Thursday, December 29, 2005

A little of everything ending 2005

Its just a couple of days before New Years Day 2006, I like the change to a new year, I’m not much of a partying person, but I do like to stay up and watch Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve telecast live from Times square in NYC and First Night Boston. Thats its for me.

NASCAR to restructure regional touring divisions: Has anyone read this yet, part two or something of another restructuring plan and following the 2006 season, the four current Late Model Elite Division tours will be discontinued. NASCAR will also be renaming the NASCAR Busch North to the Busch East Series and keeping the Whelen Modified Tour.

For me, I love watching the Modifies tour up here in New England and going to New Hampshire International Speedway on friday before the Nextel Cup race to watch then.

Here’s one thing for NASCAR to consider for a good ladder program…
NASCAR Regional Racing:
NASCAR Grand National Division: The Busch East and West Series
NASCAR Touring: The Whelen Modified Tour and Southern tour.
NASCAR Major Series: Craftsmen Truck Series
Adding or replacing Busch Series with a Modified Series
Nextel Cup Series (Future Name, The Sprint Cup Series).

Well, See Yeah! in 2006, Happy New Year…

Monday, December 26, 2005

Dreaming of 2006 Nextel Cup!

I just wanted to put this image up for those readers who are bored without any Motorsports, the photo is of my favorite driver Dale Earnhardt Jr’s #8 Budweiser Chevy taken by me at NHIS last July, Can’t wait…, the 06 Preseason Thunder starts Jan. 9th, 2006 and there is 54 days, 17 hours and 30 minutes until the 2006 Daytona 500… Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

NASCAR News and the Happy Holidays

Well its less than a week before christmas and if you are a blogger, chances are you are taking a vacation for a couple days or so and I too, am taking a vacation for the Christmas Holiday, but before I go, I have a couple of things to say…

NASCAR News: In an announcement made on the site says.. there will only be 5 impound races in 2006, at both Talladega, both Richmond races and for the Pepsi 400 in Daytona. Last year there was 21 impound races.

The impound for 2005 didn’t work correctly at all, thats putting it lightly, I go to New Hampshire International Speedway every year and last year the schedule was not there at all and now in 2006, its back to normal, theres to much downtime for Cup teams and it didn’t safe any money at all. Next..

NYC Strike: What going on it New York City, the Transit is the biggest in US and its closed, check this out… just turn on the news, including MSNBC located in NYC.

Oh yeah, my Christmas Wish: Normal I would say an electronics or Money, but this year is a new job/career. I do have a 2 year college degree in Internet Communications Technology and can do most things with a computer..

Finally I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (or Happy Holiday’s). Now its time for me to finish wrapping gifts and go to the annual family Christmas Eve party, hopefully I will find there house… Are you done your Christmas shopping? 80% of Americans say NO!, I am with only four people to buy for, it was a click to in November and a trip to Target and thats it.

Happy Holiday’s to our troops.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Monday, December 19, 2005

World Champion Fernando Alonso to race McLaren Mercedes in 2007

Formula 1: If the news about Michelin Tires leaving Formula 1 at the end of 2006 season wasn’t enough, BREAKING NEWS coming out of the McLaren Mercedes with the signing of the current World Champion Fernando Alonso to race with Vodafone at McLaren Mercedes in 2007.
We have seen this before, but even this news was surprising to me when I first read it today, Alonso moving to the team that he edged out for the 2005 Formula 1 World Championship to drive for not in 2006, but a year later in 2007. The question is, with both Kimi and JP Montoya’s contracts up at the end of 2006, which one will be back in 2007, you could see both drivers going else.

Two big pieces of good news for the 2007 season in Formula 1, one tire suppier that fixes most problems and a champion going to McLaren with a new title sponsor and just think we still have the entire 2006 season to go. (from

GM announced to they will no longer super-size there SUV’s with stopping production of there 7 passenger only Trailblazer and GMC Envoy (7 passenger only).

I don’t care about cutting large SUV’s, somepeople like them and others don’t, but its the backside of it with the closing of yet another plant for GM (in general) and laying off all of those workers when they could just sell the plant to another manufacturer or put other vehicle in that plant.

The Wishlist on “Quick Note” posting, I just put up one thing about adding a WordPress counter, I didn’t finger on some of those comments.. anyway, if anyone knows how to add a counter by a third party to a WordPress site, I would like to know.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Survivor: Guatemala Finale

On last night’s Survivor Guatemala finale, it was down to four with every tribe meeting losing one member after another. The Final four was Rafe, Danni, Lydia and Steph. First it was Lydia being voted out, then Danni won immunity and having to pick a person to go to the final two. At camp, Rafe told Danni that she was free from there agreement and to pick who every she wanted to and Danni did, picking Steph and voting out Rafe.

The final two were Steph vs. Danni with the jury having the final say. With steph braking promises and making jury members mad including the very outspoken Judd angry, Judd kept his promise by voting for Danni and Rafe voted for Steph.

At the live finale, it was Danni becoming the Sole Survivor, winning a 2006 Pontiac Torrant and $1 million dollar check. Congrads to Danni for winning survivor, she was the best pick to win in the final four.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Comments on this snowy friday: 12/09/05

Last night’s CBS’s Survivor: I have been watching this season’s Survivor: Guatemala, and on last night’s episode were after Cindy won a 2006 Pontiac Torrant, she had a decision to make, either keep the SUV or reject it and the four other survivors would get there own Torrant, she choose the SUV, but back at camp, Rafe, made a comment that he would have rejected the SUV and giving the other four an SUV of there own.. is he for real, no everyone would have tooken the SUV and ran, I would have too. Anyone who says differently, is only kidding themselves.

But Cindy was voted out of Survivor with the final four reveiled — Rafe, Danni, Lydia and Steph. Sunday night is the finale.

Last night’s The Apprentice 4 - The Final Showdown: Last night was part one of the final showdown between Rebecca: manage a massive charity event and Randal: organize a celebrity softball game. They both have problems going into there events with no-shows and weather. Thursday night is the 2 hour finale.

NASCAR News: Musgrave and Ultra Motorsports switching to Ford for ‘06 (Read)

Thursday, December 8, 2005

New TV deal announced and more

Update: currently has a poll posted, titled: What do you think of the new television package? As of about 3pm today, with over 22,063 votes cased, 41% don’t like it, 33% like it and 27% including me don’t have an opinion. To me, its a wait and see thing..

You would think that once the 2005 season was over, the drama would too… nope…

New 2007-2014 NASCAR Nextel Cup TV Deal: As promised by NASCAR, the new TV deal was released today with six networks included. Basicly, begining in 2007, FOX will have the first 12 Nextel Cup races with Daytona thur Dover, TNT has Pocono thur New Hampshire and ABC/ESPN has Pocono thur Homestead-Miami including the chase on ABC. Qualifying and Happy Hour on SPEED, ESPN/ESPN2. SPEED will also broadcast the Nextel Cup Series All-Star Challenge and its companion all-star event, the Nextel Cup Series Pit Crew Challenge. The Busch Series will be broadcast on ABC, ESPN or ESPN 2, with no less than four events on ABC. SPEED has the Trucks Series with 2 races to ABC. Nothing on FX. (Read)

This not a bad deal, at least it has been layed out on good networks, hopefully ABC/ESPN will stay with it like FOX and NBC have done. Sad to see NBC go and expect more commerials then 2005, more money for NASCAR and more commerials for us at home. Its a wait and see. ABC, hopefully they will not do the same thing that they did a couple years ago with the IRL at Pike Peak, cutting off the coverage at 6pm while the race is still going on.

The NASCAR Banquet: Well, I want to sleep before midnight, so.. long banquet with a couple of no-shows including Jeff Gordon in Paris.. Congrads to Dale Jr. for being the most popular driver.

Silly Season: is reporting that Kodak is gone and no more #77 Penske team. Plus crew chief changes…

Congrads to Carl Edwards, the 2005 Speed Channel Driver of the Year.

Upcoming things: NASCAR Nextel Cup Pre-Season Testing in Mid-JanThe Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale with 32 hours of coverage on SPEED in Jan 14-22.24 Hours of Daytona in Jan-Feb.

Only 73 days and 19 hours until the Daytona 500.. See Yeah!

Friday, December 2, 2005

Domestic vs. Foreign/Imports

I have published this new article at The Blog for Auto Bloggers entiled Domestic vs. Foreign/Imports check it out.. has a posted the latest numbers on November Auto sales for the major automakers. The report showed:
GM: -11.3 percent
Ford: -18 percent
DaimlerChrysler: -6.6 percent
Toyota: +5.5 percent
Honda: +6.4 percent
Nissan: -7.7 percent
Subaru: +.5 percent
Suzuki: +13.5 percent
BMW: +7 percent
Isuzu: -53.2 percent (Ouch!)
Domestics are down with Toyota, Honda, BMW and surprising Suzuki up.

So why?

“My Take” Simple put, the product and price, people are looking for QUALITY, RELIABILITY, and VALUE, including the RESALE VALUE. The differents between the two is price, domestics for the most part are a little higher sticker, but maintenance is lower with the parts being cheaper and more available, And the opposite for Foreign/Imports.

For my personal experience including looking at my family and friends, the domestics are cheaper in maintenance, (GM) Chevy’s are big in this family with 60% plus, so are Honda’s, plus a Suzuki, and others. The Foreign/Imports are more appealing in look and price, but the maintenance is a little higher.

I still prefer a domestic with lower maintance cost, but I also like a Scion xB, that’s Toyota.

One thing, Toyota and Honda are very popular in the U.S. and they are building more vehicles in the US too, more jobs. That’s a thought…

What does everyone think?