Sunday, February 26, 2006

Roush Racing 1-2-3 in California for Truck, Busch, & Cup

First thing is first, last week was Daytona, thats last week, this week is the official begining of the 2006 season with all three series in action at California Speedway.

What a headline and no surprise here, Roush Racing 1-2-3 in California…with Mark Martin narrowly taking the victory over Todd Bodine and his second victory in a row in, in what I would describe as a great truck race for the most part. And in the Busch race, Greg Biffle took the second victory for Roush Racing.

Now on to 500 miles at California, which in itself is a hard thing to do in a Cup car and when you put over a 100 miles on an engine in practice along, that engine might not hold on for 500 more miles and that just what Greg Biffle and Tony Stewart among others found out in the last 50 to 100 miles with Biffle dominating most of the race and leading the most laps with at some times having a 10 second gap over his teammates who all ran in the top 10 most of the race, but late on Biffle found himself lossing his engine and setting up a big finish for his teammate Matt Kenseth who had to holdoff a hard-charging Jimmie Johnson to take the victory and making California Speedway Roush’s House.

To me, it was an interesting race which I enjoyed, who knows if it was a sellout crowd or not, but for the fans who were there, I bet they enjoyed it and it also goes to prove that its not over until the checkered flag has falling. Boy, what a finish, 5 wide at the end for 10th position on back with some cars having new tires and others on old tires.

Closing: With that said..round 2 in the books for the Cup series, a couple of things to note, for the second week in a row, the self-serving 48 team showed that they could run up front even without there crew chief. Casey Mears keeps adding to his stats with a 7th place finish and Roush Racing has picked up where they left off last season with all 5 of his teams running up front. But with the Cup series off next week before going to to Las Vegas, the attention shifts over to the Busch Series (and for me anyway) the Rolex Series will be in action south of the border in Mexico for the first roadcourse race of the season, I am still looking for the entry list on this event and this should be a great race.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Speedweeks at Daytona Part II The Daytona 500 and Aftermath

I have been waiting a couple of days or so for the Daytona 500 aftermath, you know the penities, the talk and for me, a chance to think about what just happened and he it is:

What happened? Basicly it was the Daytona 500 with its hype and some of its glory, sure it was not the 1979 Daytona 500, but it was interesting and interesting to watch, for the most part, I liked it for restrictor plate racing anyway, I hate restrictor racing, but it was a good race beyond that. Not everyone enjoyed it and that doesn’t surprise me, also what was up with Tony Stewart? Interesting…

The ups: A competive race with lots of passing all over (Not for the lead), Kirt Shelmerdine in his own #27 ride, not only made the race, but after a group of Dale Earnhardt Sr. fans in the infield gave some money to Kirk for the tire bill, Kirk came back to finish in 20th position on the lead lap, great job, $272,008 dollar payday and some strong runs by Casey Mears and the highest rookie Clint Bowyer both finished in the top 10 with Mears in 2nd. My favorite driver, Dale Jr. finished 8th and after leading the most laps 6th in points.

The downs: the #48 team won the 500 in the same car that they altered and that NASCAR didn’t impound, lame penalities for junk driving and missed calls all together. Not much passing for the lead neither.

One big thing, I congrads Jimmie Johnson for winning the Daytona 500…with that said..

The Aftermath: I liked and totally agree with Marty Smith (”Message: Delivery Failed” that says it all, Knaus got a total of four race suspendition from NASCAR and $25,000 fine, but no point lost…what?? Even Barrier received got 4 races off, a fine and 25 points off,

Knaus, you got a gift, thats nothing for a penalty, for the advantage and the #48 team keeping there primary car too, delivery failed…

One Question: Windtunnel’s Question of Week was Should Knaus be suspended for Life? If not, what should his penilty be? My answer, not life, but more than 4 races, maybe a 18 races to a year or at least consitent with Barrier’s penalties plus more for not first time offense and that includes points off…

Closing Thoughts on the 2006 Daytona 500: Good American race with lots to talk about, great runs, but NASCAR not impounding the #48 car and then seeing the #48 team win in that primary car, that just wrong, all I can say, I can’t wait for California. Keep in mind of one thing, I am a huge NASCAR Nextel Cup Series fan and never miss a race and that above is my thoughts…think about that tonight.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Speedweeks at Daytona Part I

As I sit in my room in front of the television watching the Busch Series 300 race with just a little more than 40 laps to go as the caution comes out for debris in turn 2, I begin to think back to last friday when Speedweeks started, for me being at home, I rely on Speed and the other networks and the internet to get my news, updates and just in general watch practice. This year, wow, how much practice does cup cars need to get ready for the Great American race The Daytona 500 tomorrow. I have never watched so much practice in one week ever, but it was interesting, each session is live and some what interesting, but there is a point to practice.

Finally, the first race last Sunday after the Cup guys single car qualifing session, the Bud weiser Shootout, what an action packed bumping and banging race that was, I always like to see a new driver get there first win and the shootout was just that, with less than 10 laps to go, I found myselve yelling kid stay to the bottom and hug the yellow to Denny Hamlin and he did, taking his first career victory in the budweiser shootout with my favorite driver Dale Earnhardt Jr in 2nd and last years 2005 Nextel Cup Champion Tony Stewart in 3rd. After the race both drivers had something to say, (bump drafting) “a nessary evil” by Jr and “Someone is going to get killed” don’t remember the exact phase by Stewart. Bump drafting, I will have to wait and see in the 500 tomorrow, before I have anything big to say on it.

Back to practice and finally the “drama” of making the Daytona 500 on Thursday in the Duels at Daytona, Sadler and Jeff Gordon won there Duel races with both races having a more comer race in terms to bump drafting, NASCAR had already said there piece earlier in the week and did I forget, Chad knous ejected from Speedweeks, crew chief for Jimmie Johnson in trouble again with NASCAR, see him in four or five races from now. Unfortunately Kenny Wallace didn’t make the Daytona 500, hopefully he will be at California and in that race. Other than that, the “drama was not as big as in previous years with the top 35 locked in includingsome slow cars and sending home faster cars, I don’t know…you have to be fast to get into the 500 or just some owner points.

IROC and the Craftsmen Trucks Series had a great showing, both great races with the IROC needing some help with the bump drafting and Matt Kenseth winning with Mark Martin out early on…The truck race, now thats racin, the trucks always put on a great race at daytona with some very impressive runs by the Driver X winner Erik Darnell in the 99 Roush ford F-Series finished 7th and the winner Mark Martin, his first victory in over a decade since North Wilkesboro (in 1996), I can’t wait until next season to see what Mark Martin can do in his first full season in the Craftsmen Truck Series. I have always loved watching the trucks ever since in started in 1995 at Tucson Raceway Park (Ariz.). The only thing about the truck race, I don’t like ending under (yellow) caution…1 attempt at a green-white-checkered..

Well, I am back to the recking in the Hershey’s Kissables 300 race, Kissables…I don’t think thats what that means, well its 18 to go, I will finish this after the race…and after the smoke and multi-car wrecking had cleared, its Old Spice’s Tony Stewart grabbing the victory for the second time in the 300.

I wish I could afford on of these Chevy Corvette pace cars, what a look I would get from all of the ladies I drove by, damn..One more thing in sadness, we just lost an Air Force veteren, my grandfather last sunday, boy, he would have loved tomorrow’s Daytona 500 with Jay Leno in a Chevrolet Corvette Pacecar, just sitting in his apartment watching the race, I know he will be watching..

See Yeah in a couple of days or so, the Great American Race, the Daytona 500 tomorrow with Jeff Burton on the pole!

Friday, February 10, 2006

NASCAR, Toyota in 07 and the 2006 Nextel Cup Season

I got a question in my comments section: Brian, now that we’re getting back to what we like best, I want to ask you what you think of Toyota getting into NASCAR? & What ever happened to “Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday!”???

First off, I have not gotten back to what I like best and I am looking for a change in some way.

(Credit: Toyota Motorsports Website)

Toyota in NASCAR starting in 07: Well, this is a huge topic in NASCAR among everyone from fans to drivers and more..

“My Take”: My first reaction is it will be good for NASCAR and the fans, but I need to watch the 2007 season to determen whether its good or bad, plus whether Honda and Nissan should join too. Here’s my upsides and downsides:

Its upsides: Teams will have more factory support, more sponsors, more money, and Toyota’s success in other motorsports will be great for sport. More support, hopefully more teams fighting for the victory week in and week out. Its downsides: The sport will change, but how?? and it might start a huge war up, you know like in Formula 1 for tires…We are talking foreign/import auto makers coming into an american sport.

One big thing to me anyway: I will not get my dream of seeing a Mustang vs. Camaro vs. Challenger going around the racetrack, foreign/Imports don’t build muscle cars with V8’s… Just remember, some people might not like it, NASCAR is an american sport for american automakers, I don’t know….Jury is still out.

The term Race on Sundays and Sell on Mondays have been gone for a long time, the cars on track don’t look to much like the cars in the showroom, but NASCAR is trying to fix this, that term was more in the 70’s-80’s, who knows, maybe NASCAR Nextel Cup Cars will be the Cobalt SS/Focus/SRT4/Corolla/Civic Si, the Tuner cars..Joking, Right now its mid-size 2-4 door sedans with front-wheel drive and have you looked at Mikey’s Camry, it looks unique, unique is a word I use when there’s no words to describe it.

The 2006 Nextel Cup Season, I believe will be great, no more impound races at most racetracks, but who knows about tire testing and etc.. It will be interesting to see who will win Rookie Of The Year and what impact will Kurt Busch and Jamie McMurray do in there new rides..rules, templates, who knows, but one thing is clear after last season’s good runs, great racing and up and coming stars, I am thrilled that the 2006 Season has started today, and that the Daytona 500 is less than 9 days away…going green — green, green, green, let’s go racing…

Thursday, February 9, 2006

My thoughts on Splogs including the two in question.

For the past couple of weeks or so, content from not only my blog, but other blogs has been copied using RSS feed on to other sites known as “splogs”. Unfortunately, these types of so-called blogs/websites are poping up overnight, but they are also being shutdown just a fast. Recently two splogs have poped up with my content among others on them, and Ost Auto Blog (

Unfortunately in the case of, his site is NOT in violation of the Fair Use under copyright law and EFF policy and thats that.

But in the case of Ost Auto Blog ( is the opposite, this site IS in violation of the Fair Use under copyright law and EFF policy. Ost Auto Blog publishes the entire post including images and uses were the images where they are original hosted. This also calls all of use contributors to his site.. This one needs to be shutdown.

Either way you look at this subject and these sites, one thing is clear, they are not blogs or real websites, one might be classified as a directory site, but they are just popup junk with advertisements and people should pay no attention nor visit them. All we can do as real bloggers is not to link to them, encourage others to do the same, and also to discredit them by simply writing about them and making people aware of them, but not linking to them.

This is my last posting on these splogs and it is amazing to see were everyone and everything stands in the letter of the law. Finally to bloggers, just keep blogging, your original content is what people want to read about.

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