Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Youtube: Paul Ireson Debuts Custom Mini Truck

A reader of Racedriven just sent this along to me: A Youtube video that was just released this afternoon of the design and development of a powerful, custom-built mini truck with a power-to-weight ratio comparable to a Formula One car built by Paul Ireson that team up with Shell V-Power.

Photo Gallery of this unique mini-truck

This unique mini truck:
- Interior resembling a cockpit
- Two Honda V-Tec B-16A2 Motors, re-sleeved to 2.0 liter (instead of 1.6), decked and balanced
- T3/T4 master power turbo on custom-made turbo header - Direct injection wet nitrous system

This was my first Youtube video added to my blog, interesting results...
with a unique vehicle.
Thanks reader,
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Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Take: How to update the NASCAR Points System

One of the biggest questions in NASCAR is how to update the current points system used in all three of NASCAR's top racing series including the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series. The idea of completely rebuilding the points system is not needed at all. This 35 year+ old system is just fine with a couple of needed tweeks to still give drivers the chance of winning the championship even if they have a couple of bad races. The current system rewards drivers on consistance, not victories, the points system needs to do both.

One other problem, at any given NASCAR race is after a wreck happens, those drivers involves enter back in the race to pick up a couple of positions for the points in turn making a giant mess for the leaders to get through and sometimes resulting in more wrecks, case in point, Talladega.

So after taking in to account all of these factors and a couple more and using the current 2006 points system as a model, this is what I have come up with.

Here we go.....

This points system would still be used through the entire 36-race schedule including the Chase for the Nextel Cup Championship.

The winner of each NASCAR race receives 170 points. The runner-up in each event scores 150. From there, the point total declines in five-point increments for places three through five, points awarded drop four points per driver for positions six through 10 and three-point increments separate drivers' points for finishers in 11th through 32nd.

The 33rd to 43rd or last-place driver, gets 42 points each.
(Hopefully this keeps wrecked cars off the track and if a driver has a bad race, they don't loss as much.)

Bonus Points:
5 - leading a lap
5 - leading the most laps
20 - winning a race
20 - winning the 26-race points standings going into the 10-race chase.
(Instead of a 5 point lead over 2nd place in the chase, it would be 20 point lead.)

The winner of a race would receive 20 bonus points. If the winner lead the most laps than 5 more bonus points for a total of 25 points.

As for reseting the points for the 10-race chase, that would basically stay the same with one change. The points leader after the final 26-race (Richmond Race in 2006) would receive 20 more points over second place, which is the same for winning a NASCAR race.


Friday, September 22, 2006

What will the year-end finishing order be for the ten drivers in NASCAR's Chase for the Nextel Cup.

Originally Posted on Tues. Sept. 19, 2006 at 12:33PM
Revised, after a couple of comments on my Foxsports Blog "Racedriven Overdrive", I wanted to restate something on this list. I pick Kasey Kahne as my "dark horse" to win the championship. He will have to go through Kevin Harvick who is on a tear and is the points leader as of now (Friday Afternoon).

1. 9 Kasey Kahne "dark horse" to win
2. 29 Kevin Harvick "current points leader"
3, 24 Jeff Gordon
4. 11 Denny Hamlin
5. 17 Matt Kenseth
6. 8 Dale Earnhardt Jr. "My favorite driver"
7. 6 Mark Martin
8. 31 Jeff Burton
9. 48 Jimmie Johnson
10. 5 Kyle Busch

Why? Starting at the top, When it comes to the final 9 racetracks, Kasey Kahne has the upper hand, he runs good/has won on Atlanta, Charoltte, Texas, Kansas, Dover and I will even through in Talladega, he just have to finish good in the remainder of the tracks. Kevin Harvick has been on a tear as of late, the question is will it continue. Jeff Gordon has millions in front of him, so he will take off. Denny Hamlin is a wild card, with some good finishes and very impressive, he's the rookie, no one knows just what this kid can do. Matt Kenseth shows top 10 results. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a good team to do it, but still is having a little trouble finishing, but sometimes he doesn't, not to mention a huge fan base including me behind him. Mark Martin and Jeff Burton are in this, but are having trouble finishing. Jimmie Johnson has lost his wind in his sail and Kyle Busch, well, who knows, its a 146 points back.

Remember two things:
1. Don't count out anyone in this chase.
2. I am a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan and I want him to win the championship, the list above including picking Kasey Kahne to win, is based on the final 9-races left in the chase for the championship.

This was a difficult list to make with just 9-races to go, what does everyone think?

Credit: Photo was taking by Mike of

Kevin Harvick in the #29 second in line congrads on winning the 300 at NHIS. All around great race. By the way, this photo was taking from a seat in turn 1-2 at Sunday's NHIS Nextel Cup Series race. Hopefully some time next year, I will be able to do the same.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gas Prices Drop in some areas below $2.51

This past weekend, my father and I took in the NASCAR experience at New Hampshire International Speedway. On the way up we stopped for gasoline at a local gas station and the price was $2.51 per gallon at a Hess Station, across the street, it was five cents more.

On the way back, we stopped in Chelmsford for a quick dinner at McDonalds and next store, this is what I say....$2.45 per gallon, I couldn't believe town is above $2.60 per gallon and in any direction it is 10-15 cents cheaper. What is this?

Late September and we are between $2.45 to $2.65 per gallon, what a good change, even diesel prices are below $2.90 per gallon...enjoy it now.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Taking in the NASCAR Experience Saturday at NHIS

Well here we are, the beginning of the chase for the championship and to me that means my second and final trip of the year to New Hampshire International Speedway for Saturday's Nextel Cup Series Practice, the second to last Busch East Series race of the year and the Craftsmen Truck Series 200 lapper. Here we go...

This time around, we decided to change a couple of things from going up in July, we decided to leave a little earler to beat traffic and find a different place to park. Leaving alittle earlier was better with a shorter commute time than normal as too the traffic on Rt. 106 was lighter than normal with the expextions of a couple of closs calls. One we got to the speedway, we decided to park in what is called the "H1 lot", whicgh is located further back from the speedway which is down at the exit and the corner gas station. I think it is the Shell Station. From there, it is a longer walk than parking behind the backstrenght, but I had an open mind going in. The walk took us from durt to a paved road straight through the campers section that came out right across from the skool booth. Long, but not bad.

By the time we went through the trailers and speecking of the trailers, the Ford Racing Trailer had an interesting diecast, a Stage III Roush Mustang 1/18 in Black or Red for $60. I had to think abou that one. Beside that, I wanted to see what was in the other trailers. After that...

We sat down in the stands and watched the last 10+ minutes of the Final practice for the Nextel Cup Series.

Noon Time....

The first of two races were about to start, the Busch East series and from the drop of the green flag, this race was a nightmare, with nothing but caution after caution with little green flag racing in between. This arce would be shortened because of time restrictions of the TV coverage for the NASCAR Craftsmen Truck Series race set to start at 2pm. Althoughtout this race, I was listen to a scanner, which was on the #44 Sean Caisse with crew chief and car owner Andy Santerre plus the spotter high atop the roof behind me. The traffic during race was almost always on between the spotter and driver Sean Caisse. Unfortunity, Sean Caisse's Power Steering was giving him problems from the green locking up on him and at one point lockup and sent him spinning. That sent him to the back and with more trouble to come. For Caisse, his heated battle with Matt Kobyluck once again came back out with both of them going into turn 3 early on and making contact with Kobyluck pinching him down, making contact with Caisse's car sending Kobyluck into the wall. Caisse said he backed off, but it was to late. This was not over...later in the race, Kobyluck would find Caisse once again for the simply payback. Kobyluck returned the hit with once off of turn 2 and then again going into turn 3 sending Caisse into the wall and Kobyluck to the trailer, parked by NASCAR. From there, the radio traffic was very intense, alot of it I can't repeat. Caisse would battle back to finish 14th, that run it with Kobyluck and the power steering may have just cost the #44 Caisse the championship. Caisse was the class of the field and might have won or came close too it.

In the end at 1:35pm, it was called 15 to go, it was "Kelly Moore surviving a caution filled race to win at NHIS". Race distance was 102 laps of the originally scheduled 125 lapper.

On to the Craftsmen Truck series 200 lapper...I enjoyed this race, it had cautions every now and then, but nothing like the Busch East race, During thuis race, I listened to Johnny Benson's radio and the Radio broadcast, plus acouple of minutes of the TV broadcast. Johnny doesn't say much on the radio, you will here the spotter from time to time, and may be the crew crief, but what restrant. Mark Martin would be the odd man out with ahving to nurse a beat up truck to finish 10th after bring the jack around the racetrack under the truck. THis race belonged to Johnny Benson, he was unstopable, after making pit stops, Johnny found himself back a litte ways in the field and after battling Bodine for several laps, with around 50 to go, made a clean pass asn setting his sights on leader Kyle Busch. Benson ran him down and made the pass. All I can say is "Johnny Benson cruises to his four victory of the season, what a race." He is still in it for the Truck Series Championship.

Finally, on the way out, I purchased the Stage III Roush Mustang 1/18 scale Black edition, I like it. Anyway, we walked back through the campers to the durt path back to our car. Once there, it took us less than five minutes from pulling out of the space to getting onto Rt. 106. Much better than in July with a three hour wait. I will parking in that area again next June/July. Maybe I will finally take in my first Nextl Cup Series race. July or September I am in, either way, I will be going up in both June/July and September as I always do every year.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Big Brother 7: All-Star Winner & Preview of Survivor: Cook Island

Well here we are again as another Big Brother reality season comes to an end, Final Thoughts on Big Brother 7: All-Star show...

First, I would have never thought of these two finalists, Erica and Mike, I would have thought from the jury, Janelle and maybe Danelle or Dr. Will. Nevertheless Erica and Mike basically played the same game, dirty, but in all of the past seasons, didn't the winner have basically the same type of game.

Second on earlier tonights finale, I enjoyed watching the Q&A between the jury members and the finalists. It would have really interesting if they all were in the same room in the house, but that could have turned something more. Its always interesting watching the finalists try to come up with answers on why they should win or answers for each of there actions.

There was also another section of the broadcast that made the finale come out, Big Brother brought in the first evicted houseguests that were not on the jury and after each of the jury members casted there vote, those houseguests that went home and watched the entire season including the diary room stuff, got a chance to say just what really happened and even show video as well. Interesting thoughts, this time the jury members were on the hotseat including Dr. Will & Boogies action, plus James' chip on his shoulder for Janelle and BB6 aliance.

Finally, Seeing a 5-2 vote for Mike (Boogie), the winner of Big Brother 7: All-Star, well chilltowns actions were rewarded. Who would have I voted for, it would have been a toss up, I really didn't care for how boogie played the game, some of his actions were so far out there, it made Alison and Danelles game from BB4, a walk in the park. Two floaters in the end made it to the finals and bet out BB6 members and others, what can you say.

I will be watching Big Brother 8 with a hole new cast next season.

Update: After thinking about the vote over night, this BB fan would have casted a vote for Erica. Simply put, I don't like the way Mike Boggie played the game including the actions against most of the jury members. How about for Big Brother 8, CBS should have 9 jury members, 8 from inside the house and 1 would be "America's Choice".

Moving on....Survivor: Cook Island Preview.
This will be short, thursday nights launch of Survivor brings with it an interesting and far out there twist, the tribes will be divided by race. Well, they have done just about everything else, but this will be one everyone will be watching. I do wonder what make/model of the cars won on the show will be, GM pulled out before taping, so for the first time, there will not be GM cars given away. Well thats a wrap...who will outplay and outwit...

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Shifting Gears: Auto Manufacturers Warranties & Commerical Breakdown of Chevy 400

Shifting Gears for a monent, if you are a Motorsports and Car Enthusiant like I am, than both of these articles will caught your eye in one way or another.

On CarsCarsCars blog, they have compiled a list of the Current Warranties From Auto Manufacturers for the 2007 models after some recent talk among the big 3 that they might increase there warrenties.

My Take: Interesting numbers, the big 3 are basically the same with 3 yrs each, while Hyundai has the best warranty with basic at 5 yrs/60,000 mi and powertrain 10yrs/100,000 miles. One of the first things that I look in buying a new or pre-owned vehicle besides the price and make/model is a good regular or extended warranty, I will walk from a deal if theres no real warrenty. I have seen warrenties work great and others that don't, but now I will only buy a warrenty from the Auto Manufacturers themselves. Simply put, warrenty is the 3rd most important item in buying a vehicle, Most people I know keep there vehicle at least 5 yrs.

On, they have created a very detailed summary of the Commerical Breakdown of NASCARs Chevy Rock & Roll 400 at Richmond last Saturday Night.

Chevy Rock & Roll Race and Commercial Breakdown of 09-09-06
Total number of commercials: 119
Total number of companies or entities advertised: 78
Total number of brief promos of products/services during the race broadcast: 17
Total number of companies or entities advertised in brief promos during the broadcast: 13
Total amount of time these brief promos take during broadcast: app. 2 min., 5 seconds
Restarts missed due to being away at commercial: 2
Start time to record race/commercial periods: 7:36 P.M.End time to record race/commercial periods: 10:50 P.M.
Total minutes: 194
Minutes of race broadcast: 135 Minutes of commercials: 59

My Take: 30% of the TV Broadcast was commericals, 1 full hour of commericals, wow and that doesn't include during race promos and a company logo on the top ticker.

This brings up the topic more about what Marty Smith's Last Lap column on entitled, "Making sponsors, fans happy at the same time" Marty brings up the idea of -- a scrolling information ticker that remained atop the screen during commercial breaks.

On the other hand, My father suggested clear commericals -- see throught, fans can watch the race through the commericals,

Nevertheless, fans need something during commericals to keep us informed and tuned to that station of what is going on on track & during the race. Any suggestion? I like either idea, fans need something other than just commericals, theres alway changing the channel to another show or even the NFL. Get the picture, if ABC's side-by-side coverage type is out, then try something different, test it on fans and see what they think, you will hear its the chase thats on.

Fighting for the Championships: IRL IndyCar Series and Formula 1

Two close championships, one was crowned and the other has just three races remaining.

The first fight for the championship was last Sunday as the IRL IndyCar Series held there season finale at Chicagoland in Joliet, IL with four drivers in the fight for the championship. Helio Castroneves was in the lead by one point over Sam Hornish Jr., while the two Ganassi drivers Dan wheldon in third with 19 points and Scott Dixon was in fourth with 21 points.

This finale was run in fastforward to me with the race making history as the third fastest in the IRL history. By the end of this one, all four points contenders were running 1-4 with Dan wheldon doing everything he could including locking up the 3 bonus points for leading the most laps.

All Sam Hornish Jr had to do was simply put, finish either 2nd or 3rd if Dan wheldon was leading to win the championship and thats just how this one would go. Dan wheldon who battled his teammate all race long held off Scott Dixon to win his second race of the year (his first win at the season opener in Homestead) and Sam Hornish Jr. would finish in 3rd creating a tiebreaker for the championship with Sam Hornish Jr. crowned the 2006 IRL IndyCar Series Championship with two victories over Dan wheldon. Helio Castroneves battled back from a speeding penalty to finish fourth in the race and third in the championship.

Thats it until Homestead next March for the IRL IndyCar Series.

The other fight for the championship is in Formula 1 between Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher, this battle will too come down to the finale in Brazil. But with four rounds remaining in the Formula One championship, it was Monza's turn and despite some problems with track in the eye's of the Formula 1, the championship would get even tighter as Michael Schumacher did just he needed to do, Schumacher took the lead from polesitter Kimi Raikkonen just after the first pitstop and never looked back as Schumacher won in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. On the flip side, Fernando Alonso would suffer a DNF in the closing laps as his engine would let go. Schumacher would close the gap in the championship to within 2 points of leader Alonso.

However, the championship would take a backseat as weeks of rumors would be answered with Michael Schumacher announcing in the post-race conference that he would retire at seasons end.

7-Time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher confirms his retirement,

With Michael stepping down from Ferrari, Ferrari later confirms Raikkonen, Massa for ‘07 season.

The next race is in a couple weeks time in China on October the first. Three rounds left, who will be the 2006 Formula 1 World Championship.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Who's in and who's out in the Chase for the Nextel Cup Championship

Last night, the 400 at Richmond International Raceway was one for championship, the final race to determine which drivers will be in the Chase for the Championship and who was going to the lone driver out.

The focus for the broadcast crew was mostly on the points contenders, this race, every driver must finish in or better than a certain position to lock in the chase. Most of the points contenders had trouble in one way or another, Dale Earnhardt Jr. had raced his way up through the field before a brake problem put him on the bubble on whether or not he would make it in. Dale Jr's key position was 16th, other points contenders had similar brake problems during the race too, Matt Kenseth, Jeff Burton to name a few. Jeff Gordon found himself outside the top 30 and 1 lap down with cooked brakes, but found himself still in the hunt.

A good day was for Mark Martin who ran in the top 10 most of the night finishing 5th, but two contenders, Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick battled back and forth all night long for the top spot with Kevin Harvick passing Busch for the lead coming down for the white flag, Kevin Harvick would go on the sweep both the Busch Series and the nextel Cup races at Richmond.

At the end of the night, it would come down to Kasey Kahne in his Dodge vs. Tony stewart. The question was in someway answered by only 16 points differences with Kasey Kahne gaining enough positions to make the chase and the lone driver out was Tony Stewart. This will be the first time in so many years that Stewart will not finish in the top 10 in points. Saddly, Stewart will not defend his championship.

Going in the first chase race next weekend in Loudon, New Hampshire, it will be Matt Kenseth with the points lead followed by Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, the rookie Denny Hamlin, in 6th is Dale Earnhardt Jr., Mark Martin, Jeff Burton, Jeff Gordon and in 10th with 45 points back will be Kasey Kahne.

This time around, I really have no predictions on who is going to win the championship, all I can say is, it will be the driver with the most consistent finishes throught these 10 races going into Homestead. A couple of drivers to look at, Kevin Harvick, who is all but clinched the 2006 Busch Series championship and has been on a roll as of late, Mark Martin could be a wild card as he could be in his last full time Nextel Cup season, or one of the young guns, Denny Hamlin or Kyle Busch. Who really knows at this point. I will as always be pulling for my favorite driver Dale Jr. to win his first Cup championship.

What a lineup compared to last year, four-five drivers that made the chase in recent years, this year are no where to be found including the Greg Biffle and Carl Edwards among others.

One final note, this will also be the last time this style of car will be run in loudon, as the Car of Tomorrow will be making its mark its next June/July.

Well see Yeah next week at NHIS.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Big Brother 7: All-Star - The Final Two

Two giant shockers in the Big Brother house just went down. Two days ago (Tuesday) Janelle shocked just about everyone not only in the house, but most of the fans at home when she not only won the final POV, but at the POV meeting, she choose to stop making mistakes and voted to evict Dr. Will. Mike (Boogie) looked totally shocked and still was stocked earlier tonight. He basically lost his best friend and the leader of Chilltown to two women who found them out.

Going into tonight's live show and eviction that would create the final two, the HOH challenge was the biggest and whoever won it would not only cast the sole vote to evict, but who that person wanted to be next two them in the final two. The key to this was to pick someone who you might be able to win against.

That strategy would play out in round one of three in the HOH challenge when Mike said whoever wins will have to take him to the finals. At that moment, Janelle lost her focus and lost the challenge. Mike won round two and three with Mike becoming the final HOH.

This was really no shock to me as what happened next when Mike picked to evict...Janelle was evicted in turn putting Erica in the final two next to Mike (Boogie).

In the beginning, I would have never thought that Erica nor Mike would be in the final two, what a turn of events from the early days of BB6 members ruling the house to Chilltown turning the tables and evicting everyone insight that they were done with. Who knows what these 7 jury members will think once Janelle gets to the new Jury house and who will each of them vote for...

Who will win the $500,000 and who will just settle for $50,000 (not a bad prize)..
Final Two: Erica and Mike

I can't wait until next Tuesday night's live season finale and the chewing out each jury member might give these two for there lays , backstabing and etc. I have no predictions on this one.

Oh yeah, one more thing...CBS did announce a Big Brother 8 casting...

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

NHRA U.S. Nationals and the Countdown in 2007

Before the U.S. Nationals for the NHRA (which is there superbowl event), the NHRA made an announcement that they will be going to a countdown in 2007.

The Countdown is:
From In the season's first 17 races, competitors in Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle will score points toward qualifying for the "Countdown." Only top eight in each class will advance after those 17 races.
- Those eight will have their point totals reset, with 2,070 points for first, 2,060 for second and so on. After the next four races, the number will be cut to four and those four will have points reset to 3,030 points for first, 3,020 for second and so on.
- Those four will then compete over the season's final two races at Las Vegas and Pomona, Calif., for the championships

During the U.S. Nationals, the TV broadcast announcers in the booth and pit reporter kept asking the question, what do you think of the new countdown in 07. The reactions were mixed with some very interesting answers.

First: So, What do you think of the NHRAs new countdown to the championship in 2007?
My Take: No, I really don't care that much for it, it reminds me of NASCAR's Chase For the Championship, but with alot more that a driver can loss than win. If the NHRA wants to do this and it looks like they do, then go with an 8 race championship showdown only and get rid of the final two race showdown. I believe this system is going to put a driver out that should have won the championship, I like change, but not this. All of us NHRA fans will have to see this format in full force next year and it will be an interesting 8 race format.

Second: Before the Elimations, John Force won the $100,000 Skoal Showdown the night before.

The Earlier and Final Elimations were held on Monday, thats a little different even of me, that though me off, but the coverage was pretty good. For the earlier elimations, ESPN broadcasted the event with what looked to be a 35 minute delay or so. The track temp and time were 10:55am CT at 12:30pm et. The Final Elimations came on later that day.

U.S. Nationals Results:
In Top Fuel, Tony Schumacher got his fifth Mac Tools U.S. Nationals victory over Brandon Bernstein, for Funny Car: After both of his John Force Racing teammates went out during the first round, Robert Hight got his first U.S. National victory, In Pro Stock: Greg Anderson came up with his fifth Indy victory, and Matt Smith won in Pro Stock Motorcycle.

Finally, a new piece of news from the Don Schumacher Racing Camp,
from NHRA Website: Mega-team owner Don Schumacher confirmed that his Mopar-sponsored blue Pro Stock team and driver Richie Stevens Jr. will now operate under Allen Johnson's J&J Racing umbrella. His other driver, Erica Enders, says she has purchased DSR's red team outright and will retain crew chief and engine builder David Nickens.

That news is big because I am an Erica Enders fan and I will be looking for her on track winning soon.

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Sunday, September 3, 2006

The 2006 Grand American Season-Finale and Two new Champions

Yesterdays 9-hour Discount Tire Sunchaser at Miller Motorsports Park season finale for Rolex Sports Car Series had an exciting three-way battle in the final hour with No. 60 Flight Options/Net App Lexus Riley of Oswaldo Negri Jr. and co-driver Mark Patterson holding off the #19 Michael McDowell and #01 Scott Pruett to pick up there first career Rolex Series victory.

Jorg Bergmeister finished in the sixth position and cliniched his first daytona prototype champship.

In the GT-class, Andy Lally and Marc Bunting in the #65 TRG Pontiac GTO.R. grabed there fifth victory of season and clinched the 2006 GT class Championship.

It was good to see the Pontiac GTO.R finally get there GT class Championship after last years bad call costing them the 2005 championship.

I can't wait for the 2007 season-opener in February, the 24-hours of Daytona...See Yeah!

Friday, September 1, 2006

Big Brother 7: All-Star - five evictions in three weeks

Since my last (and only) post on day 44, it was season 6 still in control with Howie and Janelle leading the way and James playing allsides, but now, five more houseguests have been evicted from the house, chilltown is in control and the final four has been revealed..

Well let's not get ahead of myself...
Chilltown has been playing the entire house hands down with anything and everything that they can do to get each houseguest to see things there way. The first victim of chilltown was Marcellas sending him backing, along with Howie just 24 hours later, who left kidding and scramming mainly at Mike Boogie. Then it was James who was next being laid too and finally being evicted.

So that brings us up to pre-tonight with Erica as HOH, Janelle winning the Pov (again) with Danelle and Chicken George on the block.

Thursday Nights live eviction show results: Earlier tonight, the first of two live evictions were held with no surprise to this fan, first Danelle was evicted, then Big Brother made history by playing the entire weeks of challenges in one live show. First Janelle won HOH, four minutes later nominating Erica and yet again Chicken George.

Up next was the Power Of Veto Challenge with Erica winning the POV and then taking herself off the block. That left Janelle the HOH to nominate/replace Erica with Mike Boogie against Chicken George. At the second live evictions, it was George being evicted from the big brother house. Tuesday is the next eviction show before the challenges for the final three.

Note: Chicken George, I really didn't know what to think of him at the beginning, but now, I enjoyed watching him, he was the most dangerous player in the Allstar game, simply because no one could really figure him out nor his strategy.

Now we are all fully up to date with the final four...Mike Boogie and Dr. Will (Chilltown), Janelle and Erica.

More of My Take: From day 44 to now (Day 60), some of things that us fans have seen on the shows have been out there to say the leased, first, what is up with Chilltown, there is no reason to lay to everyone in the house, they have played just about everyone. They even go so far as to lay to who they are evicting, they say that you are safe, but then your blindsided and evicted before your very eyes. Do they really think that a jury is going to award one of them a $500,000 dollars, please, they didn't award Allison in season 4 nor Danelle in season 3 the money, why do they think they are any different. I don't watch season 2 when Dr. Will won the money, so I don't know how he won...

Second, the final four, I really didn't expect anyone of these houseguests but Janelle to be here as we stand rightnow with how the season 6 members had been dominating the game with having a hand in the first four evictions, but, thats that...

Finally, predictions, I predict Janelle will win Big Brother 7: All-Star over one of the chilltown duos, because out of these four, lets go all the way, most of the house, she is the strongest player with the exception for her nominations at two key points in the game.

What does everyone think and who do you think will win?