Monday, May 30, 2005

"My Take" Memorial Day Weekend Racing

Its early monday morning, what a day yesterday..... yesterday was some of the best and/or interesting racing with three different races going on. First up, the morning session with Formula One.

The Nurburg Ring in the hot heat made for an interesting day at the track for the formula one drivers. Heidfeld lead from the pole, but it didn't take long for the action to begin, going into turn one, four to five cars making contact with Webber & his out of race. The race after that showed lots of racing with some drivers going off track and a developing problem with tire ware that is a major safety issue, and that showed its major impact on the last lap with Raikkonen leading going in to turn one and his tire blowing (suspenion shredding apart) and the pass for the lead and Alonso wins the European Grand Prix. One thought is this: The FIA needs to give at least 2 sets of tires for the race, limiting the number of tire per race is need, but one set is an issue.

The Afternoon session, the Indianapolis 500 had four big story lines, with Tony Kanaan on the pole with Andretti-Green Racing leading a lot of laps, many different lead changes and some incredible racing, Dan Wheldon winning one of the most historical races of the year, when Dan ran down Danica Patrick and retaking the lead with less than 10 laps to go, and going on to victory -- Indy 500 winner, but the biggest story and hype with Danica Patrick's impressive 4th place finish after leading more than 20 laps including lap 56 and than conserving fuel and coming up with 4th place. Danica Patrick won the Indy 500 in my book, she will win an IRL race soon, last year in the Toyota Atlantic series and now this year in the IRL showing great talent, great run, first time at indy.....Incredible.

The Evening to night session, Finally, its the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series longest race of the season, the Coca-Cola 600 mile event, it was a race nobody who lead could win. Caution after caution, wrecking and spinning out. I don't know if it was racetrack or the hype of the race, but nothing was right all night. Nevertheless, the racing was great with lots of passing and side by side action. It would take a couple of hours to go through all of the 22 caution flags, but after the red flag with 5 laps to go, it was Bobby Labonte leading with Jimmie Johnson coming and off of turn four side by side on the last lap, who's it goin' be....... it's now three time winner Jimmie Johnson in the lowe's chevy winning the Coca-Cola 600, what a run.

Closing Thoughts: This weekend is dedicated to our veterans and our troops, America Supports Our Troops, Thank You. I am going to go back to sleep now, see you next weekend in Dover with the Trucks, Busch & Cup Series, bye, bye.......

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Preview: This weekends running of the Indianapolis 500 & the Coca-Cola 600.....

Welcome to one of the biggest weekends in Motorsports:

The 89th Running of the Indianapolis 500 will go off on Sunday May 29th at 1:00pm ET/noon Indianapolis Time LIVE on ABC with Tony Kanaan on the pole, Sam Hornish Jr & Scott Sharp along side on the front row.

Congrads to Tony Kanaan for winning the pole for the 89th running of one of the greatest races in history. The person to watch in this race is Danica Patrick. There are no NASCAR drivers doing the double duty this weekend. One thing that they really need to change in the Indy 500 schedule is pole qualifying, all they really need is 4 hours(one day) of qualifying on either Saturday or Sunday or if its needed two days of qualifying with Pole day and Bump day (that means drivers getting bumped......), this format now is a waste of time and money. Danica Patrick, who is making her first start in the Indianapolis 500 from the 2nd row in 4th position. Also here teammate and last years winner Buddy Rice will not be defending his crown, he is recovering from an accendent earlier this month at the speedway and Kenny Brack will make this return start in the middle of the 8th row.

I enjoy watching the Indianapolis 500 every year, this year is no different, its a 500 mile race is interesting and for the most part exciting in every way. Also, I would like to see just one open wheel series with the IRL & Champ Car World Series combined.

Read: For the complete starting grid

The longest race for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, the Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC, going off at 5:00pm EST LIVE on FOX, The Rocketman Ryan Newman will start on pole.

Indy is Indy, but my passion has been watch the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series race either at the racetrack up at the New Hampshire International Speedway in July and September or at home right in front of my TV. The Coca-Cola 600 has a question mark in front of it. The racetrack has had some grinding done or something done to it and its not the same race track as last year. Jimmie Johnson won last years coke 600 in dominating fashion, will history repeat? Were will drivers Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin, Ryan Newman, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and etc. finish? All I can say about this race is WATCH IT and ENJOY.........
Read: More on the Coca-Cola 600

I leave you with these 2 questions, 1. The IRL runs a split-screen during the commercials during there races, Why does everyone else, including NASCAR? 2. The IRL is running Ethanol (E85) fuel in 2006, why is everyone else not running better cleaner fuel? (Ethanol is a high octane fuel with gasoline in it.)

Sunday, May 22, 2005

"My Take" Mark Martin wins the NASCAR Nextel All-Star Challenge.

Credit (borrowed photo from): photos by Autostock)

Last night in Charlotte at the Lowe's Motor Speedway, the NASCAR Nextel All-Star Challenge was on, first the Nextel Open, the race had its interesting format, but the highlight of the event come on the last lap with Mike Bliss in the #0 leading and coming out of turn 4 and Brian Vickers in the #25 in second and Vickers made contact with Bliss sending Bliss spinning and Vickers winning to transfer to the all-star race.

On to the NASCAR Nextel All-Star Challenge Race with Brian Vickers making it in by winning the Nextel Open & the fans voted in Martin Truex Jr. along with the drivers who already qualified with past winners, nextel champions, or winning a race in 2004-2005 that included, Kasey Kahne, Mark Martin, Rusty Wallace, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnnson just to name a few. In segment one of three, the big moment came after the mandary pit stops with just five laps remaining, Tony Stewart got into the back of Joe Nemechek, creating a 10-car pileup. Kevin Harvick blaming Joe Nemechek and back again. On to the 3rd and final segment Mark Martin coming to the front and winning the all-star race and winning $1,000,000+ and on the cool down race saying on the radio that if Jack Roush would give him a car next season, he would be back for the all-star race. Mark in his "Salute to You" season (final full season in Nextel Cup) dedicated the race to his fans. Way to go Mark Martin, fantastic win.

Will the Nextel All-Star Challenge race continue to be held in Charlotte at Lowe's Motor Speedway? -- in most fans and mine opinion..... YES.

Also in the NASCAR Craftsmen Truck Series race on friday night at Lowe's Motor Speedway, Kyle Busch pulls off a dominating victory in his first truck race in the #15. Congrads to Kyle Busch.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Everybody Loves Raymond: The Finale & Saying Goodbye

TV Squad

"Everybody Loves Raymond: The Finale" doesn't that say it all, I was very impressed with the finale, it was not like most finales that I have watched over the past years. You could see a little saddness, but this last episode was about Raymond going into the hospital to get an operation done and he and later finding out what happened while he was in the operating room, with his families reaction to his problem. That was the biggest thing, there was not a big event in this finale, no marriages, no death, just the entire family gathered around the dinner table eating, laughing, and enjoying life, just like they begin. Pictured above, is from the final seen, perfect.

"Everybody Loves Raymond -- Saying Goodbye"
As a fan of Everybody Loves Raymond, I started watching the show sometime during the 7th season, when I heard my father laughing and watching the show and then I turned on Everybody Loves Raymond and started watch, laughing & enjoying the show ever since. Now I have been watching Everybody Love Raymond in reruns, while watching the entire 8th and 9th seasons on CBS and I too will miss the Barone family. What a run Everybody Loves Raymond has had, nine incredible seasons of being a normal family, well....., you just wish someone would knock. Thanks for all the laughs. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hemi Powered, What Can You Hemi?

Click Here for article and photo

Pictured above is a HEMI powered grill, Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge is putting on this contest and the Five Finalists Named in 'What Can You HEMI(R)?' Contest. Check out there website What Can You HEMI .
HEMI powered everything, a snowblower, shredder, but what does the HEMI powered Tribe look like, I would seriously like to see images on that. Now that's cool. A Hemi powered grill, not even Tim Allen could turn that away. Some of this is overboard, but I had the same idea about the HEMI powered Trike when I saw this picture above. This is something different and it gets good mileage or burning. Perfect. HEMI's are a big thing in past muscle cars to modern day cars from Challengers, Chargers, Cudas to the New Charger, Jeeps & etc. What's Next? A 1970-71 HEMI Cuda, now that's my dream car(Comments posted on

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Notes: I would like pictures of the HEMI powered Trike & what do you think? Comments...

Monday, May 16, 2005

"My Take" What a weekend.. Kasey Kahne wins first victory in Richmond.

Racing at RIR under the lights on Saturday night is always a good recipe for a great race and the Chevy American Revolution 400 for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series didn't disappoint with an excellent race and a great finish. Kasey Kahne, who came into this weekend with winning the pole for both the NASCAR Busch Series & Nextel Cup Series and saying in an interview, the one personal who he would like to win over was Tony Stewart, he did just that when he held off Tony Stewart after a late race caution to win and all in excellent fashion. What a victory and doing by beat over Tony Stewart with no bump and runs is a class act and after so many 2nd place finishes, what a sweat victory.

The Dodge Charger gets first NASCAR victory since 1977 with Neil Bonnet.

Closing thoughts comes from the NASCAR Craftsmen Truck Series race on Sunday afternoon for the Ohio 250, late in the race on a restart, Ron Hornaday Jr. was black flagged for jumping the restart, that was an bad call from the TV cameras view, Hornaday restarted from the same place on every restart, what do you think? Use the comments and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

They Are Listening.. Automakers

I thought this posting was interesting from The Auto Prophet

Here is a good reason to blog: the automakers are monitoring the enthusiast forums and blogs, looking for feedback, buzz, and mis-information that needs to be countered. If enough of us complain about the same things, or request the same things, we may influence what the automakers do. (I suggest postings requesting more manual transmission V6 vehicles.)So go ahead and post the rant! Maybe it will make an impression.

My comments on this posting:

I personally don't drive a manual transmission in my daily driver, I do think that a manual/automatic transmission combined should be offered. However, I have nothing against manual transmissions & they should be available for those who love to drive them and there are lots of people who drive them.

Sense we are on auto subject, Automakers should make more AWD/4WD vehicles and hybrids. This is what I think automakers should make. U.S. automakers are already making fast cars with V6, V8, and bigger engines with manual transmissions, look in the Corvette, Viper & and one of the best, the Ford Mustang.

What do you think? What Next?

Monday, May 9, 2005

Green Hummer H2 with 28 inch tires.

EUROPA-PREMIERE HUMMER H2 7.0l V8 Kompressor mit 28´´ LEXANI-Räder,

28' tires on Hummer H2 and painted bright green, what? 28' tires on a Hummer H2 makes the ride uncomfordable (as heard on TV), but what a look, and astatement. All of these vehicles make a statement, check these whips out.

Powered by Geiger performance, tuning many different cars including a C6 Corvette, Hummers, Chevy SSR, Dodge Viper, and etc. For more, go to

"My Take" Mother's Day Weekend and Darlington under the lights.

I will be one of the first persons to say that Darlington Raceway should stay on the schedule, and now, after watching this pasts weekends race on Saturday night under the lights, sold out with over 60,000+ fans packing the grandstands around the Darlington Raceway, I think NASCAR has just found were on the Nextel Cup Series schedule to race at darlington, on mother's day weekend.

Now on to the race at hand, the race under the lights was great and all without the heat. 500 miles with all the wrecks you could have, including Michael Waltrip and Jeff Green to kick off the race with there own on going feud and with Ryan Newman out in front in a dodge, the lady in black said, watch this, caution out for Mark Martin spinning off of turn four to the start finish line and if it was just about any other race track, the drivers would stay on the track, but not darlington, all, but two drivers stayed out and the rest of the them coming in for four tires and fuel. After the restart, Ryan Newman and Ken Schrader didn't stand a chance against Greg Biffle shouding off like a rocket and making two pass to win the Dodge Charger 500 in a ford for Roush Racing.

NASCAR, we need to race at Darlington once a year and on mother's day weekend, under the lights on Sarturday night, darlington is were we should be.

See you next weekend at......... Richmond International Raceway for another Saturday night under the lights. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

BAR team handed two-race ban & loses all points

Quote right from article:
BAR will be missing from the grid in Barcelona this weekend after being banned for two events by the International Court of Appeal. It follows Wednesday's hearing in Paris over the legality of Jenson Button's car at the previous round at Imola.

What penalty, and we all thought NASCAR was tough on "cheaters", but from what I understand after reading the article, the penalty was handed down for fuel and weight-in violations and with that, the 2005 season will now start at European Grand Prix on May 29 with no points for BAR Honda

Read the full article at

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Support Our Troops auction and American Chopper

Support our Troops Auction
In an act of great generosity and caring, Paul Sr. and Paulie, the stars of today’s hottest cable television show, American Chopper, are gearing up to auction off 2 sensational bikes, which will be the heart of items to be featured at the “Orange County Choppers Support Our Troops” auction to be held on Friday, May 6, 2005 at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on Manhattan’s West Side. For more information, click here

American Chopper on Discovery Channel: Up next is the NAPA Drag bike that premieres June 6th.

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Monday, May 2, 2005

"My Take" Demotion Derby at Talladega.... for NASCAR.

Congratulations to Martin Truex Jr. for winning the Aaron's 312+ Busch Series and Jeff Gordon winning the Aaron's 499 for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series.

This weekends racing in Talladega was nothing more than a "Demotion Derby". Thats it.

I think one of two things should happen at Talladega,

1. Repave the track with less than 18 degrees of banking and make them brake going into the corner. (Only a thought!)

2. Completely remove Talladega from the NASCAR schedule and give the dates to another track somewhere in that area so that the 200,000+ fans who visited the track can still go to NASCAR races.

Like I said, nothing good to say.........!!!