Friday, November 25, 2005

Automobile News and Notes entitled hybrids, diesels & etc

I have also published this new article at The Blog for Auto Bloggers entiled Hybrids, Diesels, and etc.. check it out..

2005 Mercury Meta One Concept from the 2005 NAISA

Hybrids - The one of the biggest sellers in the US markets with people spending a little more on the sticker price to save money at the pumps. Even with high gas prices, americans are using more gasoline then ever, I could have told you that, Gas prices hit $3.00 plus for Regular gas after Katrina hit the gulf coast and now they are at $1.95-$2.30+ a gallon, depending on the day. What about a diesel hybrid? 2005 Mercury Meta One Concept….. and the Honda Civics best friend Phill?, and Hydrogen……

Hydrogen: with an Article Called The Politics of Fuel, the article published on Autoblog has a picture of George W. Bush pumping hydrogen at a station. read it. (

Plus Natural Gas vehicle: Something different, how about filling up your Honda Civic GX Natural-Gas Vehicle at home with a compact home refueling station called Phill, did a story on it.

Or Mercury answer, The 2005 Mercury Meta One Concept, the world’s first PZEV-capable diesel hybrid. Perfect.

Other Diesels are coming out including the 2006 Jeep Liberty Diesel and a couple others.Others: Bio diesel fuel, Ethanol (E85) that uses only 15% Gasoline, there are a couple more too….

But hybrids are what we have available now.. the 2006 Ford Excape Hybrid/Mercury Mariner Hybrid, the Toyota Camry hybrid, the first hybrid vehicle to be assembled in the U.S. , 2006 Highland Hybrid, Nissan Altima, and the most popular Toyota Prius Hybrid, and with more coming soon…

“My Take” This is just a couple of hybrids above, but car makers are using what we have, thats gasoline and diesel, Mercury should make a diesel hybrid, what about E85 (Ethonel) with only 15% gasoline and selling for a little less at pumps for Fuel Flex Vehicles. The future is going to have to be renewable sources, Natural-Gas with home refueling if you have a natural-gas line going into your home is available now with Phill (I like phill, that’s not a bad idea), but its going to hydrogen, GM has the right idea in that market to start with and some stations have hydrogen already in stock and selling to consumers for $4.75 a kilogram, which is equal to a gallon of gas, but can travel a car twice as far, thats better than you think. Basicly, get hydrogen made & selling, along with hydrogen vehicles. Gasoline with never go away, not at least for the next 100 years.
What does everybody think?

Just a thought: I have never driven a hybrid nor a diesel. I love the idea of both, the biggest thing is hydrogen, that is most likely the best in my opinion. If a station in the U.S. can pump and sell hydrogen, thats a great start.

Question: Will we (U.S. and the World) run out of oil/gasoline in 20 to 30 years? “My Take” I am not an expert, so I have no idea.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Two new vehicle mods from Kleemann

KLEEMANN ML50K S8: The ML 50K S8 features a new aero dynamic enhancement kit that is designed with a deep front spoiler and a rear spoiler with a built in diffuser panel. The rear diffuser panel makes provision for the KLEEMANN tail pipes and complements a rear spoiler mounted on the roof, a side skirts and wheel arch flares. The complete exterior package including 20 inch TM-5 wheel, an Electronic Body Lowering Module (EBL) and the KLEEMANN Suspension Tuning firms up the Air Matic suspension. The redesigned exterior is perfectly matched by a new sporty yet luxurious interior. The upholstery on seats and doors is made from high quality leather and with sections of Alcantara. Dash board and panels inside are made from carbon fibre to finish the sporty look and feel. Carbon fibre inlays are also to be found on the ergonomic shaped steering wheel. Read Full Article.

Aero Dynamics for SLK : What an incredible look.. Read Full Article.

Monday, November 21, 2005

NASCAR Nextel Cup Series: Championship Edition

2005 NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Championship: Congrads to Tony Stewart, finished 15th on Sunday to win the Nextel Cup, his second Championship, capping off an incredible season with a victory in the Brickyard 400.

Nextel Cup - Ford 400: What a weekend for the finale of the Nextel Cup Series at Homestead-Miami Speedway for the Ford 400… Going into Sunday’s Ford 400, for the championship, Tony Stewart needed to finish 12th or better to win the title. Also, Sunday’s race marked the final race for Rusty Wallace in his Last Call and Ricky Rudd.

Carl Edwards started on pole with Ryan Newman along side in his Dodge Intrepid. At Homestead-Miami Speedway, for this race running in the evening into the night and racing under the lights and the banking was just right for great side-by-side racing and we saw just that. All race long, most of the focuse was on the 4 championship contenders, Tony Stewart ran in the top 20 all race lnog, but a end for Jimmie Johnson can early in the race when going into turn 3 in front of the leads, Jimmie blow a rear time sending him into the wall ending his championship run and his day. Both Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle battled for the lead with Carl Edwards leading the most laps, but ended up finishing 4th after taking 4 tires on the last stop. The race came down to 5 laps laps to go with Mark Martin making a charge at Greg Biffle, but on the final lap going into turn3, Biffle throws it in and sticks with Greg Biffle edging Mark Martin to pick up his sixth victory of the season. Tony Stewart finished 15th, clinching the 2005 Championship.

Another great run for Carl Edwards, who ended up tied for 2nd with Biffle giving Biffle second in points. That last caution, basicly cost Casey Mears the victory, he ended up finishing 5th.

Rusty Wallace winning the 1989 Winston Cup Championship.

Rusty Wallace’s Last Call: It was a bitter sweet race for me, I am a huge Rusty Wallace for over 10 years and Sunday was Rusty’s Last Call… Great season and great career.. Thank You.

Question left in my comments: Would it be safe to say Dennis Setzer is entering Mark Martin territory? This is his third successive time finishing the year in second place in the CTS Championship.

Answer: In my opinion, NO, Dennis Setzer still have many seasons a head of him to win the NCTS Championship, just remember that Ted Musgrave was the same before this season, now he is the 2005 NCTS Champion.

Update on Blogger Features and the design for this Weblog: Like I said, before, the design/look is a work in progress, I am still testing out designs and this design is getting better for the new 2006 look. Feedback… is really helpful.. Thank You.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

NASCAR Truck and Busch Series: Championship Edition

NASCAR Craftsmen Truck Series: After last night postponed race due to rain, the Ford 200 got off just after 8:30am this morning live on Speed and what a great race, the banking makes for great side by side racing with lots of room, for this race, crashing was a big part of the race with on of biggest on the final lap, the backstraight was blocked, but for the lead, he was already in turn 3 with Todd Bodine taking the victory, his 3rd in a row. Ted Musgrave finished 19th and winning the 2005 NCTS Championship.

NASCAR Busch Series: Its was down to the final race for the championship and all Martin Truex Jr had to was finish 12th or better to win the championship, and he did just that, but in qualifying, he crashed and had to start in the bad in a back up car. Truex then charged thought the field and even after having a tire problem that made him pit under green, Martin Truex Jr. finished 7th and clinched the 2005 NASCAR Busch Series Championship.

Congrads to Ryan Newman, who picked up his sixth win of the season in the Ford 300 after battling a hard charging Greg Biffle in what was a good race. Also good run for DEI development driver Ryan Moore finishing 13th and JR Motorsports 1st race, Mark McFarland finished 20th.

Preview - the Nextel Cup’s Finale at Homestead: Earlier today, Carl Edwards grabbed the pole for the Ford 400 with Tony Stewart starting 20th, Jimmie Johnson starting 32nd and 4th in points Greg Biffle starting 7th. For the championship leader Tony Stewart, its simple, Stewart must finish 9th or better to clinch title.

A couple of non-racing notes: I got a chance to take a drive earlier today and remember back in August when gas prices hit $2.65 before Katrina, but now, at my local Mobil station is $2.29/gallon for regular, but I also saw $1.95 - 2.09/gallon for regular, what a jump from a couple months ago.

Update on Blogger Features and the design for this Weblog: I am still in the process of testing and changing the design/look for my weblog, this is a slightly modified template from Blogger Templates, its a dark red top with black page background with white text, I don’t know if this will be the final template for next season, but I do like the design/look, do you?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Preview for NASCAR finale at Homestead and NASCAR News

Preview of the Ford 400 weekend in Homestead: Nov. 18-20th

This weekend makes the season finale for all three major series of NASCAR with each one having yet to crown a champion. In the NASCAR Craftsmen Truck Series, its down to a 2 man race with Ted Musgrave leading by 58 points over Dennis Setzer, the race is Friday, Ford 200 at 8pm on SPEED.

In the NASCAR Busch Series, its also down to 2 men racing for the championship with Martin Truex Jr. leading by 64 points over Clint Bowyer, the race is Saturday, Ford 300 at 4pm on TNT.

Finally, the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series with the race to the championship is now down to 4 drivers, Tony Stewart leads by 52 points over Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards is just 87 points back and Greg Biffle is just 102 points back, the race is Sunday, Ford 400 at 3pm on NBC.

Baldwin leaving as part of Evernham changes: Crew chief Tommy Baldwin’s departure from Evernham Motorsports became official Tuesday. Evernham Motorsports has restructured his entire operation for this weekends Ford 400 and next season removing the role of a crew chief, the structor features a team director, car director and an engineer for each program, for both of his teams in 2005 and for his three car teams in 2006. Read.

The #49 Dodge has been filled: Sherman to drive No. 49 Dodge in 2006.

Roush is bring back an old number: News, Roush is bring back the #26 in place of the #97 in 2006. Read Article including photo.

Extra: I have finally completed the redesign of my weblog with no graphics for the structor to be loaded. Also, I will be uploading photography taken be me of the 2005 New England International Autoshow in a couple of weeks, server problems…

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Phoenix: Before, During and After the race

Phoenix International Raceway played host to this weekends NASCAR triple header weekend…

Busch & Truck Series: On Friday night under the lights, the Truck Series had there second to last race, the Chevy Silverado 150 were after a late race pass, Todd Bodine makes it two in a row in victories at Phoenix with Ted Musgrave leading the points by just 58 points over Dennis Setzer. The Busch Series also had there second to last race of the season, the Arizona 200 were the racing up front and throught out the field was fast and furious with Carl Edwards holding off a hard charging Clint Bowyer for the victory. Martin Truex Jr is just 64 points over Clint Bowyer going into the finale at Homestead next weekend.

Nextel Cup Series: Earlier today, what a race for the cup series at Phoenix, great side by side racing with Multiple leading changing including a late race duel between Kyle Busch and Greg Biffle for the lead with Kyle Busch finally making the pass on lap 285 to capture his second career victory this season in the Checker Auto Parts 500, Tony Stewart finished fourth, Carl Edwards finished sixth, Jimmie Johnson finished seventh, a great top 10 finish run for Travis Kvapil in tenth and Kenny Wallace in the #97 had a good run finishing in 16th.

Four-car cap for Nextel Cup, testing limited for 2006 and tire leasing: NASCAR’s announcement of a four-car cap only really effect one nextel cup team, Roush racing with 5 teams. Why NASCAR choose 4 teams max and not 3 is a little sketchy at best. The decision puts all eyes on Roush to see just what he will be forced to for next season and beyond. This cap also effects Hendrick Motorsports too, with already four nextel cup teams running full-time with a 5th part-time team. I like the idea of a testing limited schedule for 2006 that includes tire leasing, it will safe money for the owners with hotel and food bills for there crewmens. So many times you here two or more drives say that once they are do racing today, that they have to go to another racetrack and then on to next weekends race across the county and it offers a benefit to smaller teams to have to same testing as the larger teams. Tire leasing with cut down on testing at non-cup tracks too. Read article.

Bobby Labonte leaving JGR: Labonte will drive the #43 Dodge for Petty Enterprises in 2006.

Kurt Busch had been suspended by Roush for final two races: Early this during NASCAR This Morning at Noon et, Kenny Wallace got the call from Jack Roush to drive the #97 Ford in today’s Checker Auto Parts 500 at Phoenix International Raceway, shortly after noon, the announcement was made that Kurt Busch had been suspended by Roush for final two races. I really don’t have much of a comment on this, I believe this quote from the article said it best; “It’s the last straw for Roush Racing,” Smith said. “We’re officially retiring as Kurt Busch’s apologists effective [Sunday].”. Read article.

Next week is what Speed Channel is calling The Championship Weekend at Homestead, it is interesting that all three major series have a championship battling going into the finale at homestead, will Ted Musgrave? Martin Truex Jr.? and Tony Stewart? be champions in 2005, next week we will know. Also, again congrats to Kyle Busch for picking up his second career victory at Phoenix, what a drive….. See Yeah!

Friday, November 11, 2005

New England Intl Auto Show: Camp Jeep and Gillette Bike

On Tuesday, My father and I got a chance to visit the 2005 New England International Auto Show at the Bayside Expo in Boston, Massachusetts, what a good show. There was a couple of concepts, the Orange County Chopper’s Gillette Bike featured on Discovery Channel’s American Chopper and lots of new 2006 models, but the big thing was Camp Jeep New England.

Camp Jeep New England were anyone who attends the autoshow have a trained Jeep driver take passengers along an indoor course that simulates off-road conditions - right down to a 20-foot drop and a spin through an artificial river. on a enclosed course with climbing hills, water, rocks and more.

Yes, both of us attended camp jeep, enjoying every minute of it. When we got there, there was not much of a line and we could choose the vehicle, we were interested in purchasing a Jeep Wrangler, so we tried out a Red 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, this Wrangler was fully loaded and for a 6 foot 6″ guy in the backseat, I fit fine. The course had everything including a huge and small hill, water, and more. Great ride, but you have to try this out for the full effect.

Inside the Jeep Wrangler on the course as we got to the first hill.

Just outside the ticket booth, inside the building was the Orange County Chopper’s Gillette Bike featured on Discovery channels American Chopper

I will be posting a couple more posts on this auto show including more concepts, some domestic and some foreign/imports automakers.

Monday, November 7, 2005

The dominos have fallen in Silly Season in NASCAR and Formula One

1. Bobby Labonte and Joe Gibbs Racing announced today that they will part ways at the end of 2005. Rumor: could be going to Petty Enterprise #43.
2. Its OFFICIAL: Jamie McMurray Released From Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates. Casey Mears will drive the #42 Texaco Havoline Dodge starting in 2006. Home 123 also announced it has parted ways with Ganassi Racing. Read.
3. Its OFFICIAL: Kurt Busch Released from Contract, McMurray to Join Roush Racing in 2006. Newell-Rubbermaid and Diageo will continue as primary sponsors of the McMurray driven entry in NASCAR’s Nextel Cup Series. Read.
4. Its OFFICIAL: Kurt Busch To Join Penske Racing In 2006. Read.
Credit: for the links to the articles.
How big was today, the dominos have fallen, #42, #97, & #2 all filled for 2006 and beyond. It is still unknown were Bobby Labonte will go in 2006, he would be a good fit in the #43 Petty. It is rumored that Joe Gibbs Racing will be come at two car team next season with #11 Denny Hamlin FedEx & #20 Tony Stewart Home Depot.
In Formula One News: 2006 driver line-up taking shape with the recent announcements of Christijan Albers at Midland and Nico Rosberg at Williams, the details of who will be on the grid next season are really coming together… Read.

Sunday, November 6, 2005

Two in a row for Carl Edwards

What a race… I didn’t get a chance to see the entire race tonight, but I did watch the second half and I like the idea with racing into the night under the lights.

The race did have its moments, but the biggest was the caution out around 15 laps to go and Edwards, Stewart and a couple others pitted for tires leaving Martin and Kenseth out. Tires was big and boy did it show it, green-green-green is understated when Mark Martin jumped out to an early lead with a huge group of cars with edwards and stewart flying up through the field, with just two laps to, Carl Edwards blew past Martin Martin, to pull away to pick of a stunning victory, Carl Edwards fourth career victory. Notables: Casey Mears in the #41 finishing 4th, Tony Stewart finished 6th and another great run for Denny Hamlin, finishing 7th.

Wow, just two races to go in the 2005 season, with the race for the nextel cup points battle is still to close to call, its down to the top 5 and on to Phoenix next weekend.

In NASCAR News, Early this morning, Joe Gibbs Racing made an announcement that Denny Hamlin would drive the #11 FedEx full-time in 2006.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Today’s Motorsports and Auto News: 11/02/05

In NASCAR News: The NASCAR “Car of Tomorrow” hits track at Atlanta test Monday and Tuesday with Jeff Burton in RCR, Brian Vickers in Hendrick, Carl Edwards in Roush, Martin Truex Jr./Dale Jr. in DEI among others. Read.

All of NASCAR is waiting for the final dominos to fall in Silly Season with McMurray, Busch Released? Rumors are running around the garge infull force with Bobby Labonte or Ricky Rudd could hold the key to everything…. Nothing has been signed and confirmed yet.

In Auto Industry News: The 2005 SEMA, in Las Vegas, November 1st - 4th — Created a huge buzz with debuts including Jay Leno’s ‘32 Bowtie Deuce Roadster, 2006 Dodge Viper Hennessey Venom 1000 Coupe, 2006 Ford GTX1 Roadster, A Subaru WRX TR (Tuner-Ready), among others with complete coverage at and

Plus at SEMA, A 1970 Chevrolet Summer School Chevelle That Students from Washtenaw Community College build a 620 hp Chevelle Convertible for SEMA that was featured on RIDES on TLC. Photo: Serious Wheels Classics

In Formula One: Last week, a new qualifing format was added for next season along with a new tire rule. Read.