Tuesday, April 25, 2006

NASCAR's night life in Phoenix with Harvick Double

Phoenix Cup Race: Racing under the lights in Phoenix makes for great racing, what a change from a couple of years again when the Nextel Cup Series raced during the day, the racing was interesting, but night racing is just better and it sure brings out the action. Phoenix under the lights makes the racing like a Martinsville short track.

The 500 itself was short track racing at its finest and I have never descripted Phoenix as a short track before, let along full of action. I passing was better and more drivers took risk going below the white line and some made it and other spun out. I didn't quite know what happened with Tony stewart and sending him to the back, but never the less, Smoke in all of strengh craved his way to front in no time and took the lead with eass, but not even the dominate Greg Biffle could over come the long green flag runs and the needed fuel economy. In the final laps, it was a huge domino effect with almost every driver dropping like flys into the pits for that splash of gas, but a few rolled the dice and for Harvick, he and his RCR team came up victories in a fuel economy victory to cap of his double dip after Harvick picked up his second victory in a row in the Busch Series or as some now call it the "Cup Lites".

Next up for the Busch Series and Nextel Cup Series is Talladega or my headline from last years spring race "Demotion Derby at Talladega.... for NASCAR" and it was not any better in the fall race either. One interesting change to this years Cup race at Talladega is the softer bumpers will be in place for the Cup cars, I don't know what effect that will make, bump drafting, no bumper and a hole in the radiator, think about it, its a wait and see.

Update: (from NASCAR.com Article) No penaltiy for Busch, Officials said the five-lap penalty Busch was given when he returned to the track after missing about 45 laps for repairs and reprimand later in the NASCAR hauler would suffice. What's Next?

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

A manufacturer pulling out of NASCAR? creating a lot of buzz thoughtout..

This article "Thinking The Unthinkable." about one of the big 3 manufacturers pulling out of NASCAR has created a huge buzz and has many interested, rightnow its just a rumor to most. The first two paragraphys of the article is below:

The Autoextremist.com report: It has come to our attention that serious discussions are taking place for the first time in the conference rooms of one domestic manufacturer in particular on a subject heretofore unthinkable in Detroit. The subject? Pulling out of NASCAR. Yes, it has been mentioned before, and I have predicted it for months now - ever since the announcement was made that Toyota would be buying its way into the France family circus - but we have confirmation that not only are the discussions taking place, they're so far down the road that a timetable for a pullout has been created, taking into account the end dates of existing contracts with individual racing teams currently aligned with this particular manufacturer.

The fact that it has finally come to this is no real surprise. Several years ago, we pieced together evidence that each of the Detroit-based car companies were spending in the neighborhood of $140 million each, annually, on their NASCAR endeavors. That figure accounts for engineering and wind-tunnel work, direct payments to the teams, personal services contracts with the drivers, promotional programs, race sponsorships, advertising, etc., etc. In the Big Picture of things, when multinational companies are spending double that amount for the "privilege" of competing in Formula 1, that would seem like no big deal, but taking into account the factors that matter most to the Detroit car companies right now, that dollar figure is a very big deal. (More...)

My comments: The title says it all, it is unthinkable.. Its simply a rumor and I don't believe it. The article said it was the Car of Tomorrow, a manufacturer pulling out over the COT, I don't think so... things don't add up, Chevrolet and Ford are both multi-champions and Dodge is still growing with there Charger and winning.

BTW: I don't like the Car Of Tomorrow.

Round One Complete, what does everyone think?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spotlight: Jeep Brand including the New York Auto Show

Spotlight on the Jeep Brand at the New York Auto Show and there 2007 lineup.

(Credit: Autoblog.com)

For Jeep at the New York Auto Show, they showcased two new concepts that will make it into production later this summer and fall, the first concept was the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited that has not only been redesigned for 2007, but now sports a four-door model that is pictured above. The Wrangler has will also sport a 3.8L V-6 engine instead of the popular inline-6 engine. A four-door Jeep Wrangler is a little far out for me, imagine what Jeep enthuisants have to say about it, let along the changing engine. Maybe Jeep has added horsepower and better fuel economy with this 3.8L V-6, but keep in mind that the current Jeep Liberty also sports the 3.7L V-6 engine and its got some power with 18 MPG.

The other concept showcased was the Jeep Patriot that is also another four-door that looks like a modern Jeep Cherokee from before the Liberty came out.

Earlier this year, Jeep showcased another smaller four-door Compass that will have a 4 cyl engine, add this to there current models the Liberty, Grand Cherokee and the Commander.

My wish list for Jeep is the a two-door Compass and the Jeep Jeepster Concept, plus creating a diesel engine for the United States vehicles, Jeep will add a diesel engine for there Wrangler and another concept only avalible outside the United States.

The Jeep Jeepster pictured above is an off-road sports car that sports a 4.7L V-8 and is a two-door convertible with on-demand four wheel drive.

I would like to see this built with the wrangler components including either a V-6 or a diesel engine and it would sport four seater. What can I say, I like the Jeep Wrangler, but not the fuel economy, I don't drive off-road, but I do like the four-wheel-drive for the New England winters.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

New York Auto Show -- Part One

For the past couple of days or so, I have been reading up on the latest autoshow debuts on Autoblog, Leftlane News and other blogs, plus rsportscars.com and automotive websites, the New York Auto Show is a big autoshow for most automakers with NY being a huge market. I just wanted to comment on some these..

The biggest debuts of the New York Auto Show were:

(Credit: rsportscars.com - Borrowed photo)

The Scion Fuse Sports Car Concept: At least its interesting, from anyway you look at this concept, it has a new style to it, it shows Scion all over it and hopefully if Scion/Toyota does build it, it will come with lots more room then the tC, I can fit comfortablily into the xA and the xB. Now, what about All wheel drive and some more power or a hybrid concept from Scion.

The three Ford Mustangs: including a California Special, a Hertz edition and a Saleen Mustang Parnelli Jones Limited Edition.

You got to see these high-res photos of the 1966 Shelby 350H over at Autoblog, I love a great Shelby GT350, I put the 1st photo on my desktop that has both the 1966 and the 2007 together.

Along with a Unique Honda Element SC, a Chrysler 300 LWB and a Mitsubishi Evo X that has a killer looks.

To me, there were also two other things, Honda announcing that it is bringing to market a compressed natural gas (CNG) motivated Civic GX to New York buyers this fall and the a large sight outside the autoshow with 85 Fuel-flex vehicles including ten Suburbans and 75 Chevy Tahoes triple-parked in Manhattan (Credit: Autoblog.com)

Finally, so what about Jeep, the Jeeps Patriot and four-door Wrangler, I will cover them in New York Auto Show part two at Spotlight -- Jeep Brand including the New York Auto Show

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Sunday, April 9, 2006

A Texas-sized victory for Kasey Kahne

I'm back, boy I hate getting the flu...

Its Texas and the Texas 500 - the race itself was filled with its cautions and rim riding as years past, one of the bigger accidents happened on lap 82 when Greg Biffle came up in front of Kurt Busch and then Busch hit the #16 and putting him out. I don't know on this one, but for the second week in a row, Busch has wrecked yet another former teammate.

By the end of the 500, just the same as Atlanta's cup race a couple weeks ago, the same person came away with the victory, Kasey Kahne in that red and white number 9 beat out the man Tony Stewart.

A little humor: I thinking of this during the race and I just had to add a little humor to this weeks entertainment, I wonder what Roush has to say, maybe something like this "Damn, that kid wrecked another one of my cars and he doesn't even drive for me anymore."

Well, next week is off for the cup guys and then its on to Phoenix's one mile.