Thursday, December 29, 2005

A little of everything ending 2005

Its just a couple of days before New Years Day 2006, I like the change to a new year, I’m not much of a partying person, but I do like to stay up and watch Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve telecast live from Times square in NYC and First Night Boston. Thats its for me.

NASCAR to restructure regional touring divisions: Has anyone read this yet, part two or something of another restructuring plan and following the 2006 season, the four current Late Model Elite Division tours will be discontinued. NASCAR will also be renaming the NASCAR Busch North to the Busch East Series and keeping the Whelen Modified Tour.

For me, I love watching the Modifies tour up here in New England and going to New Hampshire International Speedway on friday before the Nextel Cup race to watch then.

Here’s one thing for NASCAR to consider for a good ladder program…
NASCAR Regional Racing:
NASCAR Grand National Division: The Busch East and West Series
NASCAR Touring: The Whelen Modified Tour and Southern tour.
NASCAR Major Series: Craftsmen Truck Series
Adding or replacing Busch Series with a Modified Series
Nextel Cup Series (Future Name, The Sprint Cup Series).

Well, See Yeah! in 2006, Happy New Year…

Monday, December 26, 2005

Dreaming of 2006 Nextel Cup!

I just wanted to put this image up for those readers who are bored without any Motorsports, the photo is of my favorite driver Dale Earnhardt Jr’s #8 Budweiser Chevy taken by me at NHIS last July, Can’t wait…, the 06 Preseason Thunder starts Jan. 9th, 2006 and there is 54 days, 17 hours and 30 minutes until the 2006 Daytona 500… Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

NASCAR News and the Happy Holidays

Well its less than a week before christmas and if you are a blogger, chances are you are taking a vacation for a couple days or so and I too, am taking a vacation for the Christmas Holiday, but before I go, I have a couple of things to say…

NASCAR News: In an announcement made on the site says.. there will only be 5 impound races in 2006, at both Talladega, both Richmond races and for the Pepsi 400 in Daytona. Last year there was 21 impound races.

The impound for 2005 didn’t work correctly at all, thats putting it lightly, I go to New Hampshire International Speedway every year and last year the schedule was not there at all and now in 2006, its back to normal, theres to much downtime for Cup teams and it didn’t safe any money at all. Next..

NYC Strike: What going on it New York City, the Transit is the biggest in US and its closed, check this out… just turn on the news, including MSNBC located in NYC.

Oh yeah, my Christmas Wish: Normal I would say an electronics or Money, but this year is a new job/career. I do have a 2 year college degree in Internet Communications Technology and can do most things with a computer..

Finally I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (or Happy Holiday’s). Now its time for me to finish wrapping gifts and go to the annual family Christmas Eve party, hopefully I will find there house… Are you done your Christmas shopping? 80% of Americans say NO!, I am with only four people to buy for, it was a click to in November and a trip to Target and thats it.

Happy Holiday’s to our troops.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Monday, December 19, 2005

World Champion Fernando Alonso to race McLaren Mercedes in 2007

Formula 1: If the news about Michelin Tires leaving Formula 1 at the end of 2006 season wasn’t enough, BREAKING NEWS coming out of the McLaren Mercedes with the signing of the current World Champion Fernando Alonso to race with Vodafone at McLaren Mercedes in 2007.
We have seen this before, but even this news was surprising to me when I first read it today, Alonso moving to the team that he edged out for the 2005 Formula 1 World Championship to drive for not in 2006, but a year later in 2007. The question is, with both Kimi and JP Montoya’s contracts up at the end of 2006, which one will be back in 2007, you could see both drivers going else.

Two big pieces of good news for the 2007 season in Formula 1, one tire suppier that fixes most problems and a champion going to McLaren with a new title sponsor and just think we still have the entire 2006 season to go. (from

GM announced to they will no longer super-size there SUV’s with stopping production of there 7 passenger only Trailblazer and GMC Envoy (7 passenger only).

I don’t care about cutting large SUV’s, somepeople like them and others don’t, but its the backside of it with the closing of yet another plant for GM (in general) and laying off all of those workers when they could just sell the plant to another manufacturer or put other vehicle in that plant.

The Wishlist on “Quick Note” posting, I just put up one thing about adding a WordPress counter, I didn’t finger on some of those comments.. anyway, if anyone knows how to add a counter by a third party to a WordPress site, I would like to know.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Survivor: Guatemala Finale

On last night’s Survivor Guatemala finale, it was down to four with every tribe meeting losing one member after another. The Final four was Rafe, Danni, Lydia and Steph. First it was Lydia being voted out, then Danni won immunity and having to pick a person to go to the final two. At camp, Rafe told Danni that she was free from there agreement and to pick who every she wanted to and Danni did, picking Steph and voting out Rafe.

The final two were Steph vs. Danni with the jury having the final say. With steph braking promises and making jury members mad including the very outspoken Judd angry, Judd kept his promise by voting for Danni and Rafe voted for Steph.

At the live finale, it was Danni becoming the Sole Survivor, winning a 2006 Pontiac Torrant and $1 million dollar check. Congrads to Danni for winning survivor, she was the best pick to win in the final four.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Comments on this snowy friday: 12/09/05

Last night’s CBS’s Survivor: I have been watching this season’s Survivor: Guatemala, and on last night’s episode were after Cindy won a 2006 Pontiac Torrant, she had a decision to make, either keep the SUV or reject it and the four other survivors would get there own Torrant, she choose the SUV, but back at camp, Rafe, made a comment that he would have rejected the SUV and giving the other four an SUV of there own.. is he for real, no everyone would have tooken the SUV and ran, I would have too. Anyone who says differently, is only kidding themselves.

But Cindy was voted out of Survivor with the final four reveiled — Rafe, Danni, Lydia and Steph. Sunday night is the finale.

Last night’s The Apprentice 4 - The Final Showdown: Last night was part one of the final showdown between Rebecca: manage a massive charity event and Randal: organize a celebrity softball game. They both have problems going into there events with no-shows and weather. Thursday night is the 2 hour finale.

NASCAR News: Musgrave and Ultra Motorsports switching to Ford for ‘06 (Read)

Thursday, December 8, 2005

New TV deal announced and more

Update: currently has a poll posted, titled: What do you think of the new television package? As of about 3pm today, with over 22,063 votes cased, 41% don’t like it, 33% like it and 27% including me don’t have an opinion. To me, its a wait and see thing..

You would think that once the 2005 season was over, the drama would too… nope…

New 2007-2014 NASCAR Nextel Cup TV Deal: As promised by NASCAR, the new TV deal was released today with six networks included. Basicly, begining in 2007, FOX will have the first 12 Nextel Cup races with Daytona thur Dover, TNT has Pocono thur New Hampshire and ABC/ESPN has Pocono thur Homestead-Miami including the chase on ABC. Qualifying and Happy Hour on SPEED, ESPN/ESPN2. SPEED will also broadcast the Nextel Cup Series All-Star Challenge and its companion all-star event, the Nextel Cup Series Pit Crew Challenge. The Busch Series will be broadcast on ABC, ESPN or ESPN 2, with no less than four events on ABC. SPEED has the Trucks Series with 2 races to ABC. Nothing on FX. (Read)

This not a bad deal, at least it has been layed out on good networks, hopefully ABC/ESPN will stay with it like FOX and NBC have done. Sad to see NBC go and expect more commerials then 2005, more money for NASCAR and more commerials for us at home. Its a wait and see. ABC, hopefully they will not do the same thing that they did a couple years ago with the IRL at Pike Peak, cutting off the coverage at 6pm while the race is still going on.

The NASCAR Banquet: Well, I want to sleep before midnight, so.. long banquet with a couple of no-shows including Jeff Gordon in Paris.. Congrads to Dale Jr. for being the most popular driver.

Silly Season: is reporting that Kodak is gone and no more #77 Penske team. Plus crew chief changes…

Congrads to Carl Edwards, the 2005 Speed Channel Driver of the Year.

Upcoming things: NASCAR Nextel Cup Pre-Season Testing in Mid-JanThe Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale with 32 hours of coverage on SPEED in Jan 14-22.24 Hours of Daytona in Jan-Feb.

Only 73 days and 19 hours until the Daytona 500.. See Yeah!

Friday, December 2, 2005

Domestic vs. Foreign/Imports

I have published this new article at The Blog for Auto Bloggers entiled Domestic vs. Foreign/Imports check it out.. has a posted the latest numbers on November Auto sales for the major automakers. The report showed:
GM: -11.3 percent
Ford: -18 percent
DaimlerChrysler: -6.6 percent
Toyota: +5.5 percent
Honda: +6.4 percent
Nissan: -7.7 percent
Subaru: +.5 percent
Suzuki: +13.5 percent
BMW: +7 percent
Isuzu: -53.2 percent (Ouch!)
Domestics are down with Toyota, Honda, BMW and surprising Suzuki up.

So why?

“My Take” Simple put, the product and price, people are looking for QUALITY, RELIABILITY, and VALUE, including the RESALE VALUE. The differents between the two is price, domestics for the most part are a little higher sticker, but maintenance is lower with the parts being cheaper and more available, And the opposite for Foreign/Imports.

For my personal experience including looking at my family and friends, the domestics are cheaper in maintenance, (GM) Chevy’s are big in this family with 60% plus, so are Honda’s, plus a Suzuki, and others. The Foreign/Imports are more appealing in look and price, but the maintenance is a little higher.

I still prefer a domestic with lower maintance cost, but I also like a Scion xB, that’s Toyota.

One thing, Toyota and Honda are very popular in the U.S. and they are building more vehicles in the US too, more jobs. That’s a thought…

What does everyone think?

Friday, November 25, 2005

Automobile News and Notes entitled hybrids, diesels & etc

I have also published this new article at The Blog for Auto Bloggers entiled Hybrids, Diesels, and etc.. check it out..

2005 Mercury Meta One Concept from the 2005 NAISA

Hybrids - The one of the biggest sellers in the US markets with people spending a little more on the sticker price to save money at the pumps. Even with high gas prices, americans are using more gasoline then ever, I could have told you that, Gas prices hit $3.00 plus for Regular gas after Katrina hit the gulf coast and now they are at $1.95-$2.30+ a gallon, depending on the day. What about a diesel hybrid? 2005 Mercury Meta One Concept….. and the Honda Civics best friend Phill?, and Hydrogen……

Hydrogen: with an Article Called The Politics of Fuel, the article published on Autoblog has a picture of George W. Bush pumping hydrogen at a station. read it. (

Plus Natural Gas vehicle: Something different, how about filling up your Honda Civic GX Natural-Gas Vehicle at home with a compact home refueling station called Phill, did a story on it.

Or Mercury answer, The 2005 Mercury Meta One Concept, the world’s first PZEV-capable diesel hybrid. Perfect.

Other Diesels are coming out including the 2006 Jeep Liberty Diesel and a couple others.Others: Bio diesel fuel, Ethanol (E85) that uses only 15% Gasoline, there are a couple more too….

But hybrids are what we have available now.. the 2006 Ford Excape Hybrid/Mercury Mariner Hybrid, the Toyota Camry hybrid, the first hybrid vehicle to be assembled in the U.S. , 2006 Highland Hybrid, Nissan Altima, and the most popular Toyota Prius Hybrid, and with more coming soon…

“My Take” This is just a couple of hybrids above, but car makers are using what we have, thats gasoline and diesel, Mercury should make a diesel hybrid, what about E85 (Ethonel) with only 15% gasoline and selling for a little less at pumps for Fuel Flex Vehicles. The future is going to have to be renewable sources, Natural-Gas with home refueling if you have a natural-gas line going into your home is available now with Phill (I like phill, that’s not a bad idea), but its going to hydrogen, GM has the right idea in that market to start with and some stations have hydrogen already in stock and selling to consumers for $4.75 a kilogram, which is equal to a gallon of gas, but can travel a car twice as far, thats better than you think. Basicly, get hydrogen made & selling, along with hydrogen vehicles. Gasoline with never go away, not at least for the next 100 years.
What does everybody think?

Just a thought: I have never driven a hybrid nor a diesel. I love the idea of both, the biggest thing is hydrogen, that is most likely the best in my opinion. If a station in the U.S. can pump and sell hydrogen, thats a great start.

Question: Will we (U.S. and the World) run out of oil/gasoline in 20 to 30 years? “My Take” I am not an expert, so I have no idea.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Two new vehicle mods from Kleemann

KLEEMANN ML50K S8: The ML 50K S8 features a new aero dynamic enhancement kit that is designed with a deep front spoiler and a rear spoiler with a built in diffuser panel. The rear diffuser panel makes provision for the KLEEMANN tail pipes and complements a rear spoiler mounted on the roof, a side skirts and wheel arch flares. The complete exterior package including 20 inch TM-5 wheel, an Electronic Body Lowering Module (EBL) and the KLEEMANN Suspension Tuning firms up the Air Matic suspension. The redesigned exterior is perfectly matched by a new sporty yet luxurious interior. The upholstery on seats and doors is made from high quality leather and with sections of Alcantara. Dash board and panels inside are made from carbon fibre to finish the sporty look and feel. Carbon fibre inlays are also to be found on the ergonomic shaped steering wheel. Read Full Article.

Aero Dynamics for SLK : What an incredible look.. Read Full Article.

Monday, November 21, 2005

NASCAR Nextel Cup Series: Championship Edition

2005 NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Championship: Congrads to Tony Stewart, finished 15th on Sunday to win the Nextel Cup, his second Championship, capping off an incredible season with a victory in the Brickyard 400.

Nextel Cup - Ford 400: What a weekend for the finale of the Nextel Cup Series at Homestead-Miami Speedway for the Ford 400… Going into Sunday’s Ford 400, for the championship, Tony Stewart needed to finish 12th or better to win the title. Also, Sunday’s race marked the final race for Rusty Wallace in his Last Call and Ricky Rudd.

Carl Edwards started on pole with Ryan Newman along side in his Dodge Intrepid. At Homestead-Miami Speedway, for this race running in the evening into the night and racing under the lights and the banking was just right for great side-by-side racing and we saw just that. All race long, most of the focuse was on the 4 championship contenders, Tony Stewart ran in the top 20 all race lnog, but a end for Jimmie Johnson can early in the race when going into turn 3 in front of the leads, Jimmie blow a rear time sending him into the wall ending his championship run and his day. Both Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle battled for the lead with Carl Edwards leading the most laps, but ended up finishing 4th after taking 4 tires on the last stop. The race came down to 5 laps laps to go with Mark Martin making a charge at Greg Biffle, but on the final lap going into turn3, Biffle throws it in and sticks with Greg Biffle edging Mark Martin to pick up his sixth victory of the season. Tony Stewart finished 15th, clinching the 2005 Championship.

Another great run for Carl Edwards, who ended up tied for 2nd with Biffle giving Biffle second in points. That last caution, basicly cost Casey Mears the victory, he ended up finishing 5th.

Rusty Wallace winning the 1989 Winston Cup Championship.

Rusty Wallace’s Last Call: It was a bitter sweet race for me, I am a huge Rusty Wallace for over 10 years and Sunday was Rusty’s Last Call… Great season and great career.. Thank You.

Question left in my comments: Would it be safe to say Dennis Setzer is entering Mark Martin territory? This is his third successive time finishing the year in second place in the CTS Championship.

Answer: In my opinion, NO, Dennis Setzer still have many seasons a head of him to win the NCTS Championship, just remember that Ted Musgrave was the same before this season, now he is the 2005 NCTS Champion.

Update on Blogger Features and the design for this Weblog: Like I said, before, the design/look is a work in progress, I am still testing out designs and this design is getting better for the new 2006 look. Feedback… is really helpful.. Thank You.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

NASCAR Truck and Busch Series: Championship Edition

NASCAR Craftsmen Truck Series: After last night postponed race due to rain, the Ford 200 got off just after 8:30am this morning live on Speed and what a great race, the banking makes for great side by side racing with lots of room, for this race, crashing was a big part of the race with on of biggest on the final lap, the backstraight was blocked, but for the lead, he was already in turn 3 with Todd Bodine taking the victory, his 3rd in a row. Ted Musgrave finished 19th and winning the 2005 NCTS Championship.

NASCAR Busch Series: Its was down to the final race for the championship and all Martin Truex Jr had to was finish 12th or better to win the championship, and he did just that, but in qualifying, he crashed and had to start in the bad in a back up car. Truex then charged thought the field and even after having a tire problem that made him pit under green, Martin Truex Jr. finished 7th and clinched the 2005 NASCAR Busch Series Championship.

Congrads to Ryan Newman, who picked up his sixth win of the season in the Ford 300 after battling a hard charging Greg Biffle in what was a good race. Also good run for DEI development driver Ryan Moore finishing 13th and JR Motorsports 1st race, Mark McFarland finished 20th.

Preview - the Nextel Cup’s Finale at Homestead: Earlier today, Carl Edwards grabbed the pole for the Ford 400 with Tony Stewart starting 20th, Jimmie Johnson starting 32nd and 4th in points Greg Biffle starting 7th. For the championship leader Tony Stewart, its simple, Stewart must finish 9th or better to clinch title.

A couple of non-racing notes: I got a chance to take a drive earlier today and remember back in August when gas prices hit $2.65 before Katrina, but now, at my local Mobil station is $2.29/gallon for regular, but I also saw $1.95 - 2.09/gallon for regular, what a jump from a couple months ago.

Update on Blogger Features and the design for this Weblog: I am still in the process of testing and changing the design/look for my weblog, this is a slightly modified template from Blogger Templates, its a dark red top with black page background with white text, I don’t know if this will be the final template for next season, but I do like the design/look, do you?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Preview for NASCAR finale at Homestead and NASCAR News

Preview of the Ford 400 weekend in Homestead: Nov. 18-20th

This weekend makes the season finale for all three major series of NASCAR with each one having yet to crown a champion. In the NASCAR Craftsmen Truck Series, its down to a 2 man race with Ted Musgrave leading by 58 points over Dennis Setzer, the race is Friday, Ford 200 at 8pm on SPEED.

In the NASCAR Busch Series, its also down to 2 men racing for the championship with Martin Truex Jr. leading by 64 points over Clint Bowyer, the race is Saturday, Ford 300 at 4pm on TNT.

Finally, the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series with the race to the championship is now down to 4 drivers, Tony Stewart leads by 52 points over Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards is just 87 points back and Greg Biffle is just 102 points back, the race is Sunday, Ford 400 at 3pm on NBC.

Baldwin leaving as part of Evernham changes: Crew chief Tommy Baldwin’s departure from Evernham Motorsports became official Tuesday. Evernham Motorsports has restructured his entire operation for this weekends Ford 400 and next season removing the role of a crew chief, the structor features a team director, car director and an engineer for each program, for both of his teams in 2005 and for his three car teams in 2006. Read.

The #49 Dodge has been filled: Sherman to drive No. 49 Dodge in 2006.

Roush is bring back an old number: News, Roush is bring back the #26 in place of the #97 in 2006. Read Article including photo.

Extra: I have finally completed the redesign of my weblog with no graphics for the structor to be loaded. Also, I will be uploading photography taken be me of the 2005 New England International Autoshow in a couple of weeks, server problems…

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Phoenix: Before, During and After the race

Phoenix International Raceway played host to this weekends NASCAR triple header weekend…

Busch & Truck Series: On Friday night under the lights, the Truck Series had there second to last race, the Chevy Silverado 150 were after a late race pass, Todd Bodine makes it two in a row in victories at Phoenix with Ted Musgrave leading the points by just 58 points over Dennis Setzer. The Busch Series also had there second to last race of the season, the Arizona 200 were the racing up front and throught out the field was fast and furious with Carl Edwards holding off a hard charging Clint Bowyer for the victory. Martin Truex Jr is just 64 points over Clint Bowyer going into the finale at Homestead next weekend.

Nextel Cup Series: Earlier today, what a race for the cup series at Phoenix, great side by side racing with Multiple leading changing including a late race duel between Kyle Busch and Greg Biffle for the lead with Kyle Busch finally making the pass on lap 285 to capture his second career victory this season in the Checker Auto Parts 500, Tony Stewart finished fourth, Carl Edwards finished sixth, Jimmie Johnson finished seventh, a great top 10 finish run for Travis Kvapil in tenth and Kenny Wallace in the #97 had a good run finishing in 16th.

Four-car cap for Nextel Cup, testing limited for 2006 and tire leasing: NASCAR’s announcement of a four-car cap only really effect one nextel cup team, Roush racing with 5 teams. Why NASCAR choose 4 teams max and not 3 is a little sketchy at best. The decision puts all eyes on Roush to see just what he will be forced to for next season and beyond. This cap also effects Hendrick Motorsports too, with already four nextel cup teams running full-time with a 5th part-time team. I like the idea of a testing limited schedule for 2006 that includes tire leasing, it will safe money for the owners with hotel and food bills for there crewmens. So many times you here two or more drives say that once they are do racing today, that they have to go to another racetrack and then on to next weekends race across the county and it offers a benefit to smaller teams to have to same testing as the larger teams. Tire leasing with cut down on testing at non-cup tracks too. Read article.

Bobby Labonte leaving JGR: Labonte will drive the #43 Dodge for Petty Enterprises in 2006.

Kurt Busch had been suspended by Roush for final two races: Early this during NASCAR This Morning at Noon et, Kenny Wallace got the call from Jack Roush to drive the #97 Ford in today’s Checker Auto Parts 500 at Phoenix International Raceway, shortly after noon, the announcement was made that Kurt Busch had been suspended by Roush for final two races. I really don’t have much of a comment on this, I believe this quote from the article said it best; “It’s the last straw for Roush Racing,” Smith said. “We’re officially retiring as Kurt Busch’s apologists effective [Sunday].”. Read article.

Next week is what Speed Channel is calling The Championship Weekend at Homestead, it is interesting that all three major series have a championship battling going into the finale at homestead, will Ted Musgrave? Martin Truex Jr.? and Tony Stewart? be champions in 2005, next week we will know. Also, again congrats to Kyle Busch for picking up his second career victory at Phoenix, what a drive….. See Yeah!

Friday, November 11, 2005

New England Intl Auto Show: Camp Jeep and Gillette Bike

On Tuesday, My father and I got a chance to visit the 2005 New England International Auto Show at the Bayside Expo in Boston, Massachusetts, what a good show. There was a couple of concepts, the Orange County Chopper’s Gillette Bike featured on Discovery Channel’s American Chopper and lots of new 2006 models, but the big thing was Camp Jeep New England.

Camp Jeep New England were anyone who attends the autoshow have a trained Jeep driver take passengers along an indoor course that simulates off-road conditions - right down to a 20-foot drop and a spin through an artificial river. on a enclosed course with climbing hills, water, rocks and more.

Yes, both of us attended camp jeep, enjoying every minute of it. When we got there, there was not much of a line and we could choose the vehicle, we were interested in purchasing a Jeep Wrangler, so we tried out a Red 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, this Wrangler was fully loaded and for a 6 foot 6″ guy in the backseat, I fit fine. The course had everything including a huge and small hill, water, and more. Great ride, but you have to try this out for the full effect.

Inside the Jeep Wrangler on the course as we got to the first hill.

Just outside the ticket booth, inside the building was the Orange County Chopper’s Gillette Bike featured on Discovery channels American Chopper

I will be posting a couple more posts on this auto show including more concepts, some domestic and some foreign/imports automakers.

Monday, November 7, 2005

The dominos have fallen in Silly Season in NASCAR and Formula One

1. Bobby Labonte and Joe Gibbs Racing announced today that they will part ways at the end of 2005. Rumor: could be going to Petty Enterprise #43.
2. Its OFFICIAL: Jamie McMurray Released From Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates. Casey Mears will drive the #42 Texaco Havoline Dodge starting in 2006. Home 123 also announced it has parted ways with Ganassi Racing. Read.
3. Its OFFICIAL: Kurt Busch Released from Contract, McMurray to Join Roush Racing in 2006. Newell-Rubbermaid and Diageo will continue as primary sponsors of the McMurray driven entry in NASCAR’s Nextel Cup Series. Read.
4. Its OFFICIAL: Kurt Busch To Join Penske Racing In 2006. Read.
Credit: for the links to the articles.
How big was today, the dominos have fallen, #42, #97, & #2 all filled for 2006 and beyond. It is still unknown were Bobby Labonte will go in 2006, he would be a good fit in the #43 Petty. It is rumored that Joe Gibbs Racing will be come at two car team next season with #11 Denny Hamlin FedEx & #20 Tony Stewart Home Depot.
In Formula One News: 2006 driver line-up taking shape with the recent announcements of Christijan Albers at Midland and Nico Rosberg at Williams, the details of who will be on the grid next season are really coming together… Read.

Sunday, November 6, 2005

Two in a row for Carl Edwards

What a race… I didn’t get a chance to see the entire race tonight, but I did watch the second half and I like the idea with racing into the night under the lights.

The race did have its moments, but the biggest was the caution out around 15 laps to go and Edwards, Stewart and a couple others pitted for tires leaving Martin and Kenseth out. Tires was big and boy did it show it, green-green-green is understated when Mark Martin jumped out to an early lead with a huge group of cars with edwards and stewart flying up through the field, with just two laps to, Carl Edwards blew past Martin Martin, to pull away to pick of a stunning victory, Carl Edwards fourth career victory. Notables: Casey Mears in the #41 finishing 4th, Tony Stewart finished 6th and another great run for Denny Hamlin, finishing 7th.

Wow, just two races to go in the 2005 season, with the race for the nextel cup points battle is still to close to call, its down to the top 5 and on to Phoenix next weekend.

In NASCAR News, Early this morning, Joe Gibbs Racing made an announcement that Denny Hamlin would drive the #11 FedEx full-time in 2006.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Today’s Motorsports and Auto News: 11/02/05

In NASCAR News: The NASCAR “Car of Tomorrow” hits track at Atlanta test Monday and Tuesday with Jeff Burton in RCR, Brian Vickers in Hendrick, Carl Edwards in Roush, Martin Truex Jr./Dale Jr. in DEI among others. Read.

All of NASCAR is waiting for the final dominos to fall in Silly Season with McMurray, Busch Released? Rumors are running around the garge infull force with Bobby Labonte or Ricky Rudd could hold the key to everything…. Nothing has been signed and confirmed yet.

In Auto Industry News: The 2005 SEMA, in Las Vegas, November 1st - 4th — Created a huge buzz with debuts including Jay Leno’s ‘32 Bowtie Deuce Roadster, 2006 Dodge Viper Hennessey Venom 1000 Coupe, 2006 Ford GTX1 Roadster, A Subaru WRX TR (Tuner-Ready), among others with complete coverage at and

Plus at SEMA, A 1970 Chevrolet Summer School Chevelle That Students from Washtenaw Community College build a 620 hp Chevelle Convertible for SEMA that was featured on RIDES on TLC. Photo: Serious Wheels Classics

In Formula One: Last week, a new qualifing format was added for next season along with a new tire rule. Read.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Today's News in Motorsports: 10/29/05

Don't forget: Turn the clocks BACK on Sunday, Oct 30th at 2:00am and its a good time to change those batteries in the smoke detectors.

On Friday night, the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series qualified under the lights with Ryan Newman grabing his sixth consecutive pole at Atlanta for Sunday's Bass Pro Shop MBNA 500. A couple notables: Martin Truex Jr. - 8th, Dale Earnhardt Jr. - 17th, Reed Sorenson - 22nd, Denny Hamlin - 25th and Rusty Wallace will start 32nd. Read Lineup.

In Saturday's IROC Racing at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, it was Martin Truex Jr edging out Martin Martin to capture his first IROC victory and Mark Martin winning the championship. The big incident came on the last lap, when Bobby Hamilton, Kurt Busch and Scott Pruett got together going down the backstraight 3 wide sending Pruett into the wall with a very hard hit and Bobby Hamilton backing into the wall, ripping his backend off. Kurt Busch stopped to check on Pruett. Pruett is ok.

Also on Saturday, the NASCAR Craftsmen Truck Series raced at AMS in the EasyCare 200.... in a 4 wide wild crashing finish, it was Kyle Busch winning his 3rd victory of the season in the Easycare 300 over Todd Bodine and Johnny Benson. Words can't describe that finish, you have to see it, to believe it. Unofficial Standings....

Some NASCAR News coming out of the garage, Richard Childress Racing announced that GM Goodwrench and Reeses have joined forces as co-primary sponsors of RCR's #29 Chevy driven by Kevin Harvick in 2006. Read at

Rumor: Ken Schrader will be driving for the Wood brothers next season, replacing Ricky Rudd, sources close to the negotiations have confirmed. Neither the Wood brothers nor Schrader would discuss the situation... Read at

Kurt Busch will co-host Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain and an interview with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

NASCAR News and Notes: 10/27/05

Silly Season is in full swing, especially this week:

It was announced Thursday that Mark Martin will drive the #6 for 2006 with AAA as the sponsor and Todd Kluever in 2007, both with AAA as the sponsor. Read.

Car owner Ray Evernham announced Thursday that Slugger Labbe has been released from his duties as crew chief of the No. 19 Dodge driven by Jeremy Mayfield. Read.

In the worse kept secret in the garage, Sterling Marling signs a multi-year contract with MB2 to drive No. 14. Read.

Bill Dacis Racing and Scott Winner have parted ways at the end of the 2005 season. BDR will field two full-time nextel cup rides with the #22 Cat that is still looking for a driver and Michael Waltrip with NAPA in a second car in 2006. Read.

Note: With the #6 Roush racing car all set for 2006 and beyond, it is still unknown who will drive the #2 in 2006, Kurt Busch is slated for 2007. There is still a long shot a domino effect will happen with the first piece ready to fall at Chip Ganassi Racing, if Ganassi Racing get's a drive for the #42 Dodge, then Jamie McMurray can drive the #97 for Roush and Kurt Busch can drive the #2 Dodge at Penske Racing. There are so many rumors with the #42, including Bobby Labonte, next rumor please.

For the complete list for the Silly Season 2006 at

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

American Chopper: Rick's Dream Bike and New Episodes


Above is a photo of the latest OCC bike, Rick's Dream Bike, an old school chopper with a black paint job, a RP design logo on the tank, spades and just an over all cool bike.

New Episodes:
Named: On The Road - Europe Part 1 & 2 -- Oct 31st and Nov 7
Follow OCC as they head to Europe for a family vacation. Adventures and cultural differences await the Teutuls as they travel across the Atlantic for the first time ever. They take in sights in London, and head out on the open road in Ireland on bikes.

Named: History of OCC - Special
Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes. Meet the crew, tour the shop and the OCC store, and find out how much work goes into making this hit television show.

Named: Behind The Scenes - Special
Take a look at what goes on behind the scenes. Meet the crew, tour the shop and the OCC store, and find out how much work goes into making this hit television show.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Jeff Gordon and Ricky Craven picks up victories at Martinsville.

Yesterday was round 6 for the Race to the Nextel Cup at Martinsville Speedway for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series. Going into Martinsville, Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson were tied for the points lead. 500 laps around Martinsville on what is called as a paperclip served its challenges and challenges these cup drivers had. The keys to winning at Martinsville is to be around at the end, good pit calls and track position, the big thing was brakes.

Yesterday's race was the old Martinsville, were its a one grove racetrack and passing was to be done up off the corner, down the straightout and out brake them into the corner. The top grove was not there and passing was at a premium.

Tony Stewart started on the pole next to Ricky Rudd, Stewart then jumped out and lead most of the race with only Ricky Rudd taking the lead for a couple of laps during the early laps. Caution flew an average number of time with no green flag pit stop needed. Some of the chase contenders took hits during the race, Mark Martin lost his brakes and went to the garage for some time, a couple of speeding penalties for Jeremy Mayfield, late in the race, Rusty Wallace got spun out while running in the top 5 to finish 19th , and Roush racing had there problems as well. The day belonged to Tony Stewart in the points, but it was Jeff Gordon making some interesting pit calls to put him upfront with his teammate Jimmy Johnson behind him after the final pit stops. In the closing laps, Tony Stewart bumps Jimmie Johnson to pickup second place, but could not run down the leader Jeff Gordon, Gordon then went on to take his fourth victory of the season and first since May at Talladega.

Jimmie Johnson ended up 3rd with Bobby Labonte and Jeff Burton rounding out the top 5. Denny Hamlin driving the #11 FedEx had another strong showing, finishing in the 8th position with championship contender Ryan Newman finishing tenth. Tony Stewart takes back the points lead and increasing his lead by 15 points over Jimmie Johnson. Rusty Wallace after his late race spin, moves to 6th in the points, 166 points back. Four races left in the 2005 season, next weeks its off to Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Bass Pro Shop MBNA 500.

On Saturday, it was the Craftsmen Truck Series turn with "One and Done" for Darrell Waltrip who started 30th in the Kroger 200 at Martinsville. DW, after going to the back twice during the race, ended up finishing just outside the top 10 in 13th. The championship leader Dennis Setzer had his trouble when he hit the wall, but it was Ricky Craven leading the last 100+ laps including the very important last lap to pickup the victory and to make a Roush 1-2 finish. Craven becomes the 15th driver to win in all three of NASCAR top divisions. Ted Musgrave takes the points lead by 54 points with a fourth place finish.

Friday, October 21, 2005

DW's final race & Tony Stewart on pole for Cup Race


Darrell Waltrip will be making his final race of his career at Martinsville Speedway in the #12 "One and Done" paint scheme Tundra and will roll off 30th, Rick Crawford edged out Kyle Busch for the pole for Saturday's Kroger 200.

After leading friday's practice session, Tony Stewart grabed the pole edging out Ricky Rudd for Sunday's Subway 400 at the Martinsville Speedway. Rusty Wallace in his last race at Martinsville, will start third on Sunday.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fernando Alonso wins Season Finale at the Chinese Grand Prix

The Chinese Grand Prix marks the finale race of the 2005 Formula One Season, were Fernando Alonso had already clinched the World Championship. Two things were up for grabs in the final race, the Constructor's Championship and a victory.

Before the race, on the pace lap going to the grid, Michael Schumacher was forced to a backup car and had to start from pit lane after an inadvertently moved over on Christijan Albers.

Alonso started on pole and lead most of the race, but the first of two SC's came out early on after Montoya ran over some debris on the track, forcing Montoya to pit twice and later putting him out of the race for damage. The second SC came out after a Jordon hit the outside wall on the long straight breaking his car up and scattering Debra all over the track, once the race went green and the final pit stops were made Kimi Raikkonen was third trying to chase down the two Renaults with alonso in front. The stewards rules against Giancarlo Fisichella for blocking at the begin of pit lane trying to slow the field down to open his pit, Giancarlo Fisichella got a drive thoughts.

At the end, the weekend belonged to the World Champion Fernando Alonso as he drove away and capture his 7th victory of the season, Kimi Raikkonen finished 2nd with Ralf Schumacher finishing 3rd, with a 1-4 finish for Renault, Renault won the constructor's championship capping off an incredible season for entire team.

"My Take" Final Thoughts on the 2005 Formula One Season:
The formula 1 fans saw many ups and downs thought the season, the best race by far was last weekends Japanese Grand Prix. We also saw the falling off of Ferrari and that huge black flag at the United States Grand Prix. Renault won big this season with the victories, the World Championship and Constructor's Championship, but I agree with the announcers on Speed's broadcast, Kimi Raikkonen was the 2005 driver of the year. Congrats to the youngest World Champion in history, Fernando Alonso. See Yeah next season.

Ganassi may be willing to let McMurray leave early

An article on Chip Ganassi has softened his stance regarding driver Jamie McMurray, who wants out of his contract so he can drive for Roush Racing. McMurray signed a contract in July to drive for Roush beginning in 2007, hoping that the early announcement would force Ganassi to let him leave at the end of this year. Ganassi steadfastly refused to even negotiate an early release.

But Friday, Ganassi sounded a little bit more flexible about finding a solution.
"There are no talks at this time, but there could be if someone came to me with a solution," Ganassi said. "I need a solution, not a pile of money. I need a driver to replace Jamie." Read

One solution is to bring up Scott Pruett from Grand American Road Racing Series who drives the No 01 CompUSA Lexus Riley and has won a couple of times this season. Another choice, Ward Burton or a driver in the Craftsmen Truck Series. Just a suggestion.

Jimmie Johnson and Ryan Newman survives to win at LMS

Last night at Lowe's Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series race, surviving was the name of the game in this event, after all of the record cautions, the red flag, the blown tires and wrecks involving all of the championship contenders, it was one man standing tall in victory lane, Jimmie Johnson came away with a huge victory in his house in what I describe as a surviving and tiring night.

The same was send about Friday night's Busch race at LMS, were the Rocketman Ryan Newman blistered by everyone to pick up the victory and his fifth consecutive victory of the season.

Some news also came out of LMS, track president Humpy Wheeler said Friday that plans are in place to begin repaving Lowe's Motor Speedway by March. Rumors around the garage area have the racetrack repaving plan to including variable banking. This is a good idea, the racing at the newly changed Homestead-Miami Speedway last year was a great race after the replaving with variable banking with lots of passing, other wise, LMS will be really fast, but only one grove for at least 2 years.

The TV deal for 2007 and beyond is being hammered out and sources say (as reported on that NBC is out and that ESPN/ABC wants to televise the second half of the season. Could Expect the announcement sometime next weekend. Note to ESPN/ABC from this race fan, a couple years ago, I was watching an IRL race from Pikes Peak when during the race it rained and when the race resumed, it was 6pm eastern time and the coverage stopped for local news and never resumed, the race went over the scheduled time limit and TV broadcast stopped. Both FOX/NBC have never done this, they have both stayed for extra hours with no problems and race fans expect nothing less and bring back RPM2Night.

Round six of the race to nextel cup is next weekend at Martinsville, finally.... See Yeah!

Friday, October 14, 2005

2005 Holden Efijy Concept unveiled at the 2005 Australian International Motor Show in Sydney

A wild 21st Century hot rod reincarnating Australia’s most famous car, the FJ Holden, was unveiled at the 2005 Australian International Motor Show in Sydney. Efijy is a radical pillarless custom coupe boasting a 6.0-litre LS2 V8 engine, Supercharger and modified by Ron Harrop, that has 645 horsepower and 560 foot-pounds of torque. The Supercar power under the bonnet, Chevrolet Corvette underbody and state-of-the-art automotive technology throughout.The ‘Soprano Purple’ paintwork highlights its curvaceous 201.3-inch body, reinterpreting the classic design cues of the iconic 1953 FJ Holden. It delivers retro, mumbo and gizmos in one glorious package.

How about a U.S. version? What a look, stunning....


Elliott Sadler scores the bud pole for Saturday's UAW-GM Quality 500

Earlier tonight, Elliott Sadler scored his second bud pole in the last three weeks edged out Ryan Newman for Saturday's UAW-GM Quality 500 at Lowe's Motor Speedway. Jimmie Johnson
who qualified in 3rd, will have to go to the back of the grid for an engine change after the second practice session. David Reutimann made the field in the #00 for Michael Waltrip racing, starting 26th.

The Busch Series will be qualifying and racing tomorrow with the race going under the lights for the Dollar General 300 on TNT at 8pm. The Nextel Cup Series will be racing also under the lights in Charlotte at Lowe's Motor Speedway on NBC at 7pm.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

American Chopper: NASA Space Shuttle Tribute Bike and New Episodes

Credit: Discovery Channel Photo

Above is a photo of the latest OCC bike, the NASA Space Shuttle Bike that was built to honor NASA employees.

New Episodes:
Named: Rick's Dream bike 1 & 2 -- Oct 17 and 24th
As Senior and Rick finish a production bike together, Senior decides to surprise Rick and tells him that the next bike that they build will be for him. Mikey comes in to help Rick, and acts as his inspiration.

Named: On The Road - Europe Part 1 -- Oct 31st
Follow OCC as they head to Europe for a family vacation. Adventures and cultural differences await the Teutuls as they travel across the Atlantic for the first time ever. They take in sights in London, and head out on the open road in Ireland on bikes.

Monday, October 10, 2005

From Last to First, Raikkonen wins an incredible Japanese Grand Prix

What a race in Japan for Formula 1, this was one of the best races that I have seen all year, if not the best race all season. The race was wild from the start with Ralf Schumacher starting on pole and lead early on. Montoya crashed out on the end of the 3rd lap after tangling with another car putting him into the last turn wall, but it Kimi Raikkonen starting dead last along with Michael Schumacher, Alonso & Montoya after a bad qualifying results due to rain during qualifying.

Raikkonen then had to battle his way up through the field passing several cars including Michael Schumacher and Webber to take the lead from Fisichella with just 2 laps to go. From there, Kimi drove away to capture his 7th victory of the season with a margin of victory of just 1.6 seconds over Fisichella.

The talk of the weekend was the very close constructors championship with now Renault leading by 2 points over McLaren-Mercedes with just one race to go in the 2005 season. Next weekend is the season finale in China, were anything can happen. See Yeah!

Breaking News: Early Monday morning, Formula 1 announced that BAR’s Takuma Sato has been disqualified from his home Grand Prix for running Toyota’s Jarno Trulli early during the race and Stewards also added 25 seconds to Jacques Villeneuve’s race time after deeming him responsible for Juan Pablo Montoya’s crash, which brought out the safety car at the end of lap one. That put Jacques Villeneuve down to 12th in the final results.

2006 Grand American Road Racing Schedules are out!

Officials from the Grand American Road Racing Association announced Sunday a 14-race Rolex Sports Car Series schedule and a 10-race Grand-Am Cup Series Schedule for 2006. Both Series start earlier in late January and end earlier on Labor Day Weekend.

2006 Rolex Sports Car Series Schedule

2006 Grand-Am Cup Schedule

Learn more about Grand American at

Sunday, October 9, 2005

2005 ASMA Shark CLS based on Mercedes-Benz CLS

ASMA Design Press Release: The Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupé (Shark) is a dream on four wheels. ASMA presents equipment components which make the CLS more sporty.

At the IAA 2005, ASMA presented the CLS Coupé. With its multipart 20 inch high-grade steel wheels, it was an absolute sensation.

At the front axle are 10 x 20 inch ASMA 1 rims, with a tyre of 255/30 ZR 20 penetrate-build and at the rear axle 11,5 x 20 inch with a tyre of 295/25 ZR 20.

Suitably matched, ASMA offers a landing gear RPC setting from 35-50 mm.
In addition to this, a complete chassis is in preparation. The high-grade steel final muffler with angular final pipes fit suitably and perfectly on the left and on the right side of the tail portion of the CLS Coupé.

The ASMA aero dynamic parts, including a sober front spoiler lip, a radiator grille without emblem, and a fender with air intakes round off the overall sporty view.

Read - Pictures, Wallpaper and ASMA Design Press Release

Mark Martin edges Greg Biffle to capture victory at Kansas

After last weeks Demotion Derby at Talladega, its was off to Kansas for round 4 of the Race to the Nextel Cup for the Banquet 400. Yesterday, Matt Kenseth edged out Elliott Sadler for the pole for the 400.

All though the race, Roush Racing and the rest of the championship contenders showed the way most of the day with Roush Racing leading the most laps of the day. Cautions came out every far and between, Ryan Newman had problems early on and some damage on the frontend and Rusty Wallace had to start towards the back, climbed his way to the front, but this day belowed to Mark Martin taking the lead after halfway from Kenseth leading the most laps and edging out a hard-charging teammate Greg Biffle to capture his first victory of the season in his Salute to You tour.

The top 7 finishers were all championship contenders including Roush racing finishing 1-2-3. It was also announced that Mark Martin will be racing next season in the #6 car for one more season.

Race to the Nextel Cup Standings (unofficial):
1. Tony Stewart Leader
2. Ryan Newman -75
3. Greg Biffle -88
4. Rusty Wallace -90
5. Jimmie Johnson -92
6. Carl Edwards -95
7. Mark Martin -113
8. Matt Kenseth -116
9. Jeremy Mayfield -157
10. Kurt Busch -224
11. Kevin Harvick

Now the Nextel Cup Series along with the Busch Series are off to Charlotte at Lowe's Motor Speedway for next Friday and Saturday night racing under the lights, but testing a week or two ago showed a question mark on what to expect after the track had been levagated. See Yeah!

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Porsche RS Spyder premieres October 15th in the American Le Mans Series

It was announced today that the Porsche RS Spyder will make its American Le Mans Series premiere in the LMP2 prototype class at the circuit of Laguna Sega on October 15 for the final race of the season.

The No. 6 Penske Motorsports Porsche RS Spyder will be adorned in a livery of DHL's vivid yellow and red colors at the Oct. 15 race and throughout the 2006 season, when the team will field two cars. Piloting the car at the Monterey Sports Car Championships will be Sascha Maassen and Lucas Luhr, who teamed to win ALMS GT2 championships in 2002 and '03.


Tuesday, October 4, 2005

"My Take" Demotion Derby Part Two at Talladega.... for NASCAR.

Dale Jarrett survives a wild race to win the UAW-Ford 500 at Talladega Superspeedway for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series.

Again, this weekends racing at Talladega Superspeedway was nothing more than a "Demotion Derby Part Two".

All I heard during the telecast of the race from the announcers were the fans love this racing, I am a huge racing fan and I hate restrictor plate racing. Thats it.

I think one of two things should happen at Talladega & Daytona:

1. Repave the track with 20-degrees variable banking in the corners with Three degrees banking on the straightways.

2. Or if no changes to the track, Completely remove Talladega from the NASCAR schedule and give the dates to another track somewhere in that area so that the 200,000+ fans who visited the track can still go to NASCAR races.

Like I said, nothing good to say.........!!!

Race to the Nextel Cup Standings (Official):
1. Tony Stewart Leader
2. Ryan Newman -4
3. Rusty Wallace -76
4. Jimmie Johnson -82
5. Greg Biffle -99
6. Carl Edwards -100
7. Matt Kenseth -111
8. Jeremy Mayfield -112
9. Mark Martin -138
10. Kurt Busch -180
11. Kevin Harvick

Next week for both the Busch Series and Nextel Cup Series are off to Kansas Speedway, See Yeah!

Monday, October 3, 2005

New Location for Racearama 2006, Foxboro Stadium

FOXBORO, MASS.: After 30 years a staple in New England and northeast racing that traditionally begins the motorsports scene every March, Racearama will move its 2006 edition to Foxboro Stadium the home of the NFL New England Patriots and the MLS Minuteman Pro Soccer Team. The show will be held in the so-called "bubble", an enclosed heated practice field which is adjacent to the new Foxboro Stadium.

The new venue brings this renowned motorsports show to the metro-Boston area, New England's largest market. Several additions to the show will be announced in the upcoming months. Venues that host motorsports events kick off the upcoming season with a big display at Racearama. Also, the various touring series make appearances and bring in racecars and drivers into the show to promote their product. "It was time for a change and Foxboro Stadium is a good fit. We plan to make some great changes and enhance the value of Racearama," said show promoter and publisher of the popular Speedway Scene, the well known weekly motorsports newspaper.

For more information call the Racearama office at (508)238-7016 to reserve display space, tickets, accommodations and a list of restaurants. Parking will be free at Foxboro Stadium for Racearama. It's set for the first weekend in March 3, 4 and 5.


Sunday, October 2, 2005

Boston Red Sox clinch AL Wild Card

Red News: The Red Sox are heading back to the postseason for the third straight year as the American League's Wild Card entry. Curt Schilling held New York to one run over six frames while Manny Ramirez belted a three-run homer in Boston's 10-1 victory Sunday.

The Cleveland Indian lost there fight for the wild card with a loss today to Chicago White Sox.

The Red Sox will open the postseason on Tuesday in Chicago when they play the White Sox in Game 1 of the best-of-five Division Series.


Saturday, October 1, 2005

Biela, Pirro Clinch LMP1 Championship, win Petit Le Mans

Petit Le Mans News: Emanuele Pirro and Frank Biela won the battle and the war Saturday. The Champion Racing duo won Petit Le Mans and captured their first LMP1 drivers championship together in the American Le Mans Series with a convincing victory at Road Atlanta.

Olivier Beretta, Oliver Gavin and Jan Magnussen won in GT1 for the second straight year in the No. 4 Corvette C6-R.

The big accident was on the first-lap going into turn one three wide that collected No. 1 Champion Audi of Lehto and Werner and pole-sitting No.15 Zytek of Hayanari Shimoda and Tom Chilton. James Weaver, in the No. 16 Dyson Lola, also was involved in the incident and lost significant time, as well.

Petit Le Mans Top 5 Overall Results:
1. (3) Emanuele Pirro, Italy; Frank Biela, Germany; Audi R8 (1, P1), 394.
2. (5) Chris Dyson, Pleasant Valley, NY; Guy Smith, England; Lola EX257 AER (2, P1), 382.
3. (11) Oliver Gavin, England; Jan Magnussen, Denmark; Olivier Beretta, Monaco; Corvette C6-R (3, GT1), 379.
4. (13) David Brabham, Australia; Darren Turner, England; Jonny Kane, Ireland; Aston Martin DB9 (4, GT1), 378.
5. (6) Jon Field, Dublin, OH; Liz Halliday, Rancho Santa Fe, CA; Clint Field, Dublin, OH; Lola B05/40/AER (5, P2), 375.


The Rundown & News for this weekend: Sept 30th

Breaking News on the qualifying show for the Nextel Cup Series, ISC has just purchased Pikes Peak in CO and is moving the Busch Series race to Martinsville for 2006.

Elliott Sadler edged Kevin Harvick to win the bud pole for Sunday's UAW-Ford 500 at Talladega Superspeedway for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series on NBC at 1:30pm.

Saturday Update: Crew chief Todd Berrier was asked to leave Talladega Superspeedway by NASCAR on Saturday, a day after three violations were found on the No. 29 Chevrolet. Result: Harvick time disallowed and will start 42nd (not 2nd).

Shimoda is now two-for-two. The young Japanese star captured the pole for Saturday's Petit Le Mans for the American Le Mans Series -- 10 hour/1000 mile event on Speed at 11am est.

FIA World Rally (WRC) is racing in Japan with SDD coverage on Speed Sunday Night at 11pm est.

Iowa Speedway, a 7/8 mile track, gets first race... ARCA, scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 15, 2006. A Rusty Wallace Designed track.

Friday, September 30, 2005

American LeMans Series 2006 Schedule


Featuring two new venues in highly sought after markets and an enhanced television broadcast package involving both CBS Sports and SPEED Channel, the American Le Mans Series announced its 10-race schedule for 2006 today during its annual "State of the Series" address.

2006 Schedule:
March 18, Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring, Sebring, Fla., SPEED
May 12, Lone Star Grand Prix, Houston, CBS Sports
May 21, American Le Mans at Mid-Ohio, Lexington, Ohio, CBS Sports
July 1, New England Grand Prix, Lakeville, Conn., CBS Sports
July 15, Grand Prix of Utah, Toole, Utah, CBS Sports
July 22, Portland Grand Prix, Portland, CBS Sports
Aug. 20, Generac 500 at Road America, Elkhart Lake, Wis., SPEED
Sept. 3, Grand Prix of Mosport, Bowmanville, Ontario, SPEED
Sept. 30, Petit Le Mans, Braselton, Ga., SPEED
Oct. 21, Monterey Sports Car Championships, Monterey, Calif., SPEED


Jay Leno Harley-Davidson sold for $505,100.00 for American Red Cross

Jay Leno's Harley-Davidson Celebrity SIGNED 2006 Road Glide SOLD yesterday with a final bid of $505,100.00 with 95% of the final sale price will support the American Red Cross.

(Read -- List of Celebrities and photos of the bike)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

American Chopper: NY Yankees bike and New Episodes


Last night was part 2 of the New York Yankees bike were the OCC crew meet with New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada to build a bike to benefit his foundation. The bike came out great and was auctioned off for $150,000.

Named: NASA Space Shuttle Tribute Bike 1 & 2 -- Oct. 3rd and 10th
Building a Space Shuttle tribute bike to honor NASA employees.

Named: Rick's Dream bike 1 & 2 -- Oct 17 and 24th
As Senior and Rick finish a production bike together, Senior decides to surprise Rick and tells him that the next bike that they build will be for him. Mikey comes in to help Rick, and acts as his inspiration.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Jimmie Johnson narrowly wins at Dover

After last weeks wild but exciting New Hampshire race for round one of the race to the nextel cup, the Nextel Cup teams were off to Dover for round two. Before yesterday's race, in the drivers meetings, Mike Helton warned the drivers to settle down and act like professionals. This time around in Dover, the racing was still interesting, but not as much side by side racing. One fan on WindTunnel described this race as boring, NASCAR had taken the fun out racing, but I liked the race.

At the drop of the green flag, Rocketman Ryan Newman who started on the pole lead a couple of laps and then fell back giving the lead to Roush racing's Kurt Busch who lead the most laps, but would have problems again with having to pit under green for a tire going down just after a restart, Buschs teammates also had there own tire problem too, multi-winner Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth both had to come down pit road under green for tires going down as well. Dale Earnhardt Jr. who also had a fast car had brake problems in the early stages of the race putting him several laps down. After several caution flags for debris and spin outs, Jimmie Johnson raced his way to the front to take the lead and to capture the victory after holding off a hard charging Kyle Busch and to take the points lead. Rusty Wallace finished third with Mark Martin and polesitter Ryan Newman grabbing a top 5 finish.

Race To The Nextel Cup Standings:
1. Jimmie Johnson Leader
2. Rusty Wallace -7
3. Ryan Newman -12
4. Mark Martin -21
5. Tony Stewart -23
6. Greg Biffle -23
7. Jeremy Mayfield -81
8. Carl Edwards -103
9. Matt Kenseth -124
10. Kurt Busch -170
11. Elliott Sadler

Next week its off to the high-banked Talladega Superspeedway for Round Three!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Montoya wins the race and Alonso is World Champion

Going into this weekends Formula One race in Brazil, Fernando Alonso could clinch the World Championship by finishing in the top 3.

At the start of the Fernando Alonso was on the pole, but the 1st and only incident of the race came out at the begin with David Coulthard making contact with another driver on the front straight going into turn one bring out the safety car. When the green back came out, it was business for the front runs with Montoya grabbing the lead away from the polesitter Fernando Alonso putting Alonso back to 2nd until Kimi Raikkonen who started 5th went rocketing by Fisichella and Alonso to take over 2nd place place putting Alonso back the 3rd position were he would stay for the remainder of the race, Juan Pablo Montoya would go on to capture his 3rd victory of the season with Kimi doing everything he could to keep his championship hopes alive, but Fernando Alonso would finish in 3rd position clinching the World Championship.

The final two races of the 2005 season starts in two weeks in Japan and ending up the week after for the final race in China. Fernando Alonso is World Champion.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Engineuity Presents a Breakthrough in Alternative Fuel

I read this article a couple days ago on published by Stuart Waterman about a Israel-based startup Engineuity announced today a new hydrogen fuel technology that avoids problems of fuel distribution and storage by generating hydrogen onboard the vehicle, as it’s needed.

(Read article)
(Read The System -- developers story)

Friday, September 23, 2005

Waltrip and NAPA Head to Bill Davis Racing in 2006

NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip and NAPA AUTO PARTS announced today they have entered into a partnership with Bill Davis Racing (BDR) for the 2006 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series season. There is no word on how long the deal is signed for nor what number he will drive. Waltrip's teammate has also not been announced yet... There will be more details on Trackside tonight (Friday night). (Read)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More Formula One News: Button and BAR

Button buys his way out of Williams
Williams confirmed on Wednesday that they have agreed a financial settlement with Jenson Button to release him from his contractual commitment to the team for 2006 and beyond. (Read)

BAR delighted with Button-Barrichello pairing
BAR could finally announce their 2006 driver line-up on Wednesday after confirmation that Jenson Button has been released from his Williams contract. Button will race alongside Rubens Barrichello next season, with Takuma Sato's future uncertain. (Read)

Formula One returning to Indianapolis next year

The 2006 United States Grand Prix set for July 2 in Indianapolis.

The United States Grand Prix will take place Sunday, July 2, 2006 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the seventh consecutive year that the only round of the FIA Formula One World Championship in America will be run at the historic.

The 2006 race date is subject to final approval by the FIA, which is the sanctioning body for Formula One. Further details about the event schedule will be provided later. (Read)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Big Brother 6: Finale, winner is Maggie

Here we are, the big brother 6 finale, let the questions by the jury to the final two Ivette and Maggie begin... "You have to be a person of your word" said by Howie is the truth and looks like it could win you the game. The reuniting of all the 14 houseguests was interesting with some battles and some friendships, but it was all in some fun, anyway.. The votes are in by the jury members and the winner of Big Brother 6 and $500,000 is Maggie, by at vote of 4-3. Ivette takes home $50,000, plus two scooters that she won in the 3rd gold safe.

"My Take" Good game with lots of drama and a good winner. The key to this game was promises and strategy.. who played and who didn't. Everyone did what they had to do in the house and going back, anyone can second guess someone now, but the only two things I see was Kayser and Jennifer. Kayser had a good thing going in the first week, but showed his hand to early in the game by backdooring Eric. Jennifer, not keeping her promise to Kayser and backdooring James got her evicyed, but she had a huge target on here when it was just her and Kayser going for the victory and even more when see won HOH, but promises win... enough said.. The biggest thing in the game had nothing to do with the houseguests,

It was the 24/7 live video feed and the number of things you could not see, paying out $30 for 3 months or $12.95 per month for the Real Superpass and the only thing most people wanted, including me, was the 24/7 feed, but the only thing you could watch was conversation and two HOH competitions, it wasn't worth it and I will not do it next year.. fish, fish, fish, all day and night fish, you can keep it.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Four teams receive fines, penalties after Loudon

He we go again, a wild race at New Hampshire International Speedway with full penalties. What happened to the 5-second delay on the television coverage by NBC Sports. (Read that article) Could it be that NBC is Network TV and TNT is CABLE TV. Also would that make both inappropriate gesture "the bird" and improper language during on television wrong to give a penalty too.. including Martin Truex Jr. last week at Richmond too, on TNT. News:
1. Kasey Kahne, driver of the No. 9 Dodge, was fined $25,000 because of an on-track altercation with another competitor during a caution period and placed on probation for the remainder of the year. Plus 25 owner/driver points.

2. Lance McGrew, crew chief for the No. 25 Chevrolet driven by Brian Vickers, fined $10,000 and placed on probation for the remainder of the year. Plus 25 owner/driver points.

3. Robby Gordon, driver of the No. 7 Chevrolet, was fined $25,000 for attempting to hit another competitor's car during a caution period, and then throwing his helmet at another competitor's car. Gordon also was fined $10,000 for use of improper language during a television interview during the race and Gordon has been placed on probation for the remainder of the year. Plus 50 owner/driver points.

4. No. 15 Chevrolet driver Michael Waltrip, involved in the on-track altercations with Gordon, was fined $10,000 and penalized 25 driver points because of an inappropriate gesture during a televised broadcast, while car owner Teresa Earnhardt was penalized 25 owner points.

"My Take" Robby Gordon... He got off really easy, the only message to give to Gordon is suspension from a race, NASCAR did the same thing to both Harvick in 2002 at the Virgina 500 and a couple years ago to Jimmy Spenser, both drivers got the message, 50 owner/driver points and $35,000 does nothing. Also another inappropriate gesture during a televised broadcast penalty, whats NASCAR goal here, no driver can every react after being wrecked period, yeah right!

The penalty for both inappropriate gesture and improper language during a television interview is 25 owner/driver points plus $10,000.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Rocketman Ryan Newman wins a wild one at NHIS

Words can not describe this race.. But damn, what a race. The race to the nextel cup begins at NHIS for the Sylvania 300, Tony Stewart started on the pole with Jeff Gordon starting on the outside of the frontrow, Tony Stewart dominated early on leading till about halfway, but the action begun on Lap 3 when Riggs gets into Kurt Busch sending him into the turn two wall and sending him to the garage, he would return 66 laps down.

Tony Stewart continued to lead dodging a couple of cautions including Kyle Busch getting into Kasey Kahne damaging his car beyond repair, but on the way back to pit road, Kahne hits Busch in pay back. That wasn't the only pay back in the race, after the caution came out again for a wreck in turn one, Michael Waltrip and Robby Gordon get together with Gordon into the wall, the next time by Gordon backs his car down the track trying to hit Waltrip and almost hitting Stewart who fell back after pit stops, on the next lap, Gordon though his helmet at Waltrip's car hitting the door.

Stewart would retake the lead several times thought the race, but green flag pit stops would play out putting Stewart back up front. With around 20 to go during pit stops, the caution came out setting up for the finish were Stewart would swap the lead with Ryan Newman several time with Newman taking back the lead with a couple laps to go and went on the capture his first victory of the season with Stewart, Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle and Dale Earnhardt Jr. finishing in the behind him (top 5). Expect NASCAR to announce many penalties later in the week.

Race To The Nextel Cup Standings (Unofficial)
1. Tony Stewart Leader
2. Greg Biffle -20
3. Ryan Newman -40
4. Rusty Wallace -40, finished 6th
5. Matt Kenseth -50
6. Jimmie Johnson -53
7. Mark Martin -54, finished 7th
8. Jeremy Mayfield -95
9. Carl Edwards -109
10. Kurt Busch -142
11. Jamie McMurray

Next week its Dover, for 400 miles on the concrete.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Tony Stewart on the pole at Loudon

The NASCAR Craftsmen Truck Series and Nextel Cup Series are in action this weekend at the New Hampshire International Speedway, for the Nextel Cup, yesterday was the start of the Race to the Nextel Cup with Rusty Wallace on top in Happy Hour and earlier today, Tony Stewart has grabbed the pole over Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr for (tomorrow's) Sunday's Sylvania 300 set to go off on TNT starting at 12:30pm. Tony Stewart won in July and Kurt Busch is the defending champion of his race, Earlier this week, both Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced a crew chief change, both seem to be working. The Truck Series are also in action with Matt Crafton earning his first career pole for later today's Sylvania 200 set to go off on Speed Channel at 3pm.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Eury Jr. back in as crew chief for Earnhardt Jr. news services & The AP News: Tony Eury Jr. will take over crew chief duties for Dale Earnhardt Jr. beginning this week in New Hampshire, ESPN's Mike Massaro confirmed with sources at Dale Earnhardt Incorporated.

Eury had been the crew chief for Michael Waltrip throughout the 2005 season but was a key member of Earnhardt's team up until the infamous personnel swap this past offseason with DEI teammate Waltrip.

Earnhardt has had a sub-par 2005 season, already missing out on the Nextel Cup's 10-race playoffs.

It already seemed in recent weeks as if Earnhardt is looking to next season, anyway. Eury Jr. stopped by his car at Michigan and helped his crew make some adjustments that Earnhardt said improved his No. 8 Chevrolet.

The two were separated at the end of last season because of their constant bickering -- the two are cousins -- and both have said the year apart helped strengthen the relationship. (Read)

Gesture costs Truex Jr. 25 points, $10,000

Credit: Autostock, -- Borrowed for this article. News: NASCAR announced Tuesday that Martin Truex Jr., driver of the No. 8 Chevrolet, has been penalized, fined and placed on probation after a rule violation during the NASCAR Busch Series race Friday night at Richmond International Raceway. Additionally, three other NASCAR Busch Series crew chiefs were penalized following rule infractions at Richmond. Now Martin Truex Jr's lead is now down to -69 points over Clint Bowyer.

"My Take" The headline says it all, I don't now what NASCAR is thinking on this penalty at all, Let me get this straight, Mike Wallace accidentally puttings Truex into the wall, or on the wall and rim rides the entire backstraight and Wallace blames it on his spotter, so Truex goes back on the track and gives Wallace a gesture, now wrecking, a gesture and that is worth 25 points and $10,000.

What would Truex have received if he wrecked him, a 1 lap penalty like Dale Jarrett got at Bristol after wrecking Ryan Newman, after Newman spun him out. Somebody explain this to me? Hopefully an appeal is in the works...

Monday, September 12, 2005

Over 150 posts in six months and still running strong.

Wow Racedriven dot com weblog has been up and running for over six months now, I have been blogging since March 11th -- 12th and loved every minute of it. perfect. The traffic has doubled in the last three months and I have also landed an advertisement. Thank You.. to everyone who visited my site and to those who keep coming back. What do you think, is there anything I can do to improve my website? I would love to hear your feedback. Have a nice day....

My future plans are simple, this winter I will continue to develop both and my professional site with new improved look, better navigation, more postings and a better description.

I am considering an autosports blog plus "My Take" for the description of this site, after reading a comments on another site by a viewer of they are looking for.

Thank You and See Yeah!

Raikkonen wins again in Belgian

At the start, it was Montoya jumping out to the early lead with his teammate Raikkonen in pursuit, but this time around, the track was wet and it showed with several drivers spinning out and some hitting the wall. In the late stages of the race, Michael Schumacher was hit from behind by a Bar Honda car and they were both out and then the 2nd place Montoya was also hit from behind by a William's car sending him into the wall, that gave Alonso 2nd place behind Kimi Raikkonen who went on to take his 6th victory of the season, a tie with Alonso in wins.

Fernando Alonso can clinch in two weeks in Brazil on September 25th. Alonso lead is now 25 over Raikkonen with 30 points up for grabs in the final 3 races.

"My Take" Kurt Busch & Ryan Newman win big in Richmond

Alright here we go, green flag is in the air at Richmond for the Chevy Rock & Roll 400, there was two races going on at Richmond on Saturday night with the first race to see who would be in The Chase for the 2005 Nextel Cup Championship were 8th, 9th and 10th were up for grabs and the who would win the race.

Getting down to it, passing was tough with most of the passing on the highside unless your car was setup just right, Kurt Busch wasted no time by going to the front and battling with Kevin Harvick who was trying to pull a Mayfield, but Kurt Busch would get by and lead the race early on and offen during the race leading the most laps. The first of the chase hopefulls Jeff Gordon hit the wall just after halfway and his night was over, next up was Jamie McMurry who slowed for a caution after hitting someone and was hit from behind, sent into the wall and ended his night as well. That lead to the last pit stop and Kurt Busch went on to take his 3rd victory of the season over Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, Kyle Busch and Rusty Wallace.

The Chase for the 2005 Nextel Cup Championship:
1. Tony Stewart Leader
2. Greg Biffle -5
3. Rusty Wallace -10
4. Jimmie Johnson -15
5. Kurt Busch -20
6. Mark Martin -25
7. Jeremy Mayfield -30
8. Carl Edwards -35
8. Matt Kenseth -35
10. Ryan Newman -45

Jack Roush got all five of his drivers into the chase and Rocketman (the bubble man) Ryan Newman got the final bubble spot.

My Take on the Chase, the way it stands right now, the top 6 drivers are going to be the ones by looking at numbers to fight for the championship, but remember, another can and will happen, just like last year starting at New Hampshire. The word in the garage area is that NASCAR is considering changing the top 10 to the top 12, I don't like this idea, your in your in and your out your out and 10 spots sound perfect. Now the 11th spot is up for grabs with the prise being a table at the Waldoff and $1 million dollars.

Next up is New Hampshire... See Yeah!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Rundown from Richmond: Sept 10th

Richmond International Raceway played host to this weekends IROC and 3 big NASCAR racing series.

On thursday night, first up was the IROC series with the best 12 drivers in most racing series going at it, the name of the game was cautions, but after the final restart, it was between Kurt Busch on the inside and 2nd place Mark Martin on the outside with just 5 laps to go, it was drag race all around the 3/4 mile with Mark Martin edging Kurt Busch out for the victory.

Martin’s series’ best 13th-career victory clinches the 2005 series points title when he starts the last race of the season at Atlanta Motor Speedway on October 29, giving him a record-breaking fifth IROC Series crown and the $1 million first-place purse.

Also on Thursday night was the Craftsmen Truck Series turn, and what a 200 lap race it was with Mike Skinner picking up his second victory in a row and points lead Dennis Setzer finished 34th and lost a bunch of points and his lead is now 49 points over second in points Ted Musgrave.

On Friday night, it was the Busch Series turn in the Emerson Radio 250 were Kevin Harvick after winning the pole for the Nextel Cup Series went out and dominated the race to take the victory. The big story of the race next to the dominate Kevin Harvick was Martin Truex Jr. taking a wild ride late in the race after he tried to pass the #38 Mike Wallace on the side coming out of turn 2 and got pitched in to the wall and up on top of the wall rim riding down to turn 3 and back on his wheels. Truex finished 27 and his lead is now only 94 points. Next week is a week off and them its off to Dover.

The last Race for the Chase for the Nextel Cup Series is next at Richmond, who will be in and who will be out? See Yeah!

Spy Shots: Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 has caught two Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 test mules sitting outside the Westin Casuarina in Las Vegas off Flamingo Rd. Sept. 5, 2005. Both identical in terms of test equipment.

The production vehicle by SVT set to hit the streets in 2006 with a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 engine. For the complete specs by SVT.

-- View photos caught by Melvin's Photo

Credit: &

Thursday, September 8, 2005

ALMS announces race at the 4.5 mile Miller Motorsports Park.

ALMS News: In another landmark development for 2006, the American Le Mans Series announced Wednesday night its association with the new Miller Motorsports Park, which will play host to an ALMS event next summer. The Grand Prix of Utah, the new track's marquee event of 2006, is scheduled for July 13-15 and will be televised on CBS Sports. (Read)

The 4.5 mile Miller Motorsports Park located in Tooele, Utah, is the longest road course in the U.S., featuring a 3,500-foot main straight and 24 turns. It also consists of a 2.2 mile East Track, a 2.2 mile West Track, as well as a 3.06 perimeter course. The track opens in the fall of 2005. The 4.5 mile track already has SCCA, AMA Superbikes and the Grand American Road Racing Series. (Read)

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

2006 NASCAR Nextel Cup schedule is out News: The 2006 Nextel Cup schedule is out -- with 36 points races beginning at Daytona and ending at Homestead. However, Richmond and Darlington swapped their May dates, while Kansas and Talladega did the same in October. The Busch Series and Craftsmen Truck Series Schedule is due out any time now. (View 2006 Nextel Cup Schedule)

Three Notes: There is also an article: Petty: 40-race schedule possible with a one day event on Wednesday or Thursday night.. On the Nextel Cup Schedule, As expected, there is no Kentucky Speedway cup date. Also the 2006 Richmond Schedule is out with NO Craftsmen Truck Series race. That truck race has been moved to Talladega Superspeedway in the fall of 2006. (Read)

"My Take" The 2006 Nextel Cup Schedule really has no changes and that doesn't surprise me, no adds and no removed dates. The 2006 schedule is ok, I would still like to see some changes in the future. (Read my ideas) Also, the idea of a 40-race schedule is not really possible, expecially putting on a one day show on Wednesday or Thursday night, this is not the Busch Series or Truck Series. Now let's go racing in 2006.

Is it time for road courses to hit the road? NO, the schedule needs 3 road courses and 3 superspeedways.

Monday, September 5, 2005

"My Take" Kyle Busch wins first victory in California

One word to describe last night's action at California Speedway, "incredible"... This time around in California was different than back in Febuary, this time the race started later in the day with half the race, surviving the sunset and the other half, under the light's were the real action began with a total of 11 cautions mostly for debris, flat tires and spin outs, but the big story of the night the young gun Kyle Busch taking over were he left off at Michigan after an engine failure, but this time around, Busch diced his way up thought field to take the lead on lap 83 to become the first non-roush driver to lead all day, swapping the lead back and fourth with Tony Stewart and then Kyle Busch retakes the led on lap 174, and set sails leading the most laps and after surviving a green-white-checkered finish, he captured his first career victory and the became the youngest driver to win a Nextel Cup race.

The Sony HD 500 Results:
1. Kyle Busch
2. Greg Biffle
3. Brian Vickers
4. Carl Edwards
5. Tony Stewart
6. Kasey Kahne
7. Matt Kenseth
8. Jamie McMurray
9. Ricky Rudd
10. Joe Nemechek

Next up is the last race in Richmond, before the "Chase to the Championship" begins in New Hampshire. See Yeah!

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Alonso wins in Italy and Edwards wins in California

Last night, the NASCAR Busch Series had there night under the lights at the California Speedway were after Greg Biffle and Clint Boywer showed the way early, but after a late race restart on lap 116, Carl Edwards went to the front and took the lead on lap 120 and cruised to his fourth-victory of the season in the Ameriquest 300.

Point Standings/Finished in the Ameriquest 300:
1. Martin Truex Jr. - Leader/finished 15th
2. Clint Bowyer -142/finished 3rd
3. Carl Edwards -358/finished 1st
4. Reed Sorenson -380/finished 12th

Early this morning, it was Formula One's turn for the Grand Prix of Italy were after Raikkonen won the pole on Saturday, but was penilies back 10 spots on the start, that put Juan Pablo Montoya upfront and on the start jumped to the lead and never looked back with a hard-charging Alonso following him all the way to the finish and had a right-rear tire coming apart that sent his teammate to pit road, Montoya held it together and took the victory.

Alonso can clinch the Driver's Championship next week at Belgium.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

"My Take" NASCAR, Motorsports & Fuel

On last weeks TNT Broadcasting of the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series live from Bristol, one of the announcers said during the last gasoline crisis, NASCAR shortened the Winston Cup event at Bristol by 100 laps to a 400 lap race. As a huge Nextel Cup Series fan who lives for it, Nobody including me wants to see this happen again.

With the IRL announcing earlier this season that they are changing over from Methonal to Ethonal, earlier this season I thought that this charge was a big, bold, good move, but now I don't know.

With the IRL's announcement, its now the sports car's and NASCAR's turn to change from high-octane gasoline to something entirely different, whether its Ethonal too, Methonal, or even Hydrogen, this move might help develop hydrogen (hydrogen-powered vehicles) faster from the track to the street. I understand this is unique, but not extreme, the time is now to make this change, even though we love the smell of gas, but who wants to see shortages or shortened events. That's My Take.

Monday, August 29, 2005

American Chopper -- New Episode

Updated from original post: The next new episodes of Discovery Channel's American Chopper:

Named: Military Bike 1 on Sept 5, 2005 & Part 2 on Sept 12, 2005
Junior and Senior join forces to build a bike that will be auctioned off to benefit the families of wounded and fallen troops. Their father-son rivalry emerges as Senior builds an old school bike and Junior builds a more modern bike.

These two bikes were already auctioned off at "The Orange County Choppers Support Our Troops Auction" back on May 6, 2005.

Named: Yankees Bike 1 on September 19, 2005
OCC heads to Yankee Stadium to meet with Yankee catcher Jorge Posada to build a bike to be auctioned off to benefit his Foundation. Senior plays hardball with Junior and the two aren't playing on the same team when not enough gets done on the bike.

During an interview with the American Chopper guys from OCC with Paul Sr., Paul Jr., Mickey & Nub Graphixs on "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch" on CNBC, the New York Yankee's Bike was showcased. (Read my previous posting)

Named: NASA Space Shuttle Tribute Bike 1 -- date unknown
Building a Space Shuttle tribute bike to honor NASA employees. (Read my previous posting)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Rundown: Aug 28 in Motorsports

Today's Rundown in Motorsports: After last night's Bristol Shootout for the Nextel Cup, it was the Sports Car's, Champ Car's and IRL Indy Cars to take to the track and shine, and they did with down to the last lap finishes...

First up on this Sunday Afternoon was the Rolex Sports Car Series and the Grand-Am Cup racing in a Thrilling Emco Gears Classic at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course were the final restart with just under 10 mins. to go create a shootout for the victory, at the restart and into the first corner Pruett lead over Leitzinger, but Leitzinger with full rich took the lead a way from Pruett who was low on fuel and for the last 8 mins. were bumper to bumper with Pruett looking inside on every lap and the #10 Suntrust car on the back bumper of Pruett, but it was the #4 of Butch Leitzinger Pontiac Crawford holding off Scott Pruett's #01 Lexus Riley taking the victory by 0.465 seconds, in the Grand-Am Cup, it was the team of Justin Marks and Bill Auberlen in the #95 Turner Motorsport BMW M3 taking there series-leading fourth victory.

The next up: It was the Champ Car World Series racing at the Montreal's Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve, were Oriol Servia scored his first victory after a hard-charging rookie Timo Glock made an error with just two laps to go in the The Molson Champ Car Grand Prix of Montreal.

Finally, the IRL Indy Cars had there first visit to the Infineon Raceway were it was Tony Kannan taking the victory over Buddy Rice in the Argent Mortgage Indy Grand Prix. The big moment in the race was when the rookie Ryan Briscoe made an error and went three wide into the dirt and took out both Danica Patrick and Helio Castroneves, all three drivers finished 19, 20, and 21st. I had been waiting for this race and the Watkins Glen race and the IRL drivers put on a great show and I look forward to Watkins Glen in a couple of weeks.

"My Take" Matt Kenseth wins big in Bristol

Wow! What a night for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series at the Bristol Motor Speedway, now was that's racin' anyway you look at it, but cautions, Pit strategy and pay back was the name of the game in Bristol with 15+ caution flags, Pit strategy with track position vs. tires with Rusty Wallace rolling the dice by staying out a couple of times on old tires and came up with a fifth place and pay back when Ryan Newman tried to pass Dale Jarrett, but Newman spins him out in to the wall, but later in the race, Jarrett comes back and spins Newman out into the wall, also Kyle Petty confronting Carl Edwards after the race about his actions on track.

But the man of the night was pole-sitter Matt Kenseth dominated the entire field both on track and in the pits by leading 415 of the 500 laps and holding off a late race charge by Jeff Burton with a late restart with 2 to go, to win the Sharpie 500 for his first victory of the season and making him a contender in the Race to the Chase.

Sharpie 500 Results/Were they are in the Points Standings.
1. Matt Kenseth: 11th in points
2. Jeff Burton
3. Greg Biffle: 3rd in points/clinched
4. Ricky Rudd
5. Rusty Wallace: 4th/Will clinch in California
6. Jeff Gordon: 10th
7. Mike Bliss
8. Tony Stewart: 1st/clinched
9. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
10. Kurt Busch: 7th in points

There are just two races left in the race to the chase and next is California Speedway on Sunday evening finishing underthe lights, then on the Richmond. See yeah!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Rocketman Ryan Newman wins again in Bristol

On a damp friday night in Bristol, Rocketman Ryan Newman grabbed the lead under caution on lap 139 and never looked back and survived the two red flags for rain totaling two hours, 12 cautions flags, a very hard-charging Kasey Kahne and Greg Biffle & a green-white-checkered finish to capture his 3rd victory in a row this season in the Food City 250 for the NASCAR Busch Series.

The news in Bristol was not all about rain, 252 laps around bristol and the Rocketman, Championship contender Reed Sorenson's crew chief and a crewmen were ejected from the racetrack after they were caught rubbing an unauthorized substance on one of his tires after practice. This is big, punishment will come next week. Reed Sorenson finished 11th and 3rd in points.