which had some video of a piece of rollbar padding came from around Robby Gordon's car, but the video could not tell if Gordon just hit it or it came out from his car.

The next action was from the NBC TV booth trying to find more video of this...WindTunnel on SPEED desided to ask to the question: Should the TV networks do their own investigating or leave it to NASCAR? I have to agree with Dave Despain, I believe that its the TV's job to find the reason for the caution and if its debre, find it and put it on TV and if they can't find it, tell us so.

Finally, How about next weekend at Texas, Texas will mark the final Nextel Cup race for Terry Labonte, what a career for the two-time Nextel Cup Champion.

Thats it for me here.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

NASCAR's Car of Tomorrow with one photo of the COT that says Wait a minute.

(Photo: Getty Images/Rusty Jarrett/

Going beyond the Nextel Cup racing from Atlanta and the Chase for the Nextel Cup Series, NASCAR fans were shocked on friday when Hendrick Motorsports and Chevrolet unveiled the all new Chevrolet Impala SS that was shown off in the #48 Lowe's Chevy colors for Jimmie Johnson. Chevrolet will now run the Monte Carlo SS on the current car for 2007 and 2008 and the Impala SS on the COT starting at Bristol next year. There is also talk about Dodge doing the same with the Dodge Avenger, no confirmation...we will all know when Dodge makes there announcement.

Now in all fairness, I have writen about the COT a couple times before, but with all of the talk going around and some drivers and teams coming out publically and saying what they think of the Car of Tomorrow including this article on and another article on, this issue deserves at least one more blast from me. Now my readers know what I already think of the COT, its ugly, its also begining to remind me of an IROC (granded I like the look of the IROC cars for only 12 of them) or TRAC car crossed with an Grand-american Rolex car. Its rear spoiler and front spliter is not what NASCAR's fans are use to seeing on track, but all NASCAR fans really want or at least me is a racecar that looks similer to the street verison with the safety and technology features of the COT, thats it. Its an R/T racecar model of the street verison.

My Closing Statement: To everyone in the NASCAR community, for NASCAR to really understand were its drivers, teams, owners, and fans are coming from on this COT issue, NASCAR will have to see this car in action starting at Bristol in order to fully understand just what we all are talking about, I will say that the 2007 Nextel Cup Season will be one for the record books and beyond, it will be a season of testing this COT in race format to see it all unfold...we are all going to have to live with it, unless the heads of NASCAR say otherwise, but I will say that after Bristol, things will start to be come clearer with every passing COT involved race, its NASCAR's show,

Now what about cost, safety and how do we get it to look better and create better/safer racing?

Thats all previous articles on the COT:
1. January - "NASCAR: Car of Tomorrow in 2007?"
2. Late August - "NASCAR's Car Of Tomorrow final version coming at you"
3. Late October - "Half-way home in the Chase for the Nextel Cup and more on the COT"

Thats it for me, any thoughts?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shifting Gears: Ferrari Panamerican 20000, two Unique Whips Nissans and Allmendinger to Toyota.

Let's Shift Gears:

Shell's long time technical partnership with Ferrari is about to get longer - 20,000 miles longer. The Ferrari Panamerican 20,000 mile Tour which includes two all new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, will continue on a three-month tour that started from Brazil in August and will be rolling into Las Vegas, NV on there way to the conclution in New York on November 17th. During is tour, these Ferrari's will pass through Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, New Orleans, on down to Miami and up Washington, Chicago, Toronto and finally down to New York.(Read more...)
(Credit: Erin Caldwell - Edelman)

"Unique Whips Crew Executes Hot New Designs for Marc Ecko-Nissan Project".
I look at these two Nissans and I try to really see what they were going for, but the first thing that I thought when I say this photo above was "What were they thinking? (Read more...)
(Credit for photo: article)

What a headline over at,
"Allmendinger inks Cup deal with Red Bull". (Read more..),

Update, hears more of a is reporting that that Forsythe Racing has released A.J. Allmendinger and he will not race in the finale at Mexico City in November and replaced him with Buddy Rice.

My Take on this entire A.J. Allmendinger - NASCAR and Champ Car connection...
These two headlines have caught me off guard completely, I didn't know what to make of A.J. Allmendinger coming to NASCAR in 2007 for Red Bull Racing considering that he has only made a couple of starts in the Craftsmen Truck Series for Bill Davis Racing. A.J. Allmendinger history has been in champ car racing and his career has been headlined when him had been released from RuSport after the Milwaukee race and then stepped into the Forsythe Racing's second ride at Portland and not only won his first race out for Forsythe Racing, but has won a total of five races this season and now sits 2nd in points. This story on gets even more out there, the story also says that Forsythe Racing may run a third car for another driver at the finale, what I don't understand, is why Forsythe Racing doesn't just run three cars with the 1st car with Paul Tracy, 2nd car with A.J. Allmendinger and the third car with Buddy Rice....

One more thing, don't get me wrong, I am happy to see Buddy Rice get his shot in Champ Car and I hope he wins too, but what a way for Forsythe Racing to look ahead at 2007, but not to cover his winningest driver in 2006.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Schumacher's last F1 race, champion crowned and Massa wins from pole all from the Brazilian GP.

As far as Formula 1 racing goes, I have not been a fan for that long (meaning watching every event and even getting up to watch them live on TV), I started watching F1 sometime before the first United States Grand Prix, so when the question came up last Sunday night on WindTunnel, who is the greatest Formula 1 driver in history, I really had no one to compare to the 7-time champion Michael Schumacher too. But from the way the comments went on WindTunnel, most F1 fans would say the Schumacher is the greatest of all time. He was willing to what it took to win.

This question was asked just hours after the 7-time champion competed in his last formula 1 race of his career for Ferrari, but just like in most of the races this year, Michael Schumacher didn't go quiety, but for Schumacher who was chancing his 8th world championship, Michael had a hard task to over come with his rival Alonso having a 10 point lead and for Schumacher to win, he must have won the race..Alonso would have had to finish outside the points to create the tie an the tie breaker would have come down to victories this season.


But during the sundays race, it was not to be, not the championship and not the victory. It would have been interesting to see Schumacher win in his final race and at least have a chance at the championship, but between Alonso running in the top 4 and finsihing in the second position and Schumachers bad luck with trying to pass another competitor, creating a flat tire, he just missed out, but in my opinion, that didn't stop Schumacher from showing that he is still the greatest driver out there when he had to make up all most a lap on the entire field, he kept setting fast lap after fast lap and driveing like he stole that car an d ended up finshing 4th, what a finish to an amazing career. We will miss Michael Schumacher in Formula 1, despite whether you liked or hated him, he was impressive to watch in pure domanating fashion.

As for the crowning of a champion, for Fernando Alonso, he showed the entire world that he is one of the best Formula one drivers on track today, to be one of the best, you must beat the best and he did just that, for the second straight year, Fernando Alonso became yet again the youngest driver to every win the World Championship in F1 history and he did it by beating Michael Schumacher. In my book, in 2007, Fernando Alonso will be the one to beat in F1, hands-down.

So after teh checkered flag dropped, it was Ferrari finishing 1-4 with Massa picking up the victory from pole and Renault picking up the 2006 World Championship with Fernando Alonso and the 2006 Constructors Championship, what a way to end the 2006 F1 season, next year, Fernando Alonso will be racing for McLaren-Mercedes, what will that be like.

Well thats it for Formula 1

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Getting back to life in general

For me, I don't normally write on my personal life and I have a standing rule on blogging about work and that rule on blogging about work will alway stand (unless my boss says otherwise), but I have decided to go a little more outside the box. One thing that I have recently thought of, what is all of my high school friends up to? When I left high school and went off in the other direction to college, I lost touch with many if not all of them with in a year of graduation and didn't know what to expect now.

The last couple of days have been crazy for me, I recently found one of my high school friends online, so I decided to sign up for the ever most popular MySpace. Now I already have a ton of work to do, as many of my readers may or may not know, I have been looking for a full-time job for some time now and if there are any employers in Massachusetts, RI or CT interested in a hard working, check out, my professional portfolio, but while search for work and trying to get a bigger portfolio/work history, I began testing my writing skills in blogging and for the past 19 months+, it has been great and loving it, at times it is interesting coming up with articles/columns week after week, but I am working it all out and this blog racedriven is the results. Perfect. I am still working on the main traffic (hits) to the site, if people don't know about this blog, then I have not done one of my jobs - marketing. So between those two things, other things have taken a backseat. You learn by trial and error and a college education.

Speeking of pieces, what a weekend in Motorsports action including Alonso winning back to back World Championships in formula 1 and the greatest driver in f1 history, Michael Schumacher's finale race, the Brazilian Grand Prix and he didn't go quitely, plus Jimmie Johnson winning at Martinsville while the points leader Jeff Burton had engine problems.

I'm getting off course here, Back to my MySpace page, after one friend was found, then I soon found five more of them hinding out here and there and they soon noticed that I was in the same place that I have been for most of my life including all thoughout high school. I also recently found, that I am the long single man of the group and that everyone is married or soon to be. Now I really feel like that show "What about Brian", but it doesn't bother me, I have no plans in that area, career first, than dating...thats just me. The myspace craze is still in and dispite the off attention it gets, its a good place to get high school and college updates and hookup with old friends. Its all that simple.

Wow, and its only Monday Night/early Tuesday Morning.

I am now working on a all new personal, yet professional website over at, is it that time already to give it a face lift or make a new version (v4.0 or something), every 12 to 18 months. Well thats it for now.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What's up in the NASCAR Busch Series?

First things first, congratulate to both Kevin Harvick for clinching the 2006 NASCAR Busch Series Championship and to Dave Blaney for (surviving) winning the John Deere 250 last Friday night at Charlotte (Lowe's) Motor Speedway.

In two weeks, the Busch Series will be once again be in action in Memphis and in the Nextel Cup rookie in training Juan Montoya will make his Busch Series debut.

Press Release from CGR: Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates (CGRFS) announced today Juan Pablo Montoya will make his NASCAR debut on October 28 in the NASCAR Busch Series race at Memphis (Tenn.) Motorsports Park. Montoya will pilot the No. 42 Texaco/Havoline Dodge in his third stock car race since joining the organization.

Montoya competed in his first stock car event in the ARCA RE/MAX Series at Talladega Superspeedway on October 6, where he grabbed the outside pole on his way to finishing third. He ran in the ARCA Series finale at Iowa Speedway on Sunday where he started third and finished 24th. He led 12 laps before making contact with another competitor that sent him behind the wall for repairs.

Montoya tested a NEXTEL Cup car at the Memphis track last week, and is currently participating in his first official NASCAR sanctioned test at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

The Memphis Busch race is scheduled to start at 2:10 p.m. ET on Saturday, October 28 with live race coverage beginning at 2 p.m. ET on NBC (TV) and MRN (Radio).

After a pure domanes by Kevin Harvick this season in the Busch Series and the number of Nextel Cup drivers doing double duty, what will the 2007 season bring for fans going beyond just the new television package including now that most of the Nextel Cup drivers will not be doing double duty anymore because the Cup car is going to the COT. Hopefully the Busch Series will create a totally new image that seperates them for the Cup Series starting with lower costs, new crate cars and beyond. Any thoughts?

Check Out my article on the "Status of the Busch Series" wrote back in the year..

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Half-way home in the Chase for the Nextel Cup and more on the COT

With just five races to go in the Chase for the Nextel Cup, Last Saturday night's 500 miler at Charlotte (Lowe's) Motor Speedway showed that no driver is out of this championship yet even if you are 200 points out.

For Kasey Kahne, last Saturday night showed that he is still the one to beat on 1.5 milers and bigger and that he is not out of this championship by no means. With that for the second straight week, Kahne, who has finished 2nd at Talladega and won last Saturday nights Charlotte race has brought himself to just over one race out in the championship.

On the flip side of that was Jeff Gordon who had troubles during the race and yet again finishing well down in the standings, now finds himself 10th -216 points out of the lead, but still in the hunt. But surprisingly, No one driver has yet taken off with this championship points lead and it appears that no one will.

For all ten of these drivers, the championship chase is not over, one bad finish for the points leader like what happened last week at Talladega and one good finish or even a victory by another chaser could result in as much as 156 point swing. Its still too early for anyone to say that they are out of this championship hunt, but if Jeff Burton continues with top 5-10 finishes for the remainder five races, only to top 5 in points will have any shot.

Point Standings and finishing position in last Saturday night's race in Charlotte:
1. Jeff Burton Leader and finished 3rd
2. Matt Kenseth -45 -- 14th
3. Kevin Harvick -89 -- 18th
4. Mark Martin -102 -- 30th
5. Dale Earnhardt Jr. -106 -- 4th
6. Denny Hamlin -137 -- 28th
7. Jimmie Johnson -146 -- 2nd
8. Kasey Kahne -160 -- Winner
9. Kyle Busch -195 -- 6th
10. Jeff Gordon -216 -- 24th

(Credit: Turner Sports New Media/

More on Car of Tomorrow: Going beyond the Chase and looking toward 2007, the Car of Tomorrow continues to make noise with another test session this time down at Homestead Motor Speedway. This test has 56 COT cars testing between Monday and Wednesday. Most of the Nextel Cup teams have COT's already made and now there is talk about several teams asking NASCAR to consider debuting the COT superspeedway program, a little early at the spring Talladega race instead of the fall Talladega race. It seems that with the repaving of the Talladega superspeedway, it has made the track very different from its sister track Daytona and that now teams must build all new cars for just that one race.

I like this idea too, its at least $150,000 per car plus labor to build and for some of these car owners, triple to five times that amount. Don't forget the backup car as well. I hate to say this, but a couple of weeks ago, Jeff Gordon made the comment that he would rather wait until 2008 and just run the COT and I still agree with that.

Just added (Oct. 18th at 10:10pm): I just read Darrell Waltrip's column on and he has an interesting look at the COT, does anyone remember The Team Racing Auto Circuit, or TRAC, the racing series that was going to take on NASCAR, those cars look a little like NASCAR's COT. Look at the photo below of the Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds and Corvettes with splitter noses and wings on the back and then look above at the #26 Ford Fusion Nextel Cup COT, interesting, I do see it, its similer...thanks DW.

Team Racing Auto Circuit unveiled three cars at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in April 2002 (Las Vegas Review-Journal) Photo also from

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Reactor" Mustang To Light Up ROUSH Performance SEMA Show Booth

A deep metallic green 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback with a ROUSH 427 IR crate engine putting out 552 horsepower. I really can't tell what this muscle car looks like from this sketch, but looking about some of the other mustangs that Ringbrothers have built, this is going to be sick. (Sick is a term that means incredible like Joe Rogan Sick fish Cuda). Can't wait until SEMA in November to see photos of all those creations.

Roush Performance Press Release: LIVONIA, Mich. (October 11, 2006) – ROUSH Performance, a leader in Ford Mustang upgrades, will showcase a very unique Mustang in their booth during the 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Dubbed "Reactor," this 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback took more than 2000 hours to build.

The gorgeous deep metallic green vehicle is owned by Doug Hoppe of Sioux Center, Iowa who commissioned the Ringbrothers to rebuild the car with one simple objective – to contend for the 2007 Good Guys Street Machine of the Year award.

"The Reactor is a car build that we are really proud of, and I know that Doug (Hoppe) is thrilled with how it turned out," said Mike Ring, Ringbrothers co-owner. "We did all we could with the car, and are very excited to debut it to the world in the ROUSH Performance booth at the SEMA Show."

Among the myriad of modifications to the "Reactor," some of the most subtle are those that make the biggest difference in the overall appearance. This would include changes such as splitting the rear window glass, removing the drip rails and door handles, and adding several hand-made carbon fiber parts such as the deck lid, hood, front fascia, front and rear bumpers and tail light panel. The interior of the vehicle was designed in a sleek, European style.

On opening the hood, the first thing noticeable is the ROUSH 427 IR crate engine, a work of art itself. Generating 552 horsepower and 535 lb.-ft. torque, this engine has forged pistons, rods and cranks in a race-ready block. As with all the ROUSH Performance crate engines, this was hot tested with multiple pulls on a dyno to document the horsepower and comes with a 2-year/24,000 mile warranty, the best in the industry.

"The ‘Reactor’ represents the type of vehicle that we are seeing more and more of our crate engines being used in," said Todd Andrews, ROUSH Performance’s performance engines sales and marketing manager. "More of the very high-end specialty builders recognize the craftsmanship to our engines and they are quickly becoming the first choice among this group. We are thrilled to be part of this Mustang and honored to have it displayed in our SEMA booth."

Following the SEMA Show, the "Reactor" will go on tour visiting several Good Guys events across the country, and other indoor shows such as the 2007 Detroit Autorama. *For those who are interested in the details about all that went into building this Mustang can read about it in Scott Killeen’s "Build Book," due in February. This book features approximately 300 pages detailing each step of build process from concept through completion, all in full color.

The "Reactor," along with a variety of ROUSH Performance vehicles, high-performance parts and crate engines, will be on display throughout the SEMA Show in the ROUSH Performance booth which is located at 24701.

The Ringbrothers, comprised of Mike and Jim Ring, specialize in turning old Mustangs into works of art. Often armed with nothing but a vision and a few tools, the Spring Green, Wis., company uses their skill, imagination and experience to turn a classic car into a one-of-a-kind Mustang. For more information, visit online at or telephone (608) 588-7399.

Based in Livonia, Mich., "The Art of Performance Engineering" takes place at Roush Performance. In addition to the Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Ford Mustang and F-150 styling, handling and performance upgrades, a complete line of performance parts and crate engines are offered. For more information see your local ROUSH dealer, visit or telephone toll-free (800) 59-ROUSH.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yaffe verus Perewitz on Discovery's Biker Build Off

Lets all take a minute to look at two pieces of art in the form of custom choppers. On earlier tonight's Discovery Channel's Biker Biuld Off, two big named bike builds went head to head in a 10 day build off that ended with a long ride to sturgis bike show and a winner.

Dave Perewitz from Bridgewater, Mass.
(Thats 24 coats of paint right there)

A Paul Yaffe Original from Phoenix, Arizona

And the winner is..Dave Perewitz...What's your vote?
My vote goes to the King of Flames Dave Perewitz with his chopper, I have always loved his choppers hands-down.

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Monday, October 9, 2006

Shifting Gears: F1 in Japan, Nextel Cup in Talladega and NHRA in Virginia

You talk about the championship fight, two of there three series has one on there hands in one way or anyother. This past weekend had just about everything including a blown engine, wrecking a teammate to win and lots of rain.

First up was early this morning's Formula 1 race in Suzuka Japan for the Japanese Grand Prix, going in, the championship was tied between Alonso and Schumacher, but after this race, the championship would once again take a huge right turn when with 17 laps to go, Michael Schumacher's Ferrari engine let go in a huge cloud of smoke, giving a already closing Alonso the lead and the victory.

Now with the final race in two weeks in Brazil, the championship fight is on Alonso's side with a 10 point lead over Schumacher. One way to look at it for Schumacher fans going in to the season finale is that Michael Schumacher must win the race and Alonso scores no points resulting in a tie with the tie breaker being the number of victories giving Schumacher the championship. Like I said, thats one way to go, its all in Alonso's hands, he scores points, he could drive off with his second straight championship, anything can happen.

Simply put, NHRA drivers, teams, fans and more are going to have to wait another week for these championships to resume with another race postponed by rain until next weekend.

(Credit: Photo from Stock Photo)

Finally, the huge bang with the Chase to the Nextel Cup Championship, enter Talladega and the fear of "The Big One". With that said...two big one's happened from this fans stand point and this race was not for the weak at heart, the championship took a big hit with some of the contenders ending up having problems either on pitroad or having gotten into the big one that happen going into turn 1 and 2 on lap 137 with 10 cars involved.

Going beyond that I take you to the final lap going down the backstraight into turn 3 with Dale Jr leading and teammates Jimmie Johnson and Brian Vickers in 2nd and 3rd getting a run with the almost pass for the lead happening and then a outragis movewhen Vickers hooked Johnson that sent him into Dale Jr. sending them spinning and giving Brian Vickers his first career victory in a unpleasing fashion (to say the least) to everyone.

The headline is "Brian Vickers wrecks teammate to win at Talladega", this was not the way that anyone should get there first career victory and I am thinking black flag instead. Finally...I am reminded that this is restrictor plate racing and I agree they should bulldose the banking and reconfig the track with less banking and lets go racing. Bottom line, its a "Demotion Derby" plain and simple.

The championship...No Results or Standings as of Sunday late night, Jeff burton still leads the points, but who knows how much. Wait until afternoon on Monday. (

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Which championship fight is more exciting - Formula 1, NHRA or NASCAR

With all of the close championships in Motorsports that are going on rightnow, it was only fitting that last Sunday night's WindTunnel on SPEED would get in on the subject too with there question of the week. But after hereing a comment in the late stages of the show, I decided to add a little bit more to it, so the question is:

Which championship fight is more exciting - Alonso vs Schumacher in Formula 1, Force vs Capps in NHRA's Funny Car or The Chase for the Nextel Cup Championship in NASCAR.

The idea of picking on over anyother is not the easiest thing for a Motorsports fan to do, but what is really going on in each series...

In Formula 1, on Sunday before WindTunnel, in an article I touched on this championship battle and the Chinese Grand Prix that resulted in a tie in the championship between Alonso and Schumacher. Basically, this fight will come down to the line with just two races to go. Read more...

Mean time in the NHRA, each of the four top series has a big battle going on among the top runners, but the most talked about and watched for that matter has been in Funny Cars with John Force, Ron Capps and Robert Hight battling it out with Force leading Capps by just 1 point and Force's teammate Hight who has been on a teir as of late winning two of the last three event closing the gap up to just 35 points back. Last years championship came down to the final race with Gary Scelzi winning over John Force. This year, the three way fight will likely yet again go down to the final event in Pomona.

No predictions here on this fight, but I have been trying to watch these events a much as possible for not only the simple reason of I am getting to like it, drag racing, but I have been a fan of John Force and John Force racing since before I meet him at Racearama in 1996, when I got his autography, he was so full of life them, and he still is today. He can get the the job down, no doubt and these John Force Racing teams are the best in Funny Car.

Finally, the Chase for the Nextel Cup Championship in NASCAR with a 10-race 10 driver championship battle that if you have been keeping tabs on, no one is yet out of this. Really it is to early to predict a winner, but that has never stopped me with my early top driver finishing order prediction that I created just after the first chase race at New Hampshire. I predicted Kasey Kahne would win the championship because of his results on the final 9 races to go and those tracks over Kevin Harvick, but rightnow, its his teammate Jeff Burton not only returning to his winning ways when he won at Dover, but has taking an early points lead of 69 points over the very impressive rookie Denny Hamlin and 1 more point back over Mark Martin. The top three are only seperated by 70 points with just 7 races to go and unpredictable Talladega Superspeedway is up next were "The Big One" might appear.

My final 10 driver finishing order predictions..Read Here

In the past and now I have no love lost for Talladgea racing, but I try to keep an open mind, its only 2 races a year. With three races to go, the chase picture might look a lot clearer to some, but who knows. I hope in away I am wrong with my prediction of the top finishing order, because I am a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan and he is down, but not out by any means. The #8 Budweiser Chevy is a championship caliber team,...its all about the results, like its don't have to win a race in the final 10 races to win the championship.

With all that said...he's my answer, it's The Chase For the Nextel Cup Championship in NASCAR and if that was a surprise to you, then you are not a repeat reader of, I have a big NASCAR fan since the early 90's..and I'm still here. However I will say that the NHRA Funny Car Championship has gotten interesting too,, but since I go to NASCAR events at New Hampshire,its still number 1. Check out all three of these championships, its all there.

A couple of things that caught my eye from the Nextel cup race last weekend in Kansas, Congrads to Tony Stewart on winning the race in a no fuel move to win, but speecking of fuel, the quote of the week had to come in the closing laps when a NBC pit reporter said.."The fuel is in the tank in the trunk of the car" said after Jeff Gordon's fuel pump gave out and he was behind the wall, I'm out..

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

F1: Alonso and Schumacher tied in championship after Shanghai

With now just 2 races to go in the 2006 Formula 1 World Championship after this mornings Chinese Grand Prix made what was once a run away championship for Alonso with a lead of 20 points over second place, now, the tables have turned once more and with some bad luck on the side of Alonso, it not only let Schumacher back in to the championship, but finds the duo tied in the championship after a wet and "not boring" Shanghai Grand Prix.

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The Chinese Grand Prix from the stand point of F1 race, was not bad, the wet race track made for some good racing. This race was shaping up to be yet another run away victory for Alonso, but after the first pitstop, Alonso dropped his 15+ second lead down to nothing. The debut during the race was who would pit for dry tires. After that the Renault teammates tried to play caught up to Schumacher and it ended up being career victory #91 for Michael Schumacher with Alonso closing about 2 seconds a lap, but ran out of time and having to settle for second place. A Renault 2-3 finish.

Anyway formula one fans look at this championship, this world championship will go down to the line between these two. Some buzz is that Formula 1 wants Schumacher to win this championship as Schumacher will retire at seasons end, who knows, its a rumor and nothing more, but for the both of them, its a sprint to the finish, everyone should just let these two drivers fight it out to the end. Let the best driver win.

Keep one thing in mind going into next weekend race, last years Japanese Grand Prix was one of the best races in recent years, the my headline says it all "From Last to First, Raikkonen wins an incredible Japanese Grand Prix ".

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